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[LAW] Amos Yee: foul-mouthed teen of the century or champion of the weak?

 At first I wasn’t going to comment on this but then I read a New Yorker piece on it and I absolutely had to. As usual, I just needed an article by the bastion of free speech (self-righteous Americans) to rile me up. 1,459 more words


Audrey Beardsley: The Silencing of the Educators, A Dangerous Trend

Audrey Beardsley, a professor at Arizona State University, recently visited parents, educators, students, and state leaders in New Mexico. There she learned that the state had adopted gag orders… 533 more words


Re: On Filipina High School student's claim on Freedom of Speech

“Well, that just proves that they value grades more than learning. Like, people study to pass, not to learn.”

When do you start thinking that there is a need to back down?

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Just Cause

Surely you jest?

Sometimes this blog could just write itself. Honestly.

The International Organization for Migration said it is expecting the first refugees to arrive in Phnom Penh within days from the Pacific island of Nauru, as… 704 more words

Keeping up with the Boys

The work environment I am in right now is predominantly male. Pathology is a field of medicine that inherently doesn’t draw females in as frequently, and especially in this hospital, it would seem that the higher positions are filled essentially by men. 270 more words


Allow me to make some assumptions about you, my dear reader.

  1. You have basic human rights, access to resources, and a reasonable government leading your country.
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