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QI 14 : Wave The Scientific Flag

There is a field in science which looks at the effects of misinterpreting or misunderstanding science or scientific media publications. More importantly, it looks at the fact that it can induce a cultural ignorance or doubt (and possibly fear) towards science, depending on the aftermath of the encounter with a specific piece of suggestive publication. 1,838 more words

Freedom Of Thought

#RaifBadawi and Official Cruelty

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave an official response this week to criticism of its sentence of flogging for writer Raif Badawi. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responded to Amnesty International, Prince Charles, the German foreign minister, the Canadian foreign minister, the millions of petition creators and signers around the world, the tens of thousands who have marched in protest of a country’s policy of whipping as a punishment for writing. 1,917 more words

Daily Prompt

Coming up ... Only 3 months late....

I took a much longer time off from writing than I had anticipated.  As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to think through and pray about what I was going to say here–I will be hitting some hot-button issues.   151 more words

The Journey

Forbidden thoughts. (a poem)

inhabiting the lands of the forbidden
are my thoughts, lurking round
the corners, watching your
every move of deception,
waiting to come to action,
waiting to be unleashed… 32 more words


TLH 13 : The Panda Mentality

It is often thought that Pandas are “stupid” animals. Mammals that cannot sustain their posture, weight, lifestyle by just eating low-calorie food like bamboo at a rate of 10 % of their bodyweight per day. 1,115 more words


Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot Quote.

Lawrence-Lightfoot, S. (2012). Exit: The endings that set us free. New York, NY: Sarah Crichton Books.


Je ne suis pas Charlie (a.k.a. 'Not in my name')

I was saddened by the murderous attack on the journalists in the office of Charlie Hebdo. Not unsurprisingly, it was immediately labelled as ‘an attack on free speech’. 485 more words