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I Just Can't Do It

You may recall my recent blog about freeganism, and how I would be OK with eating meat as long as I had gotten it for free, because to waste it is worse. 166 more words


starting the day

This morning my alarm woke me at 02:40, about 20 minutes earlier than usual. I wanted to allow a little extra time for my run to work because I knew it would be raining and I thought I might want to take shelter for a few minutes if I encountered a heavy shower. 492 more words


The Great Wall of Chicken Crimpy.


Monday Night I was bored and restless. I wanted to go outside and run down the backstreets of Melbourne, howling and cart-wheeling.

I think I am becoming addicted to dumpster diving. 580 more words



This webisode is about me (not made by me). It was created by Chloé Rochereuil for Crossworlds.


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Daylight diving! Gosh, if only I had the guts. :) This video is from another journalist student at Latrobe University. Nat goes out Dumpster Diving during the daylight hours. He doesn't care what passing civilians think about his shenanigans. He often gets told to bugger off by the supermarket workers. Lol. Big thumbs up from me Nat! Please click on the link to watch his vid. :) Please Note: If you are thinking of Dumpster Dining for the first time, please click on the link below, so that you become aware of how to handle the food safely. Preparing Dumpster Food. Mold and Mycotoxins. Cheers Loxley Smithett earthknight.org

The Land of Plenty.

The night was perfect. Stormy, near freezing and windy.

A perfect night to go dumpster diving. :)

Why? A storm means supermarket workers won’t feel like adventuring outside to lock their bins. 340 more words


Beggar's Banquet.

Last Friday night I thought I might put some extra effort into my dumpster diving.

I decided to feed everyone in the house I share. There are 6 of us, so once my two trusty reusable shopping bags filled up, I would empty the load at home and then go out a second time. 726 more words


Ravens: the flying recyclers.

During my last dumpster dive I was able to recover 2 kg of chicken thighs in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

The chicken had gone bad. 647 more words