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Freekeh Pilaf and Coconut Macaroons

There is a research study done by the scientists at Harvard School of Public Health that shows that people who consumed at least 10.22 grams of cereal fiber had a 19% lower risk of death.  385 more words


Let's Get Freekeh!

On my Costco trip today, I saw something I hadn’t before — freekeh, which the autocorrect kept insisting is “fresh.”  Since I have two vegetarians at home, I am always looking to try new nuts or grains.  315 more words


Freekeh Tabbouleh Salad, Meatless Monday!

Discalimer – I am not being paid for this post. I had received some packets from Freekeh to try their products and the views are personal.

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Roasted Citrus, Olive, Freekeh and Romaine Salad

It is an unassailable fact that citrus fruits are perfect: as tart-sweet shreds suspended in amber and spread on toast; gently stewed with vegetables in… 732 more words

Healthy Recipe

Pam Mady: Chia, tempeh, quinoa ... it's a whole new vocabulary

One of the most difficult things about embarking on a healthier lifestyle is knowing what to buy. Chia, hemp, tempeh, quinoa … it borders on a foreign language. 789 more words


Events conspiring

One of the (very few) downsides to my current living arrangement is that I miss my husband. He’s four and a half hours and three states away, which means that visits can sometimes be widely spaced. 1,088 more words


Flavoursome Fig and Freekeh Salad

Is it just me or are nearly all the savoury items on this blog, salads? Whoops!

Side note: this salad is FREEKEHshly good (pun intended)!! 533 more words