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I Believe The Death Of Free Internet Speech Has Begun In Earnest:

I always thought of the Internet as the last bastion of free speech and free expression but I think all that is about to change in a big — really big — way very soon now. 365 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Google+ Tutorial

Quick tidbit of information on how Google+ works. If you block someone, you can unblock them. It will even say “blocked” on their profile if you try to go there. 37 more words

When Billionaires Control the Media

The New York Times wrote  about the control of the mass media by billionaires, an issue that should concern us all. Not only do they own the media, some use it to promote their financial self-interest and political ideology. 117 more words

Education Reform

Letter From A Frenchman

I recently came across this post on a Facebook group page, directed at Americans but even more important for us to consider as we approach the final weeks of before the Brexit vote. 2,432 more words


An offensive t-shirt should not be an arrestable offence

I am a Liverpool FC supporter. My grandfather, born and raised in Liverpool, though not much of a football fan offered what support he could muster to LFC.  881 more words

This cannot end well: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter sign onto EU "hate speech" code

According to the Guardian, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have agreed to comply with the European Union’s new “code of conduct” for the Internet.  You can see the code of conduct… 824 more words

Freedom Of Expression