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VictimHood & Outrage

Did everyone hear or see all the fuss and buzz about Meryl Streep’s new movie and the campaign they did with the alleged “offensive” t-shirts? 848 more words


Understanding the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

When it comes to understanding their own history, Americans are horrible. To be fair, the manner in which U.S. history is taught leaves a lot to be desired. 1,268 more words


So, because I know no one will judge me and I feel I need to let this out, even a little.

So, I’ve recently became friends with someone I care about dearly, and we’ve sorted the past out and now we’re happy to be friends… But here’s my problem. 286 more words

On My Mind

Democracy depends on a free press

In the summer of 1787, the nation’s most influential lawyers, generals and politicians gathered in Philadelphia with a single purpose: To create a government that was ruled by the people instead of one that ruled them. 584 more words


The Roberts Court & the Future of Free Speech

By Professor Joel M. Gora.

Professor Joel M. Gora  is on the faculty of the Brooklyn Law School where he teaches constitutional law and related courses and has written extensively on First Amendment issues.  1,228 more words


TPP has been Finalized: A leap towards corporate fascism

On the morning of October 5th in Atlanta, Georgia, a handful of government bureaucrats walked out from a series of closed-door meetings on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, claiming that the deal has been finalized and pending International approval. 382 more words


I can say what I want, when I want to …

The limitation of commentary on articles and other forms of media

As Society perceives it to be, commentary is evident and so it must be that we shall and we will COMMENT!!! 497 more words