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Tennessee representative proposes bill recognizing God's absolute governance over his state

In any country other than the U.S.—save perhaps in the Middle East—this headline would be assumed to be a spoof. But here in the U.S. it’s business as usual, especially in the South.   594 more words

Freedom From Religion

Today's banner for the Indianapolis Star

What’s wrong with this newspaper heading?

Now how objective do you think this paper can be about matters religious?

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Freedom From Religion

Dawkins in Time Magazine: Stop indoctrinating children with religion

This piece by Richard Dawkins appeared in the online Time Magazine ten days ago, and I think it’s a great sign that a mainline media venue, one not known for criticizing religion, publishes something so “strident.” 514 more words

Freedom From Religion

Two Music Videos about Christianity and Hedonism

Hedonism celebrates pleasure and makes it a goal in life. The motto “sex, drug, and rock and roll” is hedonistic to its core. Trey Songz sang about his physical relationship with a lover in his new music video, … 130 more words


One letter can affect you motion


You don’t need to understand why you have to go through the process you are facing, you just need to understand and accept that you HAVE TO so God can move you through the process towards your blessing. 634 more words


Making a virtue of necessity: Australian Anglicans tell schoolkids how great sex is

Reader Scott from Australia sent me this short video of two of his religious countrymen (countrypeople?) discussing whether God wants them to have sex. The answer was a resounding “yes,” and when I was told this was a video designed by Anglicans to be part of the religious curriculum in public schools,  I thought it was a joke. 292 more words

Freedom From Religion

Another parent gets a slap on the wrist for medically abusing her child in the name of faith

I’ve written a lot about religion exemptions for children’s medical care, which I see as one of the greatest harms of the clash between science and faith in America. 1,332 more words

Freedom From Religion