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'Being Shocked is Part of Democratic Debate. Being Shot is Not': Charlie Hebdo Receives Award, Standing Ovation at PEN Gala

Josh Feldman writes: The staff of Charlie Hebdo was honored tonight at the PEN American Center gala, following much controversy, and they received a standing ovation as they affirmed their commitment to… 272 more words


Garland, Qanta Ahmed, and Freedom of Speech

Posted to YouTube 5/5/2015.

If there are any regular readers of BackChannels, it should go without saying that “Shimmer” always applies.

Beyond the Islamist’s “jihad” and everyone else’s struggle with living authentically good lives — not saintly lives, just good ones :) — the basis in Torah that becomes the source material for the transformation of Rome and of the Arab Peninsula may call for revisiting in the cause of greater Christian-Jewish-Muslim accommodation or melding. 561 more words

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Haven’t been here for a while. Life has a habit of getting in the way of expression.

Now, freedom of speech maybe a bit of a hot topic, but it is of vital importance. 241 more words

The Young Turks’ Contempt for Free Speech

Two gunmen opened fire at a free speech event held in Texas on Sunday. A security guard was wounded in the attack but thankfully the only fatalities were the gunmen themselves. 1,908 more words


Kent Hovind vs. the United States

Having watched, enjoyed and appreciated many of Kent Hovind’s Creation Science YouTube videos, I was alarmed by an email from a friend, a fellow Creation enthusiast, discussing how Kent Hovind has been in prison for nearly 10 years.   1,002 more words

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Free Speech Under Fire: Muhammad Cartoon Contest Winner Retreats Into Hiding

Man says he faces death threats after winning grand prize for drawing of prophet

Nathan Koppel reports: As authorities continue to investigate an attempted attack on a contest to draw the Prophet Muhammad… 431 more words