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Composting class

Mr B has a friend that is pretty knowledgeable about composting. This guy has invented a large-scale tumbling composter, and he’s found a freegan spool to make an even larger version of it for me. 228 more words

Monumental peach jam?

My boss dropped over a bushel of peaches on me yesterday. The texture was off on them, so he asked me if I’d want to try to make anything out of them. 278 more words

Progress on our little house

Some years ago, Sunshine was presented with the opportunity to go into a defunct tile distribution warehouse and get what he wanted. He took me with him to help choose, and to help carry boxes of tile. 192 more words

Notes from the road: day 4

I’ve spent a couple of days in Georgia, hanging out with family. I’m out of clean clothes that mom approves of, so it’s time to head home. 120 more words

Osteria Panevino and Greystone

Osteria Panevino is a Tuscan restaurant in the Gaslamp of downtown San Diego (on 5th Ave. between F & G Streets.)  They participate in Restaurant Week and give out gift certificates on the radio.  294 more words


This is what the windows of my house will look like.

They’re going at the top of the eastern wall of the house. They’re wrapped in cedar, just like the frames around our doors. 75 more words

Pieces Parts

We’re using a lot of freegan (and otherwise sustainable) pieces parts in our little house. The giant foam blocks (that will provide amazing insulation) we are using came from a marina that was being refurbished nearby. 333 more words