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Rag & Bone

I have seen an interesting aspect of recycling here since coming over.

In the UK, other than the basic weekly recycling collections, if you have anything that is past its useful lifespan (and you don’t want to sell it) then you can take it to your local council tip (recycling centre). 283 more words

New Zealand

Freecycling, anyone?

So I’ve just moved – time to go through my stuff and once again be amazed at how much a person can accumulate in just a few years. 322 more words


The Wall: A tribute

As a natural hoarder and a frugal Northerner to boot, it takes a lot to persuade me to get rid of something that ‘might come in handy some day’ or that has ‘nothing wrong with it’. 637 more words

At Home In The UK

The Last Freegan Four R's

The Last Freegan Four R’s (Week #2)

Let’s look deeply into the remainder of the 6 R’s: Refuse, Repair, Repurpose/Reuse and Rethink. 

Refuse: this means not accepting things that are not the best option for the environment. 802 more words

52 Sustainability Exercises

Freecycling 101

Freecycling is actually a network of connecting people with things to give away with a community of people wanting that exact thing. As of the date of this article, there were 9 million members around the world. 553 more words



What do you do when you want to get rid of an old television?  This was something I had to face this week.  Of course, I could have waited until e-waste day came.  310 more words


Freecycling sessions - not what you think it is!

A few of you have expressed an interest in just turning up and pedalling to your hearts’ content. We’re please to say you can now do this on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 until 2pm. 113 more words

Fox Cycling