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Class Elections and Popularity Contests

When I was growing up I used to love watching shows on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Saturday mornings with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other cartoons were one of the greatest days of the week! 467 more words

Freedom From Fear

Have you ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had everything just go wrong? Maybe you had a day where it seemed like you could do no right. Or a day where things kept breaking all around you. 582 more words

Freedom From Fear

Freedom from fear, freedom from the attempt to shame: Australia Day address, 2016

To my fellow Australians, I urge you to listen to this Australia Day address by human rights lawyer, Deng Thiak Adut; note, among so much that is superb, the absence of blame, of “calling out”, of the attempt to shame. 94 more words

Philosophy And Culture

Freedom from Fear - Conclusion

Every choice you make in fear calls for more fear. Control is born out of fear. Freedom is freedom from fear.

If your belief is that you’ll be rejected by your family if they know that you love someone of the same gender, you will create that experience. 394 more words

why my friends from rich backgrounds seem to do better

It’s not about talent. It’s not about smarts. It’s not, even, about connections.

In my opinion, it’s about Fear.

I went to the University of Chicago, a school that teaches you a lot of things, but mostly about how rich kids work. 871 more words

The Four Freedoms

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

On January 6th 1941 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered his State of the Union Message to Congress and the nation. I spent the time to both both read it and listen to it the other day. 997 more words


My Gift of Fear

This is a video clip of me, in a self-defense class, practicing how to fend off an attacker. The male instructors in this class wear heavily padded suits so, that we can hit specific target areas as hard as we can. 541 more words

Self Love