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A Haiku

There is freedom gained

driving away from those loved

Head space opens up


FWPP 15 : Slackvolution

The world connected to the internet is fast. So fast even, that those caught up in it experience a non-stop stimuli from a spectrum of society that would be impossible before the age of public flights and the world wide web. 709 more words

Freedom Of Thought

Body Shaming

I’ve always been wanting to talk about this topic for many years, but I didn’t know how I should share about this topic since most people do not understand the potential harm it can do to another person. 560 more words


She - She was domesticated mind ...

She was
domesticated mind
eating hard dog biscuits
drinking sour cow’s milk
vomiting bile
wanting a baby, not a child
wanting a puppy, not a dog… 23 more words

Poetry & Prose


Take a surf over to www.chronixxmusic.com and  have a look at the work of Chronixx. I decided to surf over to his site to satisfy my curiosity on this new chart topping reggae artiste  and see what was all this kerfuffle about. 940 more words

Point Of View

Is it Blue or Pink?

Thought of about freedom came to me while house hunting….

We went house hunting in The Netherlands and after visiting a couple of houses, I realized that it was so easy to know who lived in which room. 317 more words


QI 15 : The Art of Peace

A long time ago in the same country I live now, the general of the german army during the first world war, Erich Ludendorff, said: 1,576 more words