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When the trees say nothing

When the trees say nothing‘ is the title of a book I came across by a chap called Thomas Merton, and it got me thinking … 73 more words

SongLyricsSunday 6/24/18 Dream

Oh, I so love the opportunity to post one of my favorite songs from one of my top 10 favorite performers. The theme Dream is perfect, although these lyrics are not my favorite part of the song, Sylvan song/Dream of the Archer, by Heart. 329 more words


Bye bye love

Letting go of toxic relationships is tough. Even more so when we don’t know that we are involved in a toxic relationship. Or when we think that there is still some hope left in that particular relationship. 398 more words

Come home

She was a night time thing
Dancing under the stars
Calling the rain
That’s when her demons
Came out to play
Things of the darkness
Come home in the moonlight

Zerubbabel - Prophetic Promises That Apply To Us Today (Part 3)

I’ve been talking about Zerubbabel, and the exiles leaving their bondage in Babylon, and returning to Jerusalem. Babylon in our lives speaks of areas of captivity and chains. 2,479 more words

Jailer's musings

“I never thought things would turn out this way.  I would have never in a million years imagined myself in this crummy job,” thought the jailer of the Philippian prison.  825 more words

Devotional Thoughts