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“Islamophobia” is a widely used yet vague and controversial term referring to anti-Muslim bigotry. In recent years, identifying, monitoring, reporting on, and working to ban Islamophobia worldwide has been a major focus of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). 21 more words

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Cathedral Round-Up #12: The Rise of Mommy-Law

After reading several books and numerous articles by lawyers of various stripes, you can’t help but notice their philosophy of law. (In this case, Just Mercy… 4,194 more words

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Diversity and Racism in South Africa

South Africa celebrated its first democratic elections in 1994 and the start of the democratic dispensation at the same time. Before that, there was a white government where blacks were not allowed to vote. 776 more words

Freddie Gray Court Cases Going So Badly for Prosecution, Mosby Isn't Even Showing Up to Hear Verdicts

If we base our political and legal decisions off of enflamed allegations, we get the narrative of an inherently corrupt law enforcement system, nationwide, with racist cops nearly everywhere beating up Black people and otherwise discriminating against them. 1,274 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Abortion in DC: Planned Parenthood Nestled Between TWO Public Schools

On our recent Washington DC Outreach, we witnessed the outrage of neighborhood residents angered by the hypocrisy of local government allowing Planned Parenthood to center itself between schools. 460 more words


Saudi Arabia Urged To Release "Prisoner of Conscience" Raif Badawi by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

SAUDI ARABIA: Release Raif Badawi



July 28, 2016

(USCIRF Chair Thomas J. Reese, S.J. holds up a picture of Raif Badawi at a July 2016 Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hearing on blasphemy laws) 647 more words

The Impact of Islamic Fundamentalism on Free Speech

One of the greatest achievements of the Enlightenment in Europe and the United States is the principle of free speech and reasoned criticism. Democracy is underpinned by it. 178 more words