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Don't always fear what you don't yet understand

There are a lot of things in this world we don’t understand. Many things are happening all around us, almost daily, that just don’t make sense. 632 more words

Freedom From Fear

Hope makes a difference

Hope is an intriguing concept. I read this story one time about an experiment some graduate students did with lab rats and light. The first phase of the experiment was simply putting rats in a tank of water in a room of absolute darkness. 720 more words

Freedom From Fear


안정을 찾아서 안정한 상태에 이르르는 것은 매우 어렵다. 이걸 지금에서야 알아차렸다는 것이 내 삶의 가장 큰 문제겠지만.

계속해서 불안정한 상태를 유지하면 그 안에서 안정한 상태를 만드는거지. 자전거 타는 것과 같다.  넘어지는게 무서우면 어떻게 해. 넘어진 상태야 말로 정말안정적인 상태인걸.

루즈벨트가 말한 인간의 필수적인 자유 네번째인 “Freedom from fear” 물론 루즈벨트는 다른 뜻으로 말한 것이겠지만.

자유는 주어지는 것이기도 하지만 스스로 얻어내는 것이기도 하다.

공포로부터의 자유, 오늘부터 그걸 찾고 만들어내고 누리겠다.


The one about my handwriting not being very good

My handwriting is awful and illegible to the point where even I can’t read it sometimes! Whenever I am at a meeting and it is suggested that we should all write our thoughts on post-it notes or feedback sheets, my heart sinks because my writing is really, and I mean really, embarrassing. 405 more words


What is Soul? Part 1

In wanting to understand my self and the purpose of Soul in my life I asked Soul some questions.

What is Soul?

The essence of self. 517 more words


The one where I was scared

Okay, so this is a bit of an embarrassing story but I think that it’s worth telling.

I was delivering leaflets recently and as I bent down to post one I saw something large (this thing was huge) through the glass and it was moving at high speed towards the door.  511 more words