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The ugly window

Sunshine added a window to the house plans. It might take us some time to get a geothermal system set up, and he needed to make sure we had a window to hold an air conditioner because nobody wants to sweat inside their home in this brutal Texas heat. 200 more words


One of the perks of my job is the backdoor fruit. One of the perks of living in the buttfuck middle of nowhere is that everybody plants too much shit and we start giving bags and bags of peppers away to random strangers we meet at fourth of July BBQs. 367 more words

Everything's bigger in Texas

Like the neighbor’s zucchini.

Enough said.

final note: It was very hard, so I just used it as a vessel, kind of like a gravy boat. 18 more words

Vegan restaurant.

I went to this vegan restaurant. I knew that I would have to compromise and try something healthy for me and ethical for the animal kingdom, made mainly with grains and vegetables. 454 more words


Extended Sharehouse Opening Hours!

Have you visited our Sharehouse* in Winson Green yet?

(*a Sharehouse is a Pay-As-You-Feel supermarket – for more information click here)

If no, is it because our opening days/hours didn’t work for you? 78 more words

Canning supplies

The neighbors brought me a bunch of freegan glass jars to use for canning.

There are some normal sized ones in there, ad a bag of small ones (half pint, I think). 127 more words

Battle Scars

I’ve been back in the blackberry patch a lot here lately. There are so many blackberries to pick, because there are so many things I want to try. 48 more words