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Explaining My Political Identity

I do not exactly fit in 100% with either US political party in particular.

Hello again world. Today I am going to fashion a writing about how I describe myself politically, mainly for a site I recommend called Minds, which is in beta at the time of me doing this. 342 more words

Intellectual Honesty

Literature in Castro’s Cuba

When progressive ideas are in retreat and the neo-liberals are in triumphant march Fidel shall mostly be talked, written and remembered as a pig headed dictator.This article would go a long way to correct that mistaken thought.Contrarily,Fidel would appear to be remarkably prescient,honest, humble yet firm.In this excerpt from a rare 1965 interview, Fidel Castro elaborates on his philosophy of the arts. 6 more words


Know A Little

Guest Post

by Manuel Osornio

Suffering enchanted me with so many promises

It may sound impossible

But what I am telling you is real… 209 more words


For goodness sake, can we just stop banning everything!

*sigh* Another day, another stupid ban passed by small-minded people. I would love to dress it up but there really is no other way to put it. 1,214 more words

Unite in our Differences

​We live in a time where the real wars aren’t fought with guns, bombs, or even drones. No, the real wars are fought using misinformation, hate and fear amplified by echo chambers, and dividing us, the essential “common” people from our neighbors, family, and friends. 382 more words



November 10, 2016

We’ve elected a man who has made racist and sexist statements, and has also shown fascistic attitudes toward people who disagree with him or hold different views of individual rights, common decency, and the world at large. 428 more words

Politics & History

The Future of Neolibertarianism and of American Politics in general

What I offer to America’s political Land Scape from 2017 to 2020.

So… I have been doing some thinking over of not just my political ideology ( 545 more words