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Let’s Talk Conservatism

This country was founded on radical ideas and it is conservative to support them. I have always thought of myself as a conservative with radical actions to support these principles. 574 more words


So I wrote a new song inspired by current events.  My wife says it sounds like The Monkees–OK, I can live with that.  I was going for a Clash-meets-Archies type sound (check the tambourine an… 7 more words

Constitutional Freedom


I rarely just post a quote or a statement or what have you, but sometimes I have fleeting moments where I feel things I cannot seem to pen into a certain place, sometimes it is just a word, often times a sentence or a reflection of a belief or refracted emotions streaming through my mind from the world around me. 321 more words

Addictive Personality Traits

My life has been pretty much free of addictions, and I pride myself in that fact. Although I had a relationship where I drank vodka and cranberry juice cocktails regularly, when the relationship ended, so did the cocktails. 166 more words

Parental Dysphoria

There are some events we have to allow to happen. Although we may want to intervene in order to maintain control over situations that involve us in a distant manner, we have to learn to let go even when we know they are not beneficial to the individual involved. 284 more words