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Bob the Freegan Lumbersexual

The local humane society invited me to decorate a statue to be auctioned at their annual fundraiser.

I chose to go with Bob the Freegan Lumbersexual. 50 more words


Head to Pret to reduce Food waste!

Last week, I passed by the Pret over on Canvey street to see if they had any leftovers that were going to be thrown out. I’m on a mission to save money, and help out my fellow cyclists where ever I can. 547 more words


Ain't nobody got time for that

Bom dia, bitches!!!

American apocalypse is still on schedule to arrive at the end of the year as we discussed briefly in my last haf (helpful as fuck) posts and I wanted to let you know what you won’t have time for in this post titled, Ain’t nobody got time for that!!! 855 more words

Eat for free in NYC

This amusing video provides simple instruction on how to eat for free in New York City, assuming that you’re up for a little dumpster diving. Although it’s been years, I have to admit that I was a practitioner of the freegan lifestyle way before it even had a name. 14 more words


Re-cycled Cooking Recipe # 1 Stale Bread Cake

Within hours of arriving in France after three months in Morocco, I found a score of intensely packaged salads, sandwiches and bread in the dumpster of a service station on the freeway as I hitchhiked to my (best friends) family home in Burgundy. 387 more words

Dumpster Diving

Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes, Trash to Trash

Imagine spending zero dollars on food, for years. No job, no money, no problem. I know someone who does this. He doesn’t buy food, doesn’t buy anything really, and instead of taking handouts or growing all his own food (though he does occasionally), he lives off the waste of others. 735 more words

Urban Treasure Hunting

It’s midnight. We’re dangling on the threshold between Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow morning, the bins will be empty-but tonight, they are chock-full of goodies. I gear up, dressing for both the weather and the grime. 322 more words