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My neighborhood - Oakland,CA

For most of my early life, I grew up in Oakland, California. I was born and raised in that city. From a young boy, to a now young adult, Oakland has taught me many lessons, it’s given me guidance, and has shaped me into who I am today. 689 more words



So you broke free from your abuser!? That’s great! You finally have your freedom. Or should I say feardom.

At least that’s how it is for me. 221 more words

Is the force with you?

Sure, it’s with every human who is alive. It’s the force of life. And which team are you on – the Jedi or the Sith? The light or the dark – the good or the bad? 681 more words



My imagination

is my destination

~ my holiday abroad

My situation

is not my creation

~ but the pain won’t be ignored

© Kait King, 2015

Kait King Author

The Value Of Investing In Yourself

Let me see if I understand this.

You claim that you want an opportunity that will bring in money to you without putting anything into it and without doing any work or putting in any time. 402 more words

Ten Video Mix, Round 3

In the first video, we learn about the life of an imbecile.

In this clip, titled “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”, we find rockers in their natural habitat. 105 more words

Giving Thanks

There was a lot to give thanks for yesterday — foxhunting, family and fabulous food.

First was foxhunting. Our hunt holds an annual Thanksgiving Day hunt that leaves from The Old Manse in Concord. 772 more words