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2001: The Keitho Way

I’ve always felt that 2001 A Space Odyssey would have been a much better film had I written the screenplay. Take the dawn of man scene, for instance: (In my version the monolith talks.) 131 more words

I don't know how to describe my neighbors anymore...

They are generous? thoughtful?? No… but there is one exception further on in this post of just that. They are mostly stupid and wasteful – i’ll repeat the statistic I have seen in many places – 40% of the food america makes goes to waste. 3,045 more words

Respectable Dumpster Diver

Get excited about OLIO: The Food Sharing Revolution

I’ve been using OLIO for around three months now and in today’s modern world, I can honestly say I love this idea more than anything else right now. 867 more words

Food Waste

Weekly Progress Report

We got a lawnmower!

We also got another weedeater. Both pieces of equipment were given to us for free. We went to the big property and picked some berries, but we didn’t find a whole lot, just enough to put in some yogurt or something. 18 more words

Officially a Freegan

I completed my last order of the day on my bicycle over in Elephant and castle and I found two pairs of Ski sets thrown out outside the block I’d just been in.. 855 more words


Fair Foods Project

Day two was so inspiring, it makes us wonder how the rest of our trip could possibly match up.

After the efforts of day one… 814 more words


Urban Foraging

BY Joachim Brouwer

Urban foraging is the art of scavenging consumable and reusable items in our cities. Foraging originally meant, only gathering plants that were growing wild in public, but when prefixed with urban, the term has come to have a broader and very politicized definition.  564 more words