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The Emergence of Orwellian Newspeak and the Death of Free Speech

Orwell was an optimist. jtl, 419

By John Whitehead

How do you change the way people think? You start by changing the words they use. In totalitarian regimes – a.k.a. 193 more words

Police State

Protesters in Hong Kong Citical of Singapore's Treatment of Teen Blogger Amos Lee -- "Freedom of Speech should not be infringed"

By Timmy Sung
South China Morning Post

Protesters hold placards in Hong Kong outside the Admiralty headquarters of the Singapore Consulate. Photo: Nora Tam

Some 50 people from different civic and political groups have protested outside the commercial building in Admiralty where the Singapore Consulate is located, demanding the immediate release of teen blogger Amos Yee, who was earlier convicted for posting a controversial video attacking the late prime minister Lee Kuan Yew. 267 more words

Glasgow stands up for Saudi blogger – Raif Badawi

Press Release for Immediate Use

The Glasgow based human rights organisation Global Minorities Alliance (GMA) has called on the Scottish Government for immediate intervention for the release of the imprisoned Saudi blogger, Raif Badawi.   537 more words

Human Rights

Beyond the right to freedom of expression: the limitations and responsibility of the media

From the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France to signal jamming in South African parliament, journalists all around the world have had to consider the meaning of freedom of speech, as well as the limits and responsibilities that come with having it. 652 more words

Art And Censorship

Confederate Flag: an Honorable Symbol

Again our country has taken a misstep. People should be allowed to own and display the Confederate flag. It is not a symbol supporting slavery. It is a symbol of an important era in our history. 311 more words

Expressing My Freedom of Speech

Believe it or not, I keep a lot of my opinions to myself (or just between me and a few good friends). I don’t share my opinions on gay marriage, the Confederate flag, feminism, ISIS, religion, politics or many other things. 3,474 more words

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