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Urban Treasure Hunting

It’s midnight. We’re dangling on the threshold between Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow morning, the bins will be empty-but tonight, they are chock-full of goodies. I gear up, dressing for both the weather and the grime. 322 more words

Nia's Return - Carretha Jackson

I always have two books going. One audio and one physical. Nia’s Return was my first #readdiverse2016 audiobook.

This book really framed the task of reading diversely for me, in that it was a reminder that not only will I be encountering great descriptions of different skins tones, more often finding the text peppered with foreign phrases or new-to-me cultural references, but I will come across differences in narrative style that may be culturally driven as well. 193 more words

Going moneyless

We live in a peculiar age where a gallon of water is more expensive than the gallon of gasoline. a barrel of oil is cheaper than a bucket of fried chicken. 235 more words


Freegan Chicken Stock

One of DonQui’s colts, now off in his own paddock, once toyed with freeganism and he has not entirely discarded some aspects of the anti-consumerist philosophy. 503 more words


The myth of free travel.

Let me preface this post with a bit of background information. For five or six years my life on the road I was that of a very thrifty traveler. 2,099 more words

The Best Things In Life Are Freegan… #wastenot

Freegans and Skip divers enjoy the free things in life, but it’s not just about getting a free meal.

As someone who works in the food industry, food waste and our attitudes to food is something that I should be confronting on a daily basis, but in the past I haven’t been particularly conscious of it. 501 more words


Days 8-12: Struggles

I am not going to lie. This past week has been a struggle for dumpster diving. I havnt been out there looking much as I have been preoccupied with other things (Such as home inspections, paperwork, insane 10 hour shifts, ect). 244 more words