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Bipolar Disorder

January 19, 2018

Freedom Defined

The dictionary defines freedom as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

Each of us have our own definition of freedom and it usually aligned with the definition given above. 90 more words


Open your eyes to love

Wake up,

Start your day with a smile,

Open your eyes,

Open your heart,

Open your mouth and say thanks.

Spread love and joy for the start of your day, 82 more words


The State is the enemy of Individualism

If you support the state, you’re advocating for collective control. By voting for a politician, you’re endorsing everything what they’re about to do. When people vote, the thing they’re doing is to decide which kind of people/s should be bossed around or extorted some more or to make others think the way that they do. 278 more words


Ethics, values and choosing a job

When choosing a career or a new job, we are faced with a number of criteria that lead us in the direction we take. We use our values to guide us and we decide what we can sacrifice and what is a deal-breaker. 1,059 more words

Job Hunt