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An Understanding of Hierarchical Importance for Seekers of Forbidden Truth

A Forbidden Truth differs from an ordinary Truth, in that it is generally rejected, condemned, not known, and not accepted by a majority of all humans, and very often it is demonized and maliciously positioned as a lie, illusion, and deception, directly by human society and government, and influential cultural and media leaders given wide access to the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves. 1,026 more words


Searching through the Ether.

Of course you’ll feel alone,

You’re searching through the ether,

Wondrous is the exploration,

But loneliness does know the seeker,

The beakers growing, glowing child, 95 more words

The Illiberal Alliance with the Regressive Left

In “Herds of Independent Thinkers” I lamented the problem of so-called progressives being “offended all the time”, “coming to pre-ordained conclusions”, and conflating their ego-centric political-correctness with their imagined right to restrict open discussion and freedom of thought of others. 790 more words


When to Oppose

Freedom of thought is what matters the most. Freedom of speech is a good thing, but most people can live well without having to broadcast their views to the world. 304 more words


Who is the Social Astronomer

I am an observer. I love to watch people, but I also love to watch the machinations of the world. In addition, I observe people’s lives via social media and their reactions to what the universe throws at them, on a daily basis. 188 more words

The #EU attacks on #FreeSpeech

It seems the EU will do anything now to try and stop any opinions that don’t agree with their progressive liberal narrative.

A week ago they passed a resolution that allows them the cut the live feed from Parliament of any dissenting opinions under the auspices of ‘racism’, because according to the EU you are a racist if you don’t want to simply give your home to someone else, if you don’t want to put yourself in poverty to make others rich, if you don’t want your children to live in a world where they have no identity other than the one the EU says they must have, if you want to live in a democracy. 153 more words

Human Behaviour


Blue and black dominate,

a robed wizard addresses

the flat topped audience,

homogeneousness listening 61 more words