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Dear Black People,

When will you realize that we are a threat to the society Europeans set out to build when they snatched us from our Mother Land. Our land was the richest, purest most beautiful land. 247 more words

It all started with a small circle

It all started with a small circle, just random doodling in the journal. Your hand gently lifts off the page, yet comes back to add just a few petals. 44 more words


day 1: understanding my why

Wow, it’s been a day that I cannot explain. When I write day 1 there I do not mean well, that I have stopped well….you know  what I mean. 573 more words


Ode to Paramour

Why is it that I am infatuated with sex, but I lack the emotional connection. I like the lust and desire in your eyes. I enjoy that your body wants and needs me. 180 more words

Freeflow - Big Pun

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We’re checking out a smooth track from  Freeflow called Big Pun. Let’s Go!!

Breakbeat Science

When a love combines.

Where does all the time go? When I am with you time becomes irrelevant concept. Lost beneath raw lips and aching hips. It disappears with all the words softly spoken or harshly bitten. 92 more words

First Love