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Dumpster Diving or: How I Learned to Stop Buying and Love the Trash

A floor lamp. A Magic Bullet blender. Handfuls of hangers. Two storage ottomans. Unopened bulk packages of trail mix and granola bars, ziplock bags, and dish detergent. 203 more words


The roses in the trash heap.

Sometimes I like to read Thich Nhat Hahn, and at various times I’ve heard him talk about the lotus flower and how it grows out of mud. 301 more words


AUDIO: What's it like to be a dumpster diver in London?

Dumpster diving in London

In a chilly afternoon, I met Ellie, the founder of South London Freegan group, for an interview at a cafe in Brixton. 193 more words



The word freegan has been popping up in news stories more and more often of late.  What is a freegan?  A freegan is an activist who scavenges for free food to reduce consumption of resources.  534 more words

Idioms From The 20th Century

couscous i love you (Yotam Ottolenghi's Winter Vegetable Couscous recipe)

Have you ever made a meal that you thought was meant to be?

I know it sounds silly, but the other night I couldn’t figure out what to do with some butternut squash and chickpeas. 292 more words


I will never be a real FREEGAN but that is okay, since I am working on the almost free vegetarian type and am not eager to give up on meat or animal products, shopping tours. 814 more words