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OII receives a letter from Dr Zucker's legal representatives

Looks like it’s not only Lynn Conway who’s out of favour with Kenneth Zucker. Less than a month since Lynn talked about being sued for libel for… 769 more words


Lynn Conway targeted by Kenneth Zucker for speaking out against his appointment to the APA Task Force


Staying Sane
365Gay News
Originally aired 26 February 2009

Ross Palombo: A transgender university professor targeted, she says, for speaking out, and her fight against a prominent psychiatrist may help others keep their sanity.

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Hear no evil, see no evil, talking bollocks

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the government’s Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has said that Internet sites could be given cinema-style age ratings as part of a crackdown on offensive and harmful online activity to be launched in the New Year. 1,318 more words

Freedom Of Speech. Or Not.

A Transsexual Perspective on the Feminist Debate

The mass debate (oh joy, schoolyard humour) between Susan Stryker and Julie Bindel – which I previously flagged up in this post – is to be webcast at… 116 more words


Stonewall was a riot

9.30pm Thursday: Home from the Stonewall protest, this is very quick and sketchy; I’m sure that Sarah will write the definitive report, she’s a good writer and was at the front so probably saw way more than me… 1,326 more words

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Stonewall awards protest

This via The London Transfeminist Group.
Curtsey to Lisa for the heads up.

Trans community to protest at high profile London awards ceremony against Stonewall “Bigotry”

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Human Rights

Julie Bindel's statement

Just wanted to, I dunno, bear witness, as much as anything. Record for posterity. I’m writing this 7 hours after she posted it on her Facebook… 156 more words

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