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Destroying Freedom of Thought

Have you noticed something in particular of late on television? Have you seen the news shows and their pundits, the politicians and others lay out to their audience that global warming (a.k.a. 1,145 more words



Why do government and independent organizations want to conduct such comprehensive mass surveillance and invest so heavily in it? In fact, a great many people seem to believe this is a given and seem to be willing to accept this, on the basis that mass surveillance is for the greater security of the nation, or that even if they were monitored, they had nothing to hide or at least, nothing extraordinarily incriminating. 2,043 more words

Mind Hacking

What if it were possible to connect the human mind to a computer and open it on a hard drive, from anywhere in the world? What if the user could do more than access the information in our minds – like give commands? 707 more words

Game of Thought

Men and women sitting in their bathrooms around the world have emulated the deep thought and pose of Rodin’s “Thinker”. Those few moments in a day when we are forced to confront our thoughts, like when we’re on the commode, waiting in a queue or the scheduled day dream have been replaced with being forced to confront the numerous notifications on our mobile devices. 741 more words

Irreverently Relevant Ramblings


To be tolerant means in the sense of Spiritual Science something quite different from what one understands usually about it. It means also to respect the freedom of thought in others. 317 more words


A Haiku

There is freedom gained

driving away from those loved

Head space opens up


FWPP 15 : Slackvolution

The world connected to the internet is fast. So fast even, that those caught up in it experience a non-stop stimuli from a spectrum of society that would be impossible before the age of public flights and the world wide web. 708 more words

Freedom Of Thought