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Widening Road to Destruction

The Lonely Road Ahead for Principled Roberts reads the headline to the editorial by Noah Feldman. Go ahead and read it. You can come back to this article. 884 more words


My worth

How much could you sell me for?
Thirsty men pay more

People of 80 say they feel 10
Since 10 I’ve known things

Better break the horse fast… 185 more words

The Canada I want for my son

The Canada I want for my son is welcoming to those fleeing terror. It does what it can to bring as many refugees as possible to help them begin and build a new life. 837 more words

America: Time For A Change?

With the approach of the 2016 US election….one might assume that this post is about the possibility of a political change in government…..that is just silly if that is what one is thinking…….. 721 more words



 What to know, what not to know or everything we need to know, these questions hover inside everybody’s head. To quench the thirst of knowledge, where the masses would go or may look for, are no more a question to reflect upon. 666 more words



Balance: (n) an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

It is the responsibility of every creature who has human skin to stop every once in a while, look back on the things they have said and believed… 324 more words

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