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A place in time

The night had grown dark. The sky was black and it missed the moon. The stars still made their dramatic appearance. She wrapped the blanket a bit tighter around her shoulders to keep the chill in the air at bay. 138 more words

Never stop flowing your way

Check this amazing video till the end and see that no one can stop your journey


...the joys of panic

Panic makes you breathe.

Panic is the wake up call to your soul to remember you’re still alive.

It tells you that you’re real, here, in the moment. 39 more words

Fine Art


Muffin. Top. Muffin. Soft. Muffin. Warm. Muffin. Blue. Muffin. Squeeze. Muffin. Stretch. Muffin. Marks. Muffin. Bulky. Muffin. Grab. Muffin. Fat. Muffin. Dry. Muffin. Moist. Muffin. Delight. 122 more words


You look for it in the corners of their eyes. You make contact, yet you re-direct to avoid overexposure. RE-assessing and attention converging. You look for an opening to strike a quick gaze (usually when they’re not looking). 314 more words

ant races

My head’s been nonstop static. Off to the ant races again. I know there’s something in there and I can’t seem to get it out. It’s shaking and rattling and rolling around, driving me mad. 245 more words


Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Salam sejahtera untuk kita semua
Yuk kita main Permainan Otak :) ;) Langsung aja cekidot
3.Kenapa Knalpot Racing/Free flow berisik???
Karena Knalpot racing/Free flow tidak ada sekat pada perut knalpot sehingga berisik dan knalpotnya pun pendek untuk mempercepat turbulance pada mesin.Jadi dapat disimpulkan bahwa “Knalpot Racing berisik?Knalpotnya Nggak Punya Sekat BUNG!!!” 7 more words

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