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This Man Spent ONLY $8 On Food In 2017 — Here's How He Did It

(Source: www.asianmoneyguide.com)

For most of us, spending $8 on food in one week would be a huge challenge. Spending just $8 in a month? Close to impossible. 414 more words

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Just call me Jadis

There’s a character in “The Walking Dead” called Jadis.

She is the leader of a group of people that live in a huge junkyard. They’re a group of scavengers, and they’ve built quite a maze through the junkyard they call home. 309 more words

who am i? vegan? vegetarian? what?

❄️i’m drinking tea, that tastes like christmas and outside looks like real winter, i feel a little drunk, because of my cold. sorry, for posting less, i broke my laptop. 446 more words


Is Donald Trump a Sharkophobe?

Political potpourri, Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Saturday Night Live, C.S. Lewis, and a cast of hobos, freegans, nouveau riche, and would-be murderers

There’s an old saying that those with excessive fear of sharks may have leanings in that direction themselves. 1,084 more words


Monthly preview update

I’ve managed to both feel disgustingly productive AND get some rest this week. I’ve tackled multiple projects from the comfort of my corner of the couch. 564 more words

Eat For Free!​

I have a quirky and fascinating daughter. Her hobby is research. Sometimes she’ll root through the weird videos on YouTube: dog spaying, lancing a cyst (I winced that that one too) or beard grooming. 957 more words


The freedom of freeganism

It’s often a good idea to experiment with your habits, be it eating habits, exercising habits, internet habits, you name it… Eliminating plant based product completely in my life helped me much better enjoy the exceptions I made when traveling. 279 more words

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