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High Court rules that British schools must include humanism in religious studies

Just a quick note about what appears to be a landmark decision. The British Humanist Association (BHA) reports that the High Court has ruled that non-religious “philosophical” views such as humanism  477 more words

Freedom From Religion

Dawkins has no objection to Church of England's ad in movie theaters; I disagree

Yesterday I wrote about a one-minute ad, “Prayer is for everyone,” that the Church of England wanted to show in British cinemas. The commercial agency that handles ads for UK movies refused, saying that their policy banned the showing of religious or political ads in theaters. 683 more words

British cinemas refuse to show Anglican commercial; CoE is upset

There’s a religious kerfuffle in the United (?) Kingdom, one that probably wouldn’t occur in the U.S. According to the BBC, many cinemas in the UK are refusing to show a one-minute religious film that highlights the Lord’s Prayer.   768 more words

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Ironic Republicans

The Republicans have hit a new low with their hypocrisy and misunsderstanding of the Constitution. Regarding Syrian refugees, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is suggesting we accept only Christians, not Muslims (he didn’t mention Jews or any other religions). 159 more words

In which the atheist loses her fucking temper.

There are too many Christians in this world who think that in order for non-Christians to respect them, we must remain as quiet and as invisible as possible…and I am SO FUCKING SICK OF IT. 1,168 more words


Ted Cruz: No atheist deserves to be President

Predictably, Republican candidates for the Presidential nomination are up to their usual pandering to the faithful and osculation of religion. But it doesn’t get much more blatant than this statement from Ted Cruz, junior Senator from Texas, reported by  270 more words

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Emo Philips: "Jokes are how we humans avoid violence."

Emo Philips wrote what Penn Jillette calls “the best God joke ever” — you can read it here. I won’t ruin it, but I will say his God joke is better than mine. 103 more words