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Why California City Councils Must Not Pass Bag Bans with a Statewide Vote Pending

The implementation of plastic bag bans (and paper bag fees) in California has been promoted and pushed by well-organized and well-funded special interest groups working through local politicians, ultimately enacting over 100 local ordinances and subjecting about 33% of the state’s population to bag bans. 572 more words

Plastic Carryout Bag Ban

Independence Under Fire

In what is now called Independence Hall  a group of men gathered to discuss a momentous decision. This was not a normal gathering of politicians, but included the greatest minds on the continent, many of whom had reputations that carried the world over. 913 more words


Time To Remember

By: R.S. Helms

When was the last time that you stopped to remember? Funny, the older we get the worse our memory gets. We are like the Apostle Paul, in a way, only we find ourselves remembering the things we are supposed to forget, and forgetting the things we are supposed to remember. 849 more words

Obama Administration

Huntington Beach Plastic Bag Ban Repeal Passes Final Hurdle

On Monday, 4 May, 2015 the Huntington Beach City Council voted 6 to 1 to finalize the repeal of the two year old ban on plastic bags and the mandatory 10-cent fee on paper bags. 984 more words

Local Ordinances

Huntington Beach takes step towards repeal of plastic bag ban

On April 21, 2015 the Huntington Beach City Council voted 6 to 1 to repeal the city’s two year old plastic bag ban and put an end to the government mandate that a private business charge their customers a fee of 10-cents for each paper bag. 144 more words

Freedom And Liberty

Phantom Pain, An Allegory

Phantom Pain – Part One

He didn’t hear the screeching tires
or the sirens when they came.
As he lay there on the black top… 370 more words

Of Lesser Things