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Daily Prompt: Vanish

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

We hold on too tight…

Lest someone be out of sight..

Their absence causes us fright…

It obviously seems very right… 40 more words


Religion... I'll pass. 

Left to some church folk you’ll never feel you are worthy of God’s love, forgiveness, grace and favour. Your past shines brighter to them than your purpose and you wonder how many more hoops you have to jump through to ‘prove’ yourself to them. 383 more words



The Resurrection of a HIDDEN Evil Commencing!

Technocracy Rising’s Patrick Wood Delivers Big News!

 Written by Dustin Bond

As sure as the day is long, the sun shines and spring water is wet, hidden evils exist and will persist to slightly paraphrase late president Eisenhower. 260 more words


Depression will be the death of us

I was a freelance props guy in television commercials. Not a very good one. A hardworking one. I was a nice guy. A very good one. 1,105 more words


Things I Loved This Year: Pop Stars Behind the Curtain

Each day this month (assuming I don’t get busy or bored!), I’ll reflect on a tiny sliver of pop culture that I enjoyed or appreciated this year — scenes, shots, gestures, verses, sights, sounds, moments. 554 more words


Closer to Freedom

Our rigid beliefs and expectations
form a prison around our minds,
a prison of our own making.
If we made it, we can knock it down. 58 more words