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Thoughts, that is summarizations and conclusions, associations and dissociations, integrity impulses, sense energies, creative energies, deed rank, central nerve system, dreams, imaginations, conditions with attributes, any in- and outflow or other to and from or including self, personal data, all thought processes with attributes not here mentioned or yet existing and any kind of communication with self belong to one’s private life.

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My Philosophy

The Lament of a Student

*This is the original draft of a piece I wrote for the Student Voices column of the Intercollegiate Review. https://home.isi.org/college-becoming-one-bad-idea

The liberal arts college commonly proclaims as its chief goal the fostering of the inquisitive, integrative, and open mind. 479 more words

Freedom of thought. The right to a. not think others thoughts and b. prevent others from thinking your own thoughts.

Freedom of communication. The right to a.

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My Philosophy

The smallest minority on earth

‘The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.’ (Ayn Rand)

How do you define the concept of a liberal society?

Most people seem happy to assent to the idea of free, liberal democracy in the West. Very few people have any problem defining democracy; everyone assenting to the idea that, on some level, the will of the people ought to prevail. 1,316 more words

The Hindu right is quietly funding—and lobbying—American universities (Rohit Chopra)

Source: The Hindu right is quietly funding—and lobbying—American universities (Rohit Chopra)

This piece of writing is both prescient and timely.The beginnings of a dangerous portent is empirically examined and very logically prognosticated for the future.In the instant case the helming of IIT’s by corporate honchos or owners is another example of using the public-private-academia interface quite brazenly to enter sanctum- sanctorums, hitherto, difficult or well nigh ,impossible.Yes,gainful employment ,relevant contemporarisation of so called impractical or much worse archaic syllabuses is the ostensible reason among other things.But, are we in this also witnessing the quiet and stealthy entry of the money bags to control the nascent brains at the cradle itself? 27 more words

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