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January introductory special!

Pop into Flowt KW this January and receive a special $10 intro rate for your first class. 55 more words


When there's no sleep

For the second time this week, I am deprived of sleep after binge watching a koreanovela. Honestly, I don’t like myself when I do that because I know I could have done something more useful. 118 more words


Rainbow life, okay!

Love, that’s what I’d like to ask . A year of only pinks and yellows and all those glamorous, shining, shimmering, splendid kind of days. There’s an invisible tag of spare-me-from -troubles-and-mind-bending-seasons-please underneath the carpet in my brain-attic. 77 more words


No more carbonara

I was about to cook something for tonight but I postponed it because of cold and cough attack. This sickness has been bothering me since last week. 225 more words


Writing Lessons- What NaNoWriMo taught me

Yes, I did it! I climbed my Everest of the year- started and finished NaNoWriMo 2016. 50,038 words over 30 days. Phew. With sporadic bursts of frantic writing countered by long days when my daughter was sick, I am still in a dizzying state of disbelief (and awe if I may say so myself). 739 more words

Soul Juice

Free range haiku

Letting words pop onto the page (free typing?)
Perhaps tomorrow

A dreamer’s longboat will sail

Into the sunset 🌅


Freeflow - What's on my mind right now?

Because of the recent election and my general ineptness at social media, I haven’t talked much online this week. The internet really isn’t the best place to speak my mind (much less here, to be perfectly honest), but perhaps archiving this sort of thing as a journal entry might help me feel better about things right now. 483 more words