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"The Revolution of Possibles"

During the most strange presidential campaign possibly ever, we have missed to praise another one that shall represent the rightful democratic process we all look for and expect on this country. 194 more words

Freedom Of The Mind

Millennials, Generation Y: "Moment of True"

Millennials, everyone seems to know something about them. They have been label the ME,ME,ME or full entitlement generation. But who they really are? What do millennials mean for the future of this nation, more over for the future of the World. 363 more words

Freedom Of The Mind

The Time has Come once more,...

The time has come once  more, for WE the people of this nation to look at the crossroads we found ourselves. Like our forefathers 240 years ago the time has come to make the most important decision of our lives.   122 more words

Freedom Of The Mind