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ssh client connect to legacy server

ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-dss -oPubKeyAcceptedKeyTypes=+dsa root@


FreeBSD, NGINX, SSL and the ChaCha20 cipher suites

In this post, I’ll be describing the journey of enabling the stronger ChaCha20 cipher suites on my FreeBSD NGINX reverse proxy. I’m using SSL Labs SSLTest… 609 more words


OpenZFS Moments: My First Bit Flip?

I checked my weekly scrub report and found, lo and behold, one of my disks experienced an unrecoverable error!  The message is nicely presented with a very professional and informative descriptive page: 159 more words

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Let's Encrypt on a FreeBSD NGINX reverse proxy

This is a write-up on how I set up “Let’s Encrypt” on the reverse proxy sitting in front of the various VM’s serving a few of my websites. 382 more words


Avahi in FreeBSD

FreeBSD has been occupying a bit of my time lately. I like the convenience Zeroconf offers, so I wanted to install avahi.

On FreeBSD, avahi comes as a meta-package that has dependencies to (and will install) half of the Gnome environment. 133 more words


Xerocrypt's FreeBSD security overview

Enno Ray points out that The Krypt has a new article focusing on FreBSD security features:

FreeBSD System Security Overview https://t.co/6rOapSBmtc

— Enno Rey (@Enno_Insinuator) …

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Bundling FreeBSD image with Cloud-Init for OpenStack

This article is about how to create a FreeBSD 10.x image for use with OpenStack.The following method was tested with FreeBSD 10.2 image bundled into Liberty version of OpenStack running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. 278 more words