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Training Methods and The 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare

In the field of animal welfare there is a duty of care concept which is:

If you are responsible for an animal, you have a duty of care for that animal, regardless of why you are responsible for the animal, the animal’s purpose or how long you will care for the animal.

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I Am Fearless!

 I Am Fearless! Hypnosis Program Review

Hypnosis Program Review By Miriam Webster

For a dark period of my life, I suffered from a condition known as Agoraphobia. 804 more words


You are valued

Have you ever done something just to get someones attention? Have you ever done something that, looking back at it, was kind of ridiculous, just because you wanted someone to notice you? 215 more words

Freedom From Fear


I have felt such an anointing over the song “No longer slaves to fear” by Jonathan and Melissa Hesler. I have sensed the battle raging in the spirit as the enemy has increased his attack against the people of God because of what God is doing right now. 953 more words


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Sharing this very encouraging prophetic word from Lana Vawser. I pray that it blesses you as well. When you have the chance, read more of her posts. She is a gift in the Body of Christ with a genuine prophetic voice.

"I wish I had more __________"

When is the last time you wished you had more of something? If you’re me, it was this morning when you woke up wishing you could’ve had more sleep!! 602 more words

Freedom From Fear

Don't hold yourself back

Delayed adolescence is an increasing trend in our society. What is meant here by delayed adolescence is the increase in young adults that choose to live with their parents into their later 20’s and even early 30’s. 789 more words

Freedom From Fear

Could you "Count it all joy"?

For those who follow the news, it comes as no new revelation that ISIS is still at it. As recently as yesterday, this group has beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians for standing firm in their faith. 364 more words

Freedom From Fear