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Kasich: Comment of the Day

Kasich during an interview about Trump delusional ideas about abortion:

He’s managed to bring together pro and anti abortions folks with his statement.


Human rights groups slam China over missing Beijing-based journalist Jia Jia after open letter called for Xi Jinping’s resignation

Jia Jia’s disappearance may be linked to open letter published on Wujie News website calling for resignation of President Xi Jinping


Rights groups have condemned China after a Beijing-based journalist went missing, linking his disappearance to an unusually open letter calling for President Xi Jinping’s resignation. 1,395 more words

Secrets Untold

Talk of the past-

Once kept unspoken-

The truths that-

Came to pass-

Do as once told-

No questions asked-

Hearts told otherwise-

Learning the voice- 179 more words


Entitlements or Privileges?

Every day we hear of some group demanding their ‘rights.’ Cries of unfair treatment and prejudice assault our eyes and ears every night on the media. 505 more words

Why is There No Justice in the World Today?

Seems to me that right should prevail, but it does not.
Seems that law as is should be enforced, but it is not.
All just “do their job” and turn the blind eye to truth.

The Establishment Game

Anthony Fox


The American Political System has been hijacked by the Corrupt. These people make backroom deals and create public policies to further their control. 342 more words


The American Fear

Anthony Fox


No matter what political party you identify you are being fed fear. Fear is the easiest emotion to exploit as well as the strongest emotion we hold. 246 more words