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How to Observe Reformation

If you are Roman Catholic, forget Martin Luther and remember Thomas More:

We should not celebrate the Reformation, because we cannot celebrate the defense of erroneous conscience held up against the authority of the Church.

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Roman Catholicism

New Swearwords

As the CBC reports, the Prime Minister’s mandate letter to the new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship directs him to “[w]ork in collaboration with the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs to make changes to the Oath of Canadian Citizenship to reflect the Truth and Reconciliation’s [ 617 more words

Constitutional Law

Conscience: The Struggle for a New World

A Sermon preached by The Rev. Sarah E. Henkel at the White Plains Presbyterian Church on the Second Sunday after Epiphany, January 22, 2017. This is the second of three sermons on what it means to answer the call of Christ by making three commitments to community, conscience and caring. 2,256 more words


Liberalism, “Implicit Bias,” and Thoughtcrime: On the Subject of the I.A.T.

by Daniel A. Kaufman

One of the most fundamental values of a liberal society, beyond that of freedom of speech, is liberty of conscience.  One’s thoughts are one’s own prerogative and are thus, rightfully kept private, if one wishes it.  1,638 more words


Assisted Dying – Why We Can't Undercut the Bruyère's Catholic Mission

This piece was originally published in the Ottawa Citizen as an op-ed on October 24, 2016.

The Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital’s complex palliative care facility has come under scrutiny in the Ottawa Citizen recently. 554 more words

Assisted Dying

Funding In Exchange For Freedom Not True to Canada’s Rich History

This article is in response to Canada’s recent legalisation of assisted death.

An argument has been advanced in many quarters that faith-based institutions should be forced to administer medical assistance in dying if they receive public funds. 644 more words

Assisted Dying

A Third Way: Respect for Freedom of Conscience and the Right to Die

This article is in response to Canada’s recent legalisation of assisted death.

What is the greater value? Preserving the life of a person who is at risk of falling into the temptation of committing assisted death but who does not truly want it? 2,055 more words

Assisted Dying