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10 Reasons Small Businesses Should Oppose Bag Bans

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Plastic Carryout Bag Ban

The Americans Who Risked Everything

Today is Independence Day, and America celebrates Independence from the tyranny of autocratic rule. Once again, the tide of tyranny has risen to threaten the freedom and liberty of all Americans, in forms both direct and indirect, through a lawless regime, onerous regulation, willful ignorance of the Constitution, and overzealous agencies. 2,559 more words

Cultural Analysis

Speaking of Freedom of Speech

“If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.” –George Washington

The importance of the freedom of speech is underestimated by most people.

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My Writing Elsewhere

Remember Those Who Gave Their Lives!

Remember how short my life is,
how empty and futile this human existence!

No one can live forever; all will die.
No one can escape the power of the grave.

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Christian Living

Get Over Yourself... Please.

Step Back and Get Honest!

An open letter to whoever

Dear Whoever,

Should you be easily offended, or easily provoked to violence, and are my FB friend, Tweeter friend, G+ circle connection, or a LinkedIn friend. 2,434 more words


Quote: Liberty and Government

“Liberty and good government do not exclude each other; and there are excellent reasons why they should go together. Liberty is not a means to a higher political end.

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An Ignoble Death

After hearing the results of the primaries that took place yesterday, I am at a loss to understand what has become of the infamous “Yankee Spirit.” Up through even the 1970’s we were known for and proud of the heritage that taught us we were responsible for ourselves and our families. 376 more words

Freedom And Liberty