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Begin again

This Wednesday would be my last day at work.

I am excited to discover what God has in store for me. I am convinced that even before we are born, God has finished writing our stories and we can be confident that they are all well-written. 319 more words


Fix me

Stop trying to fix me.

I don’t need fixing or changing or moving.

Let me remain neutral, if I continue and stay where I am, unchanging, unmoving, nothing needs to change, the future remains uncertain. 318 more words

I take over the messy business

I have two brothers and they got good academic results and won a lot of awards. The relateives always compare me with them. It makes me feel upset. 130 more words


Every good movie has these ‘moments.’ The dramatic, emotion-inducing scenes that captivate you. They awe, and sometimes shock.

In the age of social media, sharing these moments is the name of the game. 234 more words

Dear Black People,

When will you realize that we are a threat to the society Europeans set out to build when they snatched us from our Mother Land. Our land was the richest, purest most beautiful land. 247 more words

It all started with a small circle

It all started with a small circle, just random doodling in the journal. Your hand gently lifts off the page, yet comes back to add just a few petals. 44 more words


day 1: understanding my why

Wow, it’s been a day that I cannot explain. When I write day 1 there I do not mean well, that I have stopped well….you know ¬†what I mean. 573 more words