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Merry Ma(y)king

1. Always pursue a daily quiet time with the Lord.

2. Set your priorities straight. Eliminate unnecessary distractions like too much yt consumption or daydreaming. 130 more words


Another episode

Today feels like the beginning of a new chapter. My head is bursting with endless hope for the future. We’re drafting new dreams on top of those I’ve kept hidden and buried but now we’re rediscovering. 82 more words


Snipping April

I can’t believe that April is almost over. The summer heat is obvious and usually unbearable but that’s okay.

It’ s a Friday morning and we’re moving slowly. 288 more words


On account of rainbow days

Recently, most days presented themselves with rainbow on their heads. Beautiful but I couldn’t help but to look longer on the rays of indigo and violet. 522 more words


Welcome to my blog!

I opened this blog a few months ago because I wanted a place for my unadulterated thoughts to be posted. I felt that seeing them on my journals wasn’t enough, and I somehow needed to bring them to the interweb. 511 more words



There’s something spiritual and sexual about wearing away to your final layer without coming to shreds. How delicate are the edges of our inner selves? 113 more words