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The Peaceful Muslim and the Qur'an Freedom of Speech: Our Vitality

The Peaceful Muslim and the Qur’an

What about Muslims who are truly peaceful? This seems to be the question the whole world is asking, and it comes up daily, here, at The Hatune Foundation. 3,189 more words

World Vs. Word

The Anonymous Blacklist Promoted by the Washington Post Has Apparent Ties to Ukrainian Fascism and CIA Spying by MARK AMES

Last month, the Washington Post gave a glowing front-page boost to an anonymous online blacklist of hundreds of American websites, from marginal conspiracy sites to flagship libertarian and progressive publications. 3,778 more words



Originally published to It’s Going Down

On Wednesday, December 7th at Texas A & M University, as FBI agents monitored hundreds of protesters from the tops of roofs, heavily armed riot police clashed with demonstrators bent on disrupting and shutting down an event organized by  3,606 more words


The Rugby game by a blogger - 7

The Politicomix concede the penalty for no arms in the tackle on their own ten-meter line and Anonymous will strike for poles and look to add the extra three points for the blameless Jumpingbloggers. 1,533 more words


Weekly Roundup: November 29 - December 6, 2016

Cinema Halls to Mandatorily play the National Anthem

The Apex Court has ordered all cinema halls to play the national anthem, with the national flag on the screen, before any feature film starts. 810 more words

Haiku Trilogy, Protect The Freedom Of The College Press

1. “College journalists – are fast turning into the – last bastion of truth”

2. “Congress shall make no – law abridging the freedom – of speech or the press” 11 more words

Sam Harris: Hitchens wouldn't vote for Trump

Sam Harris makes a good argument – that Hitch may have been willing to overlook Hilary’s shortcomings as a Presidential candidate, providing she planned to take action on the issue that was most important to him at the time: stopping Al Queda and its surrogates (which would have included Isis). 53 more words