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The Genius Within

Our society often attempts to bend us and break us into predefined boxes that suit corporate and government needs. Understanding that we all have a little genius within can help us find the strength required to truly explore our undefined potential, ultimately leading to a greater contribution to ourselves, our community, family & humanity as a whole.


TLH 12 : In a Heartbeat

Before You Know It

Life goes fast, incredibly fast. The downside is that you can only see that once you’ve lived a bit. Then you have something to look back on, instead of only things to look forward to. 680 more words


TLH 11 : The Unnoticed Notes

Have you ever had those moments when you’re lost in the music on your headphones? Or the songs in your head? And maybe starting to dance or play backing some of the lyrics? 457 more words

Freedom Of Thought

The Pleasures of Old Age

Nicholas Lancret :The Four Ages of Man: Old Age: The National Gallery

Although I’m not sure when old age starts, I’m sure being 68 enables me to speak authoritatively on this subject. 1,311 more words


FWPP 13 : De Kracht van Stilte

Natuurlijk krijg je als Nederlander werkend in het buitenland de highlights van je thuisland mee. Niet het nieuws over Griekenland die ‘dikke vinger’ zegt tegen de Nederlandse chef van de Europese commissie, of de corruptie en organisaties van banken die verantwoordelijk zijn voor het uiteenvallen van de Griekse bevolking wat daar ten grondslag aan ligt. 512 more words


Counter-Terror Bill: Time to Stopthebill.co.uk and "Prevent" the Stasi-State

A community campaign has been set up to stop the Counter Terror Bill which is being rushed through Parliament.

One of the key aspects being pushed is Part V of the Bill which enshrines the legal enforcement of the… 87 more words

Current Affairs

I am religious Charlie

The following is an opinion piece I sent in to our local paper in response to another that had been submitted earlier, as I couldn’t help but take exception to the conclusions the writer draws and her concept of ‘freedom of expression’. 1,268 more words

Personally Pressed