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Let me sing my natural song

Lend me thy ears;
have mercy on my tears.
I’m a lonely old bird,
now in a cage,
a beautiful cage, made of pure gold… 171 more words

Free Verse

Zionist Ass-Kissers Seek Internet Control

The battle never ends.  The forces aligned against freedom of speech are always seeking ways to vilify those that seek autonomy in and through freedom of speech. 370 more words

Keeping the 'X' in Xmas!

I am a secularist that believes in two important attributes in society, (in this order of importance):

1) Scientific Socialism

2) Freedom of thought within a progressive society. 267 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis


Teach the truth as you see it

Be careful of your facts

But also
Give your real opinions
Carefully identifying them as such

Share your real passions… 36 more words

Original Poems

Philosophical Wordplay

Clarity feels like a hard thing to come by, but the effort remains. We all take up activities that clear away our mental fogs. For me, it’s hiking and writing and yoga and cooking and driving and music and really these are all forms of meditation. 306 more words

Explaining My Political Identity

I do not exactly fit in 100% with either US political party in particular.

Hello again world. Today I am going to fashion a writing about how I describe myself politically, mainly for a site I recommend called Minds, which is in beta at the time of me doing this. 342 more words

Intellectual Honesty

Literature in Castro’s Cuba

When progressive ideas are in retreat and the neo-liberals are in triumphant march Fidel shall mostly be talked, written and remembered as a pig headed dictator.This article would go a long way to correct that mistaken thought.Contrarily,Fidel would appear to be remarkably prescient,honest, humble yet firm.In this excerpt from a rare 1965 interview, Fidel Castro elaborates on his philosophy of the arts. 6 more words