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Monthly preview update

I’ve managed to both feel disgustingly productive AND get some rest this week. I’ve tackled multiple projects from the comfort of my corner of the couch. 564 more words

Eat For Free!​

I have a quirky and fascinating daughter. Her hobby is research. Sometimes she’ll root through the weird videos on YouTube: dog spaying, lancing a cyst (I winced that that one too) or beard grooming. 957 more words


The freedom of freeganism

It’s often a good idea to experiment with your habits, be it eating habits, exercising habits, internet habits, you name it… Eliminating plant based product completely in my life helped me much better enjoy the exceptions I made when traveling. 279 more words

Life :)

Odd Jobs Profile: Janet Kalish

Janet Kalish is a well-known New York City freegan, somebody who salvages and re-distributes trash. In this profile, she takes my friend Valentina Maldonado and I on an exclusive trash tour.



my name is anna renate. i live in riga, latvia. and i love my bed.

this is my first blog and i want to share this and that from my life which happens to be leaning towards eco friendly 🌏 43 more words

Zero Waste

House from found objects

We are expanding the footprint of our shop at work. The boss has been doing some major cleanup. Like, REALLY cleaning up, instead of just pushing all the junk to the back of the property and forgetting about it. 149 more words

Leave it to Mr B...

When Mr B came over for his morning cup of hazelnut coffee, he remembered he had something in his truck for me. I went out to retrieve it, knowing only that he said “it will be obvious what’s for you”. 99 more words