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There’s something spiritual and sexual about wearing away to your final layer without coming to shreds. How delicate are the edges of our inner selves? 113 more words

Calling All Cars Vol. 3: Fiery Poop

Have you ever been around a person that smelled like Waffle Crisp? Man…I miss that cereal. I miss Oreo O’s as well. Something about those savory circles of chocolate and cream floating around my bowl just makes my soul leave my body. 207 more words


free flow 2

now tell me about your dreams

and where you’ll like to be

or are you settled where you’re currently now

in a government controlled town… 120 more words


dive into the underworld
and feed the fishes eating off our feet
recoil at atrocities
find some anomaly
that center of gravity
inhale, exhale
the world underneath a blanket of sun… 65 more words


A sweep of consciousness

Polish face lifts

immigrants on a striking shift.

Release the scent of the maximum sedative.

How many wrongs make a right in a world indulging in a  toupe wearing predictive. 425 more words


Introductory class special!

Pop into any class as a first-time student and receive a special $10 intro rate. 55 more words


When there's no sleep

For the second time this week, I am deprived of sleep after binge watching a koreanovela. Honestly, I don’t like myself when I do that because I know I could have done something more useful. 118 more words