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Fernando Bárcenas, Anarchist Political Prisoner in Mexico, Calls for Solidarity with September 9 Prison Strike in US

From Anarchist Black Cross – Mexico
Translated by Scott Campbell

Open letter to compañerxs.

Note: The use of the word prison in this text refers to all artificial environments that domesticate us so as to insert us by force into the capitalist system of production; this is a contribution to deepen the reflection of all living beings in the hands of economic powers and the technological project… 1,011 more words



I own no right on the picture belonging to deviantart.com.

In the end I ended that friendship today.

I have decided to tackle my finances again and this time for good. 668 more words


Enlightenment is the realization that you can't get what you already are... new MJ Awakening Blog

Enlightenment is not an experience for one simple reason… all experiences come and go; You, awareness, do not. Thus, no experience is actually You as You are changelessly ever-present for every experience, regardless of what it is. 56 more words

Childhood Lost

There are days where it just hits me

Where the unspeakable mass of emotions

Holds me by the throat,

Slams my fragile body into my deteriorating mind… 44 more words



It has been a bit of a struggle this school year in dealing with Mario and his voracious streak of independence. Actually, let me strike the word “struggle” and change it to the word “battle.” 1,215 more words


The First Amendment Series

Here is a series of designs I made regarding the First Amendment. These happen to be some of my favorite designs because I love how I incorporated geometric elements. 95 more words



The toughest thing to be in this world is FREE.
Free from judgment
Free from heartache

Free from the mind

To be free you have tap into a dark space that is unfamiliar and scary. 55 more words