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Glutton For Spoiled Milk

I take a sip then i feel it
You got what I want, but not what I need
Your comfort, you’re warmth, your protection,
but I’m unsure of your intentions. 150 more words

Unrequited Love

I watched her every night for the past few weeks, through her open shade

windows. She would always put on a sports bra and a pair of brightly colored soffe shorts… 1,065 more words

Isolation is essential

We all get bouts of depression time to time. The unfortunate of us, tend to have depression linger onto them longer than they hoped. It is like a leach, that sucks all hope and desire into a dark chasm of emptiness. 305 more words

Self Development

Freeflow - Making an Argument for Continuations and Sequels

We know what sequels are. For better or worse, they continue the original story or start fresh with similar themes. The former is a common grab for visual novel fans in the form of fandiscs and after stories. 589 more words


Freeflow - Misuzu's Autism and Resonation with My Past

Disclaimer: Major spoilers for AIR abound in this in-depth discussion of Misuzu’s character. If you have not read AIR, please stop reading this post and do so as soon as you can. 1,510 more words


Free Flow Thought

Endocrine System. Fox. THE WHALE! THE WHALE! Robin Williams. Kelly. Stephanie. Reality.

Growing up I thought drugs were made up.  They were just something the D.A.R.E. 339 more words


The day that I died

The day that I died

I died to the world

and I died to you.

I became dead to power,

dead to riches,

dead to your respect. 218 more words