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PVS-Studio delved into the FreeBSD kernel

About a year ago we checked the Linux core. It was one of the most discussed articles at that time. We also got quite a number of requests to check FreeBSD, so finally we decided to take the time to do it. 5,548 more words


Syncthing discovery server v.13 on FreeBSD

I previously wrote an article about installing syncthing discovery server on FreeBSD . But using pkg install, it gets version from repository, where is now available only v.12. 210 more words


Date with the Gentoo Oxen - Part Deux

As part of my journey to the sane and minimal of GNU/Linux, I decided to revisit Larry’s neighborhood of Gentoo Linux. I tried it for some days in the past, though without much success. 497 more words


Index of Literature: The ZFS Intent Log (ZIL), Adjustable Replacement Cache (ARC), and L2ARC

Here are the best sources, in order of superiority of quality and information, which I found on the Interwebs in my studies of this subject matter: 807 more words

Information Technology

Version 1.1 of the "Implementing in-memory cache in the BeaST architecture" paper

Just found several small and ridiculous mistakes in the paper of Implementing in-memory cache in the BeaST architecture. So here is the version 1.1 of the PDF document.

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Finding UNIX in GNU/Linux

In the spirit of UNIX claimed thus far, I decided to explore GNU/Linux options that would provide similar capabilities as FreeBSD. Of course, FreeBSD is absolutely irreplaceable and nothing can beat the organized nature of ‘true’ Unices. 595 more words