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An Open Letter from Mark Guy Regarding Freedom of Speech

There is no better way, I believe, in which to test the reality of our culture than by the self-discipline it teaches us to use in our talk; and it may be that the chief service we can render, the chief outcome that God looks for from our high education, is that our homes, in the society around us, we should set a higher example of the right use of speech; the right tone and temper and reticence in conversation; the abhorrence of idle words and our choice in what we say, and to whom we say it. 69 more words

The Quiet Hours

What Does Banning The Documentary India's Daughter Accomplish Exactly?

Yesterday I read the opinions expressed by the Delhi rapists (5 men who brutally raped and beat a 23 year old medical student to death 3 years ago and are still awaiting sentencing) as they were expressed on INDIA’S DAUGHTER a BBC documentary set to air this weekend. 971 more words


The Emperor's New Clothes: Sticky Business

ABOUT ME: I’m a ranter. I care about a lot of specific stuff intensely.

OH YEAH: I had a delusion of grandeur for the first time recently and I’m in my late 30s which makes me a KITTENS THROWING OUTLIER when it comes to BRAINZ. 60 more words


Freedom of Speech, Artistic Expression and Public Safety

Staff Writer

The first amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. It serves as the blueprint for freedom of expression and religious liberty, but what lies at the heart of free expression is an inclination to listen and hear the views of others as well as the ability to express your own views and be heard. 496 more words

American Public Opinion.

So, regardless of what the politicians say, what do Americans think about some issues?

Back in September 2014, in the wake of the Islamic State’s over-running of much of Iraq, 53 percent of Americans approved of President Obama’s strategy for dealing with ISIS. 476 more words

American Society

Should Freedom Of Speech Be An Absolute Right?

“A person’s Freedom is ensured when he ensures freedom of others.”

This Statement has been uttered by a great tall esteeming figure “Nelson Mandela”, Gandhi of South Africa. 966 more words

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