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Our Home, the Theatre.

This is the place we come to be as loud as we want or as quiet as we want… Although we usually choose to be as loud as we want. 222 more words


Life is a burden made light
By the weight of sacrifice
Your life is useless unless used to the full
For something meaningful and useful. 35 more words


DNC Abdicates Diversity too...

Kaine and Able? I don’t think so…

When the Republican candidate “People’s Choice” Donald Trump chose an ‘Old White Guy’ for his VP Running mate, I wrote a post saying it was proof that he was throwing the election so Hillary could win in November. 403 more words

Ireland 2016: Faux Paus and Freedom, Part 1

In the beginning, before time began its tock, there was Love as strong as death.

That Love lived in perfect community, union, and bliss within itself. 376 more words


Turn about is Fair Play: Brother Dax Responds

The Interviewer Responds…

No… not THAT Christian…

Hi there all you wonderful people. My earlier POST on this brother’s BLOG answering questions for me a Christian Deconvert went so well and was such a success for civil and polite exchange that we decided it would be nice to do another. 1,129 more words

Trust in the Advancement of Civilization

July 17, 2016

Be prepared for an advancement in civilization, preceded only by the advancement of individual souls willing to challenge the ego and enter the presence of Love. 380 more words