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Prayers for the president...

On the cusp of this historic inauguration, although I have a heavy heart, I am compelled to pray for a prosperous and peaceful term in office for the leader of the most powerful nation in the modern world. 80 more words

Women And Society

Fake News and Its Follies

Fake news may seem to be very innocuous and in fact might not seem to cause much harm to anyone or have any real-world consequences. Fake news is a phenomenon where a few individuals, sites and online portals create or/and share pieces of information either completely false or cherry-picked from real incidents with the intention to mislead the general public or gain publicity. 956 more words


Billboards and Bullies

The above billboard in Melbourne advertising details of an RACV sponsored Australia Day event became controversial over the last few days as a result of extensive social media criticism regarding the featuring of two muslim women in the advertisement. 450 more words

Respecting Our Freedom of Speech

At the risk of sounding boorish and repetitive, I would like to share a FINAL thought on the miserable state of politics in this country. The good news is, I don’t think it will take very long. 522 more words


The Right to Govern

What does it mean to have a government described by Webster and Lincoln as having been derived “of the people, by the people and for the people?”  Explicitly it means that the power to govern the people is and should be derived from the consent of the governed as our founders stated in the Declaration of Independence.  1,671 more words



“Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors.”

~John F. Kennedy

Theresa May Prepares to Walk ‘Brexit’ Tightrope With Speech


LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May, who has for many weeks evaded debate over how Britain will exit from the European Union… 1,219 more words