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ANTIFA-The Threat From Within

Just when you thought crop circles were an unexplained phenoman, hold on, they are now being overshadowed by a greater mystique occuring all over the United States. 454 more words

Should books be banned?

Warning…this blog is not funny.  I needed to write this and it may cause you to think (the horror) but these words needed to get out.   1,166 more words

What Can I Say?

The idea that a company or corporation or organization can determine or limit what an employee can say on personal accounts or outside office hours is somewhat troubling. 484 more words

The Way Things Are

The Sandbox

Our minds are designed to create and build – not to tear down and destroy.

Sitting in the shade, wiping my sweat, the yard is manicured once more. 452 more words

Recognition and Comprehension

“…Speed gives life a frantic quality. It is an anxious state of mind that keeps us from settling into whatever we are doing. There is always something more important than what we’re doing now. 388 more words


James Damore - down but not out

James Damore is not giving up. Good for him. Attacks are coming at him from all sides, and not always displayng either the logic or the fairness with which he prsented his case to Google – and now to the world at large. 1,165 more words

Culture Matters