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Backsliding and the Root of Abandonment

Many Christians have “dropped out” of church and have become captivated by their own purposes, pursuits, pleasures and the treadmill of life.  When the pursuit of God is left out or becomes secondary in one’s life, the heart then becomes cold toward God and toward the things that God cares about. 1,059 more words


The Glorious Paradox of Life and Death

I do the stuff for a living and, as a result, the life can get sucked right out of me. When you are expected to know things, say things, write things related to God, the expectation is that you are at least a pretty good guy. 364 more words


McCarthyism To Communism

Now that the US and Russia share the international space station, that  the US congress has opened 20% of the country’s uranium stock to Russia through allowing  its purchase of Canada’s Uranium One, that Communist China supplies the world with iphones,  that an incumbant Democrat has been replaced by a communist sympathizer in a New York Democrat primary – when is a Pulitzer Prize journalist going to write the definitive: From McCarthyism To Communism ?


History: From a Burmese prison to Tunku's home

July 13, 2018

Note: I will away from Phnom Penh from July 14- 17 and being outstation, where I will not have access to a computer, I am taking a break from blogging. 1,223 more words


Don’t Kiss the Hand that Beats You

July 12, 2018

Don’t Kiss the Hand that Beats You

by Fadiah Nadwa Fikri

Fadiah Nadwa Fikri@Oxford


“To be free does not and cannot mean to only be free from the visible concrete prison walls in our midst. 1,319 more words


Some Thoughts on Frederick Jackson Turner and the Study of the American Frontier

July 9, 2018

Professor Robin W Winks

Note: I am grateful to Yale Historian, the Late Professor Robin W. Winks (dec. April 7, 2003 ) who was Visiting Professor of American History at The University of Malaya in 1960-1963 for introducing me to Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis.–Din Merican… 1,065 more words