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Bed rest. Move house. Go.

after such a magical high energy week building up to my birthday it was pretty anti-climatic when the doc said i have a damaged rotator cuff in my right shoulder and it could be long slow healing process. 232 more words


Love Buzz.

Finding myself.Filling my own cup.Dropped expectations.Love came running,pouring,flowing like a river.The sun peeks.Birds though awake for hours.They know.Music sweeter.Every song is lile words from my own soul.Take care of you.The rest follows.Like rainbows after rainstorms.Like spring after winter.Everything new.Everything alive.Coffee like amphetatmine.My veins explode daily.As does my heart.And the music.Just keeps playing.

Its all about the communication...

So, for a while we’ve been thinking about how best to share what’s going on at the nursery.  We’ve been thinking about how to make sure that the personal touches remain personal but that our communication is consistent, available to all and most of all purposeful.   150 more words

post-Indian being

Swarms of midgets invaded Bangalore. Damn the mosquitoes. It is cool and fresh, the alarm goes off. Surya Namaskara, Pranayama. Hot water dripping from the tap. 1,276 more words


Adidas Warp Knit Launch + Free Flow

Adidas opened the month with the launch of their new Warp Knit Collection last June 1, 2017 at Whitespace Manila. 395 more words


Of chocolates and sugar rush

My heart is still pounding after 3 kilometers of running and walking. I feel that I’ve eaten too much chocolate this week though I don’t feel much guilt about that since it triggered my happy hormones and helped me survive all throughout. 219 more words

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