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Battle Scars

I’ve been back in the blackberry patch a lot here lately. There are so many blackberries to pick, because there are so many things I want to try. 48 more words

The Real Junk Food Project vegan takeover at Two Towers brewery

With so many entries in to the Knobhead Olympics already this year (we’re catching up on the douche-baggery of 2016 already and it’s not even June yet), it might make you wonder what the actual point of anything is. 879 more words


More Freegan Zucchini

The neighbors are bringing us a lot of zucchini.

Not only is the quantity of zucchini squashes large, the size of those zucchini squashes is large. 44 more words

Wild blackberries

We have wild blackberries growing all throughout the back portion of the property. They’re growing so thick that it’s like the briar patch in that old Brer Rabbit story. 161 more words

Simple living is a lot of work

There’s a lot of work that goes into living simply (or intentionally, or mindfully, or whatever you want to call it). It seems like there’s always something needing the attention of a human being. 317 more words

Leaps and bounds

I’ve mentioned that the compost heap is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s growing faster than even I expected it to, thanks to all of the spoiled food the boss tells me to get rid of and the trimmings from preserving the vegetables we grew. 79 more words