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Vegan Freegan Homemade Apple Jam

Eager to use more freegan apples I researched new methods to utilise the plentiful fruit before they became rotten. I was excited when I saw the prospect of making… 203 more words

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Vegan Freegan Apple Fruit Cake

After accumulating a number of freegan apples from a recent WasteBuster event I decided to use some in an adapted recipe for vegan apple fruit cake  152 more words

Vegan Recipes

The Perfect "Pearing"

I was standing in the front yard with bare feet, a towel on my head and wearing my pajamas in the middle of the afternoon because I just got out of the shower after finishing a very dirty job. 166 more words


A Simple Start-up Guide to a Meat-Free Lifestyle

by Daniela Garcia
Web Content Contributor

*KTSW consists of and respects varying opinions within its staff. Opinion articles do not reflect the opinion of KTSW as a whole. 1,811 more words

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Acidic taste in the forest

One of the best things about Norway is the abundance of edible plants and berries just a short drive from Oslo city centre. Recently we made our first encounter with woodsorrel. 73 more words


I Just Can't Do It

You may recall my recent blog about freeganism, and how I would be OK with eating meat as long as I had gotten it for free, because to waste it is worse. 166 more words


starting the day

This morning my alarm woke me at 02:40, about 20 minutes earlier than usual. I wanted to allow a little extra time for my run to work because I knew it would be raining and I thought I might want to take shelter for a few minutes if I encountered a heavy shower. 492 more words