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The Final Breath

There are moments when time stands still, moments when the earth seems to stop revolving on its’ axis, when the sun disappears from the sky, the stars are extinguished and the moon drops into the abyss of a far off universe; times when the air we breath ceases to exist as we hold our breath, waiting, just waiting. 223 more words

Of Lesser Things

Some Places Still Do...

R.S. Helms … 5-12-2017

At least we are patriotic Jesus loving Americans in spots and in a major majority…

I was honored to attend my niece’s high school graduation last night, and knowing they had to hold it on the local college campus, in the sports coliseum venue, which holds 7000, … my wife Jettie and I are in our seventies and after waiting in traffic for nearly an hour, we found parking about ¾ mile from the coliseum, needless to say that is no hill for a climber but in the heavy humidity, and crossing the Bayou, it was a real treat to find the family and our saved seats.  514 more words

Political Corruption,

New Orleans ... rewriting history Obama style.

Well My, My, My, Liberalism is trying to change the face of history, good or bad, it is the history of our nation that set the resolve of our people.  474 more words

Political Corruption,

A Rich Full Life

Early one morning last week, I was enjoying a few minutes of tale telling with one of the women who works for me.   We are very much alike and easily share laughter and truth about life. 510 more words

Of Lesser Things

10 Reasons Small Businesses Should Oppose Bag Bans

This website posts many articles available for download (click on Documents menu) including the following article entitled “10 Reasons Small Businesses Should Oppose Bag Bans… 323 more words

Plastic Carryout Bag Ban

The Americans Who Risked Everything

Today is Independence Day, and America celebrates Independence from the tyranny of autocratic rule. Once again, the tide of tyranny has risen to threaten the freedom and liberty of all Americans, in forms both direct and indirect, through a lawless regime, onerous regulation, willful ignorance of the Constitution, and overzealous agencies. 2,559 more words

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