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To compile or not to compile on FreeBSD

On FreeBSD, there are two primary ways to install software packages – the pkg way and the port tree way. 942 more words


Never Underestimate the Role of the Sysadmin

The past few weeks have been a rather interesting adventure in my technology career. Not only has it been a eye-opening experience but it’s been a humbling one as well. 594 more words


Using bhyve (BSD hypervisor)

BHyVe is a type-2 hypervisor developed on FreeBSD. Its similar to KVM, and a different approach to jail/lxc containers.

Requires Intel VT-x… 673 more words

Keeping Your Linux Server/s In Time With Your Router

Your NTP Server

With this set-up, we’ve got one-to-many Linux servers in a network that all want to be synced with the same up-stream Network Time Protocol (NTP) server/s that your router (or what ever server you choose to be your NTP authority) uses. 627 more words


Customize XFCE and Test Drive QGIS, GRASS, and SAGA GIS on FreeBSD

You can make a few customizations to make XFCE more visually appealing and easier to work with.

  • Auto-hide Launcher panel at the bottom of screen. Right-click anywhere on the panel and go to “Panel -> Panel Preferences…” (figure 67).
  • 590 more words

Install FreeBSD 10.1 & QGIS in VirtualBox (Part 2)

Install pkg (package management system) and sudo

For this step, you have to log in as “root” user because regular users (“gisuser” in my case) are not allowed to run administrative tasks yet. 1,392 more words


Install FreeBSD 10.1 & QGIS in VirtualBox (Part 1)

Virtual machine is really a godsend for UNIX/Linux starters and seasoned developers. It gives starters the chance to learn new things by messing around with the system. 1,231 more words