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Sandra Bland’s Mother Speaks Truth to Activists — The Militant Negro™

Originally posted on Truth- A Right to Fight For…: Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, speaks out and she does it far better than I. She also makes real points that we as activists against racism and against police brutality as well as all forms of government racial brutality and injustice need to think and act…

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Freedom of speech and social Media

As an adult, I feel very expressive in what I say and do even when it comes to social media. This is the problem that really bugs me is when others say right to your face that you are not allowed to do this and this you can only do this or wether it has to do with social media posts to Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Youtube, flipagram etc you know what accounts you have. 451 more words

American Journalist Serena Shim Murdered Reporting Facts. — The Militant Negro™

The U.S. Doesnt Seem To Want To Talk About Serena Shim Published on Sep 15, 2015 Via #IntelGroup Serena Shim (Serena Ali Suhaim; October 10, 1985 – October 19, 2014) was an American journalist for Press TV.

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"New Bolsheviks" Riot in Costa Mesa to Keep Trump From Speaking

The year is 1903.

The Russian Social Democratic Party is meeting in London. All the intellectuals in their party have been arguing since the end of the 1800′s as to the direction the party should take. 1,030 more words


Chapter 11 - Mach 20, 2012

March 20, 2012

I’ve been stressed lately. As a Supreme Leader I have a lot of things to worry about.

Next month I’m supposed to have a rocket launch commemorating my grandfather’s birthday, but my scientists keep telling me they’re not ready yet. 469 more words

Kim Jong-un

Stop acting like a child: Fruits of #Feminism

@CHSommers @Nero @nypost I loved seeing the students who cheered you on…best moment was "STOP ACTING LIKE A CHILD" pic.twitter.com/4trKWaCobF

— Jenny Hatch (@JennyHatch) April 28, 2016…

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Eric Noveshen's Judicial Abuse Cloaked in Irony

– Transcript, Eric Noveshen argues the US Constitution gives him the right to file appeals.

But does the Constitution give you the right to abuse the legal system charged with protecting those Constitutional rights? 133 more words

Eric Noveshen