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Free Me From Iron Age Religion, Please?

I’m struggling this week.  And no, not just on my crutches making my way ’round the Walk of the Fallen.  I was already in a certain amount of emotional trouble ever since that white supremely-asinine shithead shot up a church full of black people “just because.”  Just looking at his dead eyes on every third newscast made me shiver — that is the look, in my opinion, of a brainwashed person.   638 more words

Feminism & Humanism

Independence From God/Independencia de Dios


How can we be one Nation under God when we clearly serve many gods in this nation?

The most disruptive, corruptive god you can serve is SELF. 853 more words


Definition of Marriage: A BIBLICAL ~not traditional~ perspective

Please take note of the word “Biblical,” and not “traditional.” In America we have held to a long standing belief that marriage, according to God Himself, is one male and one female.

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Freedom From Religion

Three controversial topics that divide Christians

I want to open by saying how grateful I am that we can have this dialogue. I have been a part of so many religious organizations that simply were not secure enough to allow for such discussion. 2,675 more words

Freedom From Religion

Let's Get Stupid About Gay Marriage!

Gay marriage has been one of those completely galvanizing topics that seems to turn everyone, no matter what their position on the matter is, into a complete, babbling, drooling idiot. 933 more words

AT Play In The Fields of NO Lord...

I missed Friday, I missed posting favorite things.  Oh, well.

Here….pick a door, any door!  I have a positive weakness for door photographs anyhow. 27 more words

Feminism & Humanism

God's Plan in 16 Memes

God’s will falls into three distinct categories; intentional, circumstantial, and ultimate. God intends for people to follow his guidelines and do the right thing; God set the laws of physics and chemistry into play, and those circumstances will sometimes cause difficulties.