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Human Behaviour

Blue and black dominate,

a robed wizard addresses

the flat topped audience,

homogeneousness listening 61 more words


Censorship of thought? Scary

I’m writing this because recently, a person I know has wished to create an “echo chamber” on Facebook.  He’s not the only one.  There are others.  2,890 more words


Creative Writing - La Ferens

This was a piece I did for my university course, it is set in a dystopian parallel London, it is an exaggerated world playing on the themes of political correctness and freedom of speech. 985 more words


Live and Let Live

Don’t force your opinions on anyone else. It’s a lesson I’ve learnt over time, don’t give your opinion unless asked for it. At the end of the day, no one actually cares what you say and you have no right to cast judgement, or to tell people what to think, do or say. 389 more words


The Policy Agenda of the Libertarian Defense Atheist Page 1 Economic Liberty

Economic Freedom

Separation of Economy and State

There should be a constitutional right to economic freedom modeled on the first amendment, and I recognize it needs to be a constitutional amendment imposed overnight and that such recognition is unconditional realism. 861 more words


Thomas Jefferson says:

” I have sworn
upon the altar of God
eternal hostility against
every form of tyranny
over the mind of man. ” 

Islamic Nationalism is NOT Compatible with Libertarian Principles

Islamic Nationalism is Not a friend of Libertarianism, anyone who says otherwise at present is dangerously naive.

Opening disclaimer: this is mainly meant to rally the Liberty movement against the Islamic Nationalist threat, but to do this the Liberty movement needs to understand the source material of that brand of religious Nationalism. 749 more words

Intellectual Honesty