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What Went Right

I have kept my mouth shut long enough, and I shall keep it shut and let my fingers type the words that I’ve been wanting to say. 322 more words

Good Life...Good Death

author’s note:

What do I want people to say about me upon my demise?

“He fought the good fight.”


At my ending… 78 more words

New Age

Only a whisper...

I remember back in March of 2013, I met a man that was a little over ten years older than me. I remember feeling like he was the one that I wanted to be with. 1,016 more words


Not far enough

Things you hear while fighting for equality:

  • “We’ve come so far, what more do you want?”

  • “Just stop whining.”

  • “Why is there a women’s march when there’s already equality?”

  • 820 more words

We can break free!

Sometimes, we are who we do not want to be.

We become very good at being just that.

And eventually, a success.

Later, we try to be who we want to be. 55 more words


Tender Mercies

i see you in me and me in you
and yet, you are you and i am me
whether together or apartĀ 
we are we… 66 more words

Who am I?

Life is a play. It is said.

Everyone plays a role. It is said.

How well written must this play be

For I am so many characters in it’s story. 232 more words