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Dear America, are you okay?

Dear America,

Are you okay? Is anybody hurting you?

A few centuries ago, two groups of people left the Old World for the New World — free thinkers, and those wishing to escape persecution for their religious beliefs. 551 more words


I have always been short-sighted, looking backwards so far that seeing the present has been difficult, let alone looking ahead.  I did what I was told and didn’t argue with my parents’ beliefs.   393 more words

What I Think

The Vitality of Pragmatism to Libertarian Causes And Future

Libertarians Cannot Overthrow the Democrat-Republican Electoral Duopoly Without Using Pragmatism.

So… I debated someone I know on health care the evening before doing this page. The topic at hand was the Affordable Care Act, and I was unable to make a fiscally libertarian argument for replacing the ACA with something truly legit. 400 more words


A Cheshire libertarian's Thoughts On The 7-Election Trend at 7-eleven

I’m a Millennial who seeks to get some Independent perspective out there on the 7-election trend.

Fascinating, though not exactly productive except at growing jobs, the… 342 more words


The War On Christmas and the War On Women Are Both Purely Fictional

Never Until This Post Have I Debunked Both a Lefty Myth and a Righty Myth At Once

The Left and the Right are both fantasizing in ways as to try to force culturally authoritarian stuff of opposing brands onto a mentally liberty-leaning population. 495 more words


The Vitality of Freedom of Expression

Total Freedom of Expression is Mandatory to Civilized Culture and to Modern Science

People I learn about on other social media are treating freedom of expression like it is optional with regards to modernizing science and to staying a civilized people. 359 more words


My Own Opinion On The Non Aggression Principle

As a libertarian Independent, I must Build my own Opinion about the Non-Aggression Principle.

Almost every libertarian seems to defend and promote something called the Non-Aggression Principle. 733 more words