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We woke up at 4 in the morning because we had been warned about the “manifestaciones” or protests.  On a regular highway in the USA, our drive from Guatemala City to Panajachel would take us up to two hours and pico, but this was Central America where people protest in the streets for all sorts of politically charged issues, or just when their electricity bill is raised.   892 more words

enslaved in an illusion

created from mental adhesion

to things you truly don’t believe in

freedom is a mindset – g.c.


Freedom is one of the values I’ve identified and work toward for myself (I mention and link to a great article on values in my post about… 693 more words


Complete in Dependency

I am never more free than when I’m completely dependent on You.

You fill all of the blank spaces in my life.

Life is found in knowing that You are in control. 30 more words

I was tied to my twin sister for a day (or the rarely-discussed challenges and benefits of being a twin)

That title sure caught your attention, right?

Don’t be alarmed—I wasn’t full-body tied to my sister, but rather connected at the waist to her with a detachable rope, tied around two carabiners, which we hooked to our jeans. 1,763 more words


Create In Me

This is an entry from my journal that I wrote 12 months ago. I finally made reconciliation with an old friend who I loved dearly. A wrong assumption lead us apart, BOTH of us had different ideas of what was going on & NEITHER of us reached out to restore what was broken. 399 more words