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I break promises

I make




one of me


to forget

whilst the whole

of me






a battle… 16 more words

Poem a day challenge #279 (Freeflow)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Watching him dance
Watching him move
Sometimes tired
Sometimes in the groove
But always with the zeal
Of four years of age… 11 more words


I'm sorry.

I’m sorry i let you down. I’m sorry that i failed you in every possible way. I’m sorry i left. I’m sorry that i did the things i have done. 429 more words

A mid-summer night's dream

In the darkness

While everyone else is lost

I seek my path by the light

Of the glowing constellations

Stuck to the ceiling above my bed. 116 more words

Musings Of An Idle Mind

Elevator (#1)

I heaved a sigh as I pressed the elevator button, patiently waiting for it to ascend. We were in the fifth floor and we just got out from an exhausting two-hour lecture about enzymes. 93 more words


Fix me

Stop trying to fix me.

I don’t need fixing or changing or moving.

Let me remain neutral, if I continue and stay where I am, unchanging, unmoving, nothing needs to change, the future remains uncertain. 309 more words

I take over the messy business

I have two brothers and they got good academic results and won a lot of awards. The relateives always compare me with them. It makes me feel upset. 130 more words