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It's time for Jaybird to cut the Freedom's price in half. 

Now that the Jaybird X3’s have shown up and basically outclassed all things in Jaybirds lineup it time for some changes. The obvious thing is the freedoms. 155 more words


This is what I think of when it comes to our freedoms like voting, religion, free speech and travel. Next time you eat a burger & fries or go to the movies or perhaps BBQ with friends and neighbors, consider it is no accident that you can do this but instead, hard fought and won. 524 more words


Jaybird X3 are here and yes they are the better than any prior! 

These are the newest and best in ear monsters from Jaybird. Jaybird took what they did right with the X1 , x2 , and The Freedoms and made the best in-ear earphones on the market. 150 more words

I am.

I am not racist. I am not homophobic. I am not sexist. I am not a misogynist. I am for free market. I am for stronger foreign policy. 17 more words


Anti-fracking policing has “chilling effect” on freedom and campaigning – new report

Policing of anti-fracking protests is undermining human rights and campaigns against shale gas, according to a new report. 790 more words


Do we focus too much on being independent?

The news, our education system, our values taught by our parents, focuses very much on how to grow up to be independent citizens. If you are not seen as an independent woman, you are seen as uneducated, unsuccessful, and unaccustomed to western values. 159 more words


Imagine if the armed Malheur take over was Native people or Black Lives Matter, there never would have been a trial.

Look at the way the indigenous people been treated in Dakota. Amy Goodman charged with a serious felony for reporting it. Look at the brutal way any Black Lives Matter demonstration gets treated. 1,691 more words