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A Failed Project

By Tim Winterstein

I’d been waiting to see The Florida Project because of all the positive press it was getting. I purposely don’t like to read synopses, however, because I’d rather have no expectations and let a given film do what it’s going to do, and then take it on its own merits instead of being influenced by what a critic has to say. 912 more words


सूचना : नेवी कट एक ज़ोरदार सिगरेट है जो सालों से शौकीन लोग पीते आ रहे हैं ; गले पे चुभती नहीं है और कड़क भी रहती है। 


next unexpected step

am I free?

don’t need to search in shops like I’m lost
don’t need to publish every day like a child starved of attention

don’t need to keep at work like a grate holding water… 257 more words

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Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom (Business Books).Pdf

Information and guides to help to start and manage your business or company. Fred Melamed: Your Dad’s Friend Who Makes You A Little Uncomfortable Thought it was Great Seeing You. 221 more words

The Moment

I stand tall in crowds
While the crowds find me standing out
Is this just in my head?
Or is it these eyes that sear my conscience… 218 more words


Saved in the Desert - Part 1, Chapter 12

Picture from Coral Pink Sand Dunes, UT in 2014

This story is directly continued from the previous post. Or read from the very beginning… 441 more words



Ah! Teenage realizations and freedom. But, what of the ones that are a bit too much of the realization?

The not so subtle tones of a sitar in the background and the words of Amitabh Bhattacharya. 288 more words

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