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Invocation #42: Light from the Menorah


We thank you, O Lord, for giving us this day to come together with our fellow-members in celebration of Hanukah.

Every mindful of what it means to be living in a land where one is free to practice religious beliefs as conscience dictates and in the manner of one’s own choosing, we are careful to extend to all others the same tolerance and respect. 339 more words


NSA's "zombie dragnet" still bulk collecting our phone data

While TV talking heads tell us to fear hackers accessing government records…

The leading civil liberties group in the United States has requested a federal court to stop the National Security Agency from collecting Americans’ phone data in bulk through the end of the year.

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the nature of skepticism

There are skeptics all around us. Many of them, however, are skeptical about the wrong things. We have government officials, captains of industry and supposedly well-thinking individuals promoting exploded theories and defending medieval ideas. 329 more words


Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July, American Independence Day!

I’m sure the folks over in England may have a different name for this day, but for us, it symbolizes the time when the colonists (or invaders, to the people who were here before them) decided that they no longer wished to be ruled by a king across the ocean, and so they staged a rebellion to set up a republic (which didn’t include the people who were here before them, or the slaves that the colonists imported from another continent entirely) with a whole bunch of really cool principals and ideals that have evolved over time into something that still bears a semblance to the republic they created. 1,699 more words