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Lives Matter...Even If Not Black

I read all kinds of news sources. Lots and lots! All news outlets have agendas, so if I’m going to get a really “fair and balanced” picture, I’d better see what the various sides are saying. 29 more words

The Indian Military: In Captivity ?

A recent article written by a respectable author got me thinking.In response, this is what I have to say… 2,583 more words

Military And Society

What freedom means to me.

I stumbled upon an event on Friday night at little cafe in Esquimalt that got me thinking about freedom. What exactly is freedom?  How much of it do we really have vs. 1,644 more words

Response to Kelvin Mackenzie's odious comments on Fatima Manji display the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the mainstream media

There has been something of an outcry regarding Fatima Manji reporting the recent attacks in Nice on Channel 4 News in a hijab. I say outcry, I really mean one man campaign waged by the ever-odious Kelvin Mackenzie. 829 more words

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” ―Ayn Rand


Oh When We Were Free: An Ode to Freedom of Thought

Freedom, Ann Fogarty

Oh when we were free
to let our thoughts roam
– throw certainty to sea
and plant musings in the mind’s loam. 294 more words


the art of Freedom

Many moons ago, I used to travel with my father…once a year, to NYC.  This somewhat unnerving adventure, started at five in morning…and, did not end until about one the following morning. 268 more words