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Freeflow: My Gaming Guilty Pleasure - Quest 64

Let’s get to the point: I don’t like playing bad games. It seems rather counterproductive, as the purpose of a game is to relax and have a good time either by yourself or with friends. 1,280 more words


Freeflow: Non Non Biyori and the Power of Nostalgia

Konnichiwa, my spirit brethren and sisters.

Today I begin a new section called Freeflow, where I speak my mind on…well, whatever’s on my mind. It’s like those unscripted vlog things you see on YouTube, only in a written format. 655 more words



Musty white collar shirts,

His breath reminds me of smoke,

sigh, goosebumps rape my skin.


A touch or two sink,

Deep, deep, he goes in to me, 17 more words


More Than Just

I am more than just my skin, flesh, and bones.

More than just a whisper to the wind, a crack at the seams, or a dream that floats away the moment sunlight peeks through the windows and wakes you up. 196 more words



Here’s a freeflowing thought. This ongoing entry is simply an invite to the inner workings of my mind. Is it interesting? Probably not. Will you learn anything from this? 461 more words

If I Die

3 Questions to change your daily vibe

Do you know that to decision and judgement are questions we come upĀ  when we have to act in some situation?

Think about it for a minute. 664 more words


Lance It

Sometimes I just wanna let loose
Pull my neck outside of this noose
Sometimes I just wanna start over
Move to a beat a little bit slower… 260 more words