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Franklin D. Roosevelt's Four Freedoms

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four freedoms are: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear. He used these to explain America’s participation in World War II. 107 more words

School Essays

The parable (and true story) of the toy plane

Once there was a boy who was given a toy plane for Christmas. He was desperate to fly it but he had had to be patient as the plane needed lots and lots of room to fly in. 370 more words


The Abyss

I jumped, and I didn’t expect anyone to catch me.

But there they were, waiting, all of them.

They knew I’d do it eventually.

Suddenly, … 83 more words


Does God answer prayer?

Have you ever wondered this? It is likely that whether you are a Christian or not, you have asked this question at some point in time. 495 more words

Freedom From Fear

You've still got work to do

Life is perpetually moving forward. Even as I’m writing this right now, life is moving forward, not backward. We can use our memories, photos, scrapbooks, journals, Facebook, Timehop, to remember things in our past, but life will never move in that direction. 516 more words

Freedom From Fear

The one about the cows who weren't as scary as they looked

I met some scary looking cows recently. As we walked past their field they all moved toward the fence and these two (who reminded me of a pair of nightclub bouncers) just stared at me.  707 more words


True Treasures From Trusting God

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2015

This morning was an ultrasound to check on the status of lymph nodes in my neck 6 month post-radioactive iodine treatment and 8 ½ months post thyroid cancer surgery. 1,446 more words