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What Is True National Security?

W.J. Astore

What is true national security?  Recent answers to this question focus on the U.S. military, Homeland Security, various intelligence agencies, and the like.  The “threat” is usually defined as foreign terrorists, usually of the Islamist variety; marauding immigrants, mainly of the Mexican variety; and cyber hackers, often of the Russian variety.   454 more words

US Politics

slavery for starlight.

I don’t want to forget the starlight.  But each day my attention is soaked into a digital frenzy of words, sounds, deadlines and images that I am not likely to escape again until the appropriate hour strikes and allows me to leave. 131 more words


Croatia’s press freedom in danger

By Ana Pastor

On World Press Freedom Day in May 2016, Croatian journalists openly protested against their government’s interference in the news media. Since then, nothing has  changed in Croatia.  2,442 more words


After a near 3-year hiatus...

I am back. I left not knowing I would come back to this blog. I left to try to handle life. I had a good job and I have my car and everything was great. 121 more words


Paul Ryan Announces Dates For 2017 Freedom And Carnage Tour

Speaker Paul Ryan, in the wake of his announcement that he will give us freedom by abolishing Obamacare and replacing it with freedom, all freedom all the time, has announced his Summer 2017 Freedom and Carnage tour schedule.   6 more words

Altering How We Think and Act in the World

The frustration and outrage many of us are experiencing these days is understandable, but they are not enough. Working successfully with all the negativity and darkness that threaten to overwhelm means understanding in what ways we may have unwittingly been complicit in its emergence. 286 more words

Personal Essay

The importance of spending time alone.

I was always “that” girl. I was always popular. I was the life of the party. Everyone always wanted to be where I was at, people just loved being around me. 1,103 more words