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Originating in California .... "the land of fruits and nuts"

I was born in 1950.  My parents were somewhat conservative.  Dad was a California Highway Patrolman and Mom was a housewife and mother.  The ’50’s were interesting times.   285 more words


Liberty, Equality...

A question often comes up about which is more important, as if the comparison was altogether fair, which it isn’t.  Do we assign freedom (liberty), or equality (impartiality–fairness) with the highest value?   465 more words

Behavior & Understanding

The first U.S. penny touts science, not God

Reader Will called my attention to a new piece in CNN News describing the auction of the first U.S. one cent coin for a cool 1.2 million dollars. 144 more words

Freedom From Religion

Not Answering the Question is Kind of Answering the Question.

Many of the questioned are individuals who live under the umbrella of democratic freedom and yet their goal is to replace it with religious doctrine. Racist, prejudice, violent, religious doctrine. 178 more words


Myanmar sentences 3 people to two years in prison for depicting Buddha with headphones

If anybody thinks that Buddhists are a lot less concerned about criticism of their faith than are members of other religions, think twice. Myanmar, for instance, is hard on its Muslim minority population: even one of my heroes, Ang San Suu Kyi, has been criticized for being indifferent to the welfare of those Muslims. 330 more words

Freedom From Religion

Conscience: How institutionalized religion Scripturally violates the conscience

When we sin against one anothers conscience, the Bible teaches us that we sin against Christ. This is an all too common sin that occurs in the religious institution.

Freedom From Religion