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Our Well-Regulated Militia – https://wp.me/p4KhvY-8vR

I esp. Like the comment about having guns for the militia but coming up short on the regulated. An obvious point and one I had never thought of.


Lest we Forget

ANZAC Day 2016. Blessed are we who walk in this free land, and we give thanks for the sacrifice of others.

I pray that the world will stop creating wars for young men to die in. 88 more words


I stand naked
Upon the mound
Wounds bare,
Emotions high.
Meet me there,
Stand with me
To resist silence.
Turn not away
That our faces shine… 15 more words


The Evolution of Democracy...

Democracy, well, it hadn’t, actually, EVOLVED the least bit, after it’d been, created my man, to say the honest truth…

But, the countries are now, slapping that label that says, “DEMOCRACY” onto their separate “properties”, thinking, that that, is what made into democratic governing bodies. 147 more words


Tell Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter: Disavow endorsement of the TPP

Sign the petition

Tell members of the Internet Association:

“Publicly disavow the Internet Association’s endorsement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Stand up for the rights of your users and a free internet.” 605 more words


Kasich: Comment of the Day

Kasich during an interview about Trump delusional ideas about abortion:

He’s managed to bring together pro and anti abortions folks with his statement.


Human rights groups slam China over missing Beijing-based journalist Jia Jia after open letter called for Xi Jinping’s resignation

Jia Jia’s disappearance may be linked to open letter published on Wujie News website calling for resignation of President Xi Jinping


Rights groups have condemned China after a Beijing-based journalist went missing, linking his disappearance to an unusually open letter calling for President Xi Jinping’s resignation. 1,395 more words