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Adding ZFS to the FreeBSD dual-controller storage concept

Recently we have created a reliable dual-headed FreeBSD based reliable storage system concept. This is the second paper on the subject. Now we will try to add ZFS to our system. See the result.

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BSDMag to publish my articles

Perfect news! Today we have started cooperation with the BSD Magazine. Thank you, guys!

Looking forward to see my articles on the #dual-headed #FreeBSD #storage subject published there soon. 11 more words


optlock break failed for files - replying anyway

In case this is getting ridiculous . Currently reported single file (temp file xlsx

I had to add these options to the of my smb.conf: 63 more words


Trouble Dell r610 Perc H800 MD1200 chained

Unexpected hanging of datasets – no errors in logs. Dataset just not accessible anymore – Unpredictable dataset hanging (out of 40) – during that, other datasets were still operational. 145 more words


FreeBSD vs The GNU/Linux Desktop Conundrum

Like many people before me I moved to FreeBSD for good. I managed to get it working on several desktops and 2 completely different laptops. Although it was tricky at times, the majestic Handbook and forums helped me plenty. 634 more words


OpenBSD/FreeBSD (ZFS) dual-boot & thoughts about GPT/EFI

In the previous post I wrote about how to get a computer up and running with a dual-boot of FreeBSD and OpenBSD while using full disk encryption. 1,847 more words


FreeBSD based dual-controller reliable storage system concept

FreeBSD based dual-controller reliable storage system concept with aim to implement ZFS and in-memory cache. This is a first paper of my explorations. Free to discuss and needed to be tested.

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