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Verisign Announces vBSDcon 2015

Verisign has recently announced the dates for a second vBSDcon to occur September 11 – 13, 2015 in Reston, VA. vBSDcon is technical, BSD-based conference for users, developers, engineers, and innovators working with BSD-based operating systems such as… 108 more words


Increase disk space in FreeBSD

I use gpart to manage disk partitions in FreeBSD, because it works, and is much easier than the old bsdlabel shenanigans. Increasing the size of the last partition on a disk is easy: 37 more words


FreeBSD 10 on a Dell Mini10

I’m attempting to install FreeBSD 0 on my old Dell 10″ laptop.  These will just be short blurbs and I’ll probably complile them latter once I have a working system. 35 more words

mfsBSD tweaks to help automation

I PXE boot mfsBSD to boostrap FreeBSD and Puppet installation, because it is small, and it works. In the past I have used the i386 version because it’s smaller, but as of 10.1 I the difference is negligible. 237 more words


My reasons to choose FreeBSD 10.1+ over GNU/Linux.

There are a few reasons why I switched from Debian/Ubuntu to FreeBSD.


Debian stable comes with a large tested repository with regular security updates, but old software, same case is with Ubuntu LTS the software starts getting a little old. 762 more words