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The Time has Come once more,...

The time has come once  more, for WE the people of this nation to look at the crossroads we found ourselves. Like our forefathers 240 years ago the time has come to make the most important decision of our lives.   122 more words

Freedom Of The Mind

Just Wow...

The reasoning behind my title is just everything that is happening… We’ve had many terrorists attacks around the world this year. Too many for my liking. 889 more words

Freedom Of The Mind

Oh Life... Something is just wrong here

Okay, I have to say something about this transgender issue that has been going on as of late. Stop pushing the issue!! I just read that there is a curriculum going to be implemented of transgenderism. 765 more words


Dilemma Decoded

Have you ever felt agonized while attempting to rein in the stray locks of hair that defy the those diligently placed hair pins on windy days? 483 more words


Welcome 2016

Hello 2016 and goodbye 2015! With all the bull shit that came about in 2015, I had a life changing event and I’m very grateful for it. 981 more words