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Freeflow - Misuzu's Autism and Resonation with My Past

Disclaimer: Major spoilers for AIR abound in this in-depth discussion of Misuzu’s character. If you have not read AIR, please stop reading this post and do so as soon as you can. 1,510 more words


Free Flow Thought

Endocrine System. Fox. THE WHALE! THE WHALE! Robin Williams. Kelly. Stephanie. Reality.

Growing up I thought drugs were made up.  They were just something the D.A.R.E. 339 more words


The day that I died

The day that I died

I died to the world

and I died to you.

I became dead to power,

dead to riches,

dead to your respect. 218 more words


Freeflow - Sad Grime Instrumental #HipHopBeats #HipHopInstrumentals

Freeflow – Sad Grime Instrumental #HipHopBeats #HipHopInstrumentals Read More – https://wp.me/p60eNF-5n4

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time stood still between nina and i & we wrote absolute nonsense~

he stood

an aged evergreen

dripping sap from his ruffled heart

an earthy patina mottled his flesh

& time stood still

while blackbirds trilled

Words filter green… 216 more words


World Elephant Day

Today is world elephant day and we do like these extremely creatures.

It is wrong to live life as we own Earth because as time goes by more and more Earth tells us that WE are those that need her most. 44 more words