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Sexual Assault & Causeway Coast and Glens

Sexual Assault & Causeway Coast & Glens Council Freedom of Information processes

  • Jeffery Anderson
Jeffery Anderson entering court earlier this year.

Spam folders and other Spin!! 334 more words

Baker administration appears to be ignoring state orders on releasing public records on COVID response in the DDS system

We have been trying for months to get records from the Baker administration about its policies and practices for protecting people with developmental disabilities from COVID-19. 1,843 more words

Met - FOI requester's focus on police misconduct was a "vexatiousness" factor

I regularly criticise the Information Commissioner’s Office on this blog. But credit where it’s due. They have upheld a complaint about the Met Police’s handling of a Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) request, in which the Met, remarkably, had argued that the request for information about police officers stopping people without cause and asking for their ID was vexatious (per section 14(1) of FOIA). 154 more words

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Rethinking freedom of expression

Happy to join the Friedrich Naumann Foundation as it starts its second Learning Series, with a reflection on freedom of expression: What, exactly, is under threat, and what, exactly, is the nature of that threat? 9 more words

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You did consult your own Chief Social Work Adviser, didn't you?

Well actually, no … or so it would seem from Simon Stockwell’s reply on behalf of Scottish Ministers. On 13 August 2020 he provided a response to a Freedom of Information request seeking specific information in relation to the role of Child Welfare Reporter (formerly known as Bar Reporter). 607 more words

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Apart from lawyers, which professions did you consult about the role of Child Welfare Reporter?

Well actually, none. Not until public consultation began in 2018 and everyone was able to offer their views on what by then had largely become a settled matter … or so it would seem from Simon Stockwell’s reply on behalf of Scottish Ministers. 777 more words

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Is the proposed hate speech bill dead or hibernated?

Freedom of expression is considered one of the cardinal pillars and cornerstone of fundamental rights in human rights philosophy and entire legal jurisprudence. But it appears to be one of the most confronted genre of fundamental freedoms in Nigeria. 23 more words

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