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FreeBSD and manual fan control on a Lenovo t410

Here is a quick way to manually control your fan speed on your Lenovo T410 running FreeBSD 10.x:

First load the kernel module:
$ kldload acpi_ibm.ko… 159 more words


FreeBSD Server Hardening

After Installing clean FreeBSD Server, it is important to harden the server to enhancce the server security. In general “Hardening” means making some changes on spongy material or surface so that it becomes more stronger than before and harder to disfigurement. 795 more words


Docker on FreeBSD

Docker can be installed on FreeBSD starting from version 11. Docker needs the following pre-requisites to be installed on a FreeBSD 11 machine. FreeBSD 11 is in development stage as of 28/07/2015. 629 more words


ZFS for FreeBSD's for UEFI boot loader

From the FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report, FreeBSD’s boot loaders have a patch to support ZFS booting:

ZFS Support for UEFI Boot/Loader: UEFI-enabled boot1.efi and loader.efi have been modified to support loading and booting from a ZFS filesystem. 143 more words

NAS4Free - Network Attached Storage based on FreeBSD

NAS4free is an open source Network Attached Solution based on FreeBSD. The web front end is written in PHP.

NAS4free uses the following file systems natively… 939 more words


Linux distros (and FreeBSD): join the UEFI Forum

Hey Linux/FreeBSD distros: it’s great that you’ve got UEFI support including Secure Boot certs. But that’s not enough, you need to join the UEFI Forum, and help evolve UEFI to be more Linux-friendly. 603 more words