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3 reasons why we fear the wrong things

There are some things in life that seem predisposed to happen. Certain things are almost guaranteed to happen as we go through this craziness called life. 692 more words

Freedom From Fear


Are you wearing a cloak of fear
The one that binds you to itself
Replace it with the cloak of peace
And feel the freedom for yourself… 330 more words


Pass the baton (Part 2)

Pass the baton. When we hear that phrase, it can bring up a couple different images in our minds. One of the first is of a track relay race. 645 more words

Freedom From Fear

We still have to walk through the battle (Part 1)

Life can get pretty crazy sometimes. We can say yes to too many things, work too many hours, stay up too late, watch too much TV, spend too much time on our phones, or get caught up in the latest Facebook or Instagram posts.  498 more words

Freedom From Fear

Present Peace

Passing along a positive thought for the day….

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Want to Get Rid of Fear?  Then T.O.S.S. it!

Have you encountered life circumstances that created the opportunity for fear and anxiety to crash like ocean breakers over your heart and mind? There may be times when we are caught off guard by life circumstances, experiences, illness, you name it….and find ourselves amazed at the sheer velocity and quantity of fearful thoughts that threaten to wash us out like a huge Tsunami. 1,177 more words