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Using FreeBSD, ZFS, and UEFI

Jashank Jeremy wrote an article on using FreeBSD, ZFS, GPT, and UEFI, on a 64-bit system.

Did a quick write-up of my #FreeBSD+#ZFS…

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Error Handling: Upgrading PC-BSD 10.1-RELEASE-p27 to 10.2-RELEASE

Error Description:

So, I made use of the PC-BSD Update Manager in an attempt to upgrade my PC-BSD system (running nicely on a Dell Latitude E6420) from 10.1-RELEASE-p27 to 10.2-RELEASE.  529 more words

Information Technology

Privilege escalation

Back in the dim & distant past – late 1999, although no records capture the exact date – I was asked to compromise a server and gain root access. 524 more words


ELI5: FreeBSD Accept Filters

Five months ago, I wrote the following as a response to a Redditor who asked how accept filters worked in FreeBSD, and wanted to have it explained like they were five years old. 174 more words


A farewell to the old, and a hello to the new

It’s late August, which means it’s currently late summer, and soon fall, where I live. It’s time to decide on a winter project. Previously, I’ve had coding sprees on various things related to the MMORPG Anarchy Online. 1,215 more words


Default Passwords

Default Passwords

Here is a collection of default password to save you time googling for them:

EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS) Axeda Policy Manager Server… 657 more words


#RaspBSD the #FreeBSD port for #RaspberryPi.

#RaspBSD the #FreeBSD port for #RaspberryPi.

Official website of RaspBSD: raspbsd.org

RaspBSD has images for Pi models 2B, B and B+, as have BeagleBone Black and the Banana Pi in the coming soon list.