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Revenge is a trap.

The idea of revenge is a trap. It’s a lie. It’s like a drug that lulls you into a false sense of fairness, of healing, of progress.  1,095 more words


Financial Freedom (Part 4 of 4)-Depreciation

In part 4 of the beginning financial freedom series I will talk about depreciation. So far I’ve talked about cash flow, equity and appreciation. Those three parts of real estate and financial freedom have to do with physically making money and building real wealth. 1,003 more words

Swimming Through the Mountain That Is Us

When someone proposes a dietary change that may remove our worst symptoms, why do we resist so vehemently? When someone presents one small tweak to our financial system, why do we set our heels against it? 383 more words


The importance of our thoughts

Saint Mark the Ascetic offers us an inspired answer on the importance of the way we think: 70 more words


People of the Second Chance

A little while ago, I was reading the book, People of the Second Chance by Mike Foster. In it, he lists what he calls “The Five Condemnments”: 375 more words


R.E.S.I.D.U.E and You

Hello my beautiful sisters! Will you journey with me today?

You ever get that song in your head after something takes place? Maybe that’s just me. 1,608 more words


Choosing Peace

When I found myself having broken through yet another low bottom I asked what needed to change? The answer to the question was me. All of me. 160 more words