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Happy Birthday, John Locke!

John Locke, born August 29th, 1632, is probably the single person most responsible for our United States political form of government, or at least its philosophical underpinnings. 268 more words

Written By Amy Cools

A Precious Narrative By Cedar Sanderson

A Precious Narrative

By Cedar Sanderson

Storytelling is woven into human DNA. Even the discovery of DNA’s shape is enrobed in a thrilling tale of deceit and betrayal – with a sexist twist, of course. 1,101 more words

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From a 1909 speech "Le libre examen en matière scientifique (Free inquiry in matters of science) by the mathematician, physicist, and philosopher of science Henri Poincaré: Thought must never submit, neither to a dogma, nor to a party, nor to a passion, nor to an interest, nor to a preconceived idea, nor to anything whatsoever but the facts themselves—since for thought, surrendering means ceasing to exist. [La pensée ne doit jamais se soumettre, ni à un dogme, ni à un parti, ni à une passion, ni à un interêt, ni à une idée préconcue, ni à quoique ce soit, si ce n'est aux faits eux-mêmes, parce que pour elle, se soumettre, ce serait cesser d'être.]


Perceiving Something Impossible, Renders It Impossible

In My texts, I propose many different types of changes, reforms, social progressions, that you humans deem and judge to be impossible to implement. From technological immortality, to the elimination of parenthood, to the elimination of all punishment, to the implementation of a universal Barter and Trade Economic System, to the end of all external love and emotion-based interpersonal relationships, and so much more. 718 more words


Freedom of Action, Impossible Without Freedom of Mind

The mandate of every government is to destroy freedom of thought and of mind, because without freedom of thought, freedom of action is impossible.

government is a slave structure. 143 more words


Elvis Had The Right Idea / My Poetry

imagine that-
the bloated drugfish
of a man who died
gasping for air on
his bathroom floor
once made one of the
most profound statements… 33 more words


Who Could Have Guessed?

Who could have guessed that reading, reflection, and a comfort with solitude would render an individual unapproachable? I certainly could not in the past because those activities and quality typically displayed themselves as silence, furrowed brows, and distinct manners. 244 more words