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On the bus from Taksim towards Ataturk airport I watched a seaplane take off from the golden horn as sun backlit the pillars of the Valens Aqueduct. 237 more words

Winter Freekeh Salad | Holiday Recipes

This is my third of four holiday recipes — topped off with next week’s, which is a full roast! Even if you’re not gearing up to celebrate any holidays this winter, all these recipes are great for dinner parties or used separately for lunches and dinners. 325 more words


Roasted Butternut Squash with Herby Freekeh

I’m trying to get more in touch with the seasons. Not that I was out of touch with them before. I mean, I love how a year has four distinctly different seasons in my part of the world. 458 more words


Freekeh Apple Bowl

I’ve only recently started cooking with Freekeh which is a grain very similar to bulgur wheat. It has a nutty taste and also a high protein content which makes it perfect for breakfast.  177 more words


week 12

FRIDAY: steak with mixed peppercorns & balsamic reduction
SATURDAY: potatoes with chorizo and onions & kale salad
SUNDAY: pastitsio
MONDAY: lentil curry bowls with cashew sauce… 620 more words


Palamut(Bonito) Freekeh Sarma with Tahini Soy Sauce

Let’s have a break from the Sicilian story and talk about what I’ve been cooking. I’ve been cooking more Asian foods lately and experimenting a combination of Korean and Turkish flavours.  847 more words


Freekeh with Lamb and Rhubarb

A succulent dish of slow-cooked lamb with freekeh, a grain made from young wheat, and rhubarb, which is eaten as a vegetable in savory dishes in the Lebanon, Israel, West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Egypt. 581 more words