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ENGL204 BLOG#9: What do you think Faulkner might have meant by “Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”? 222 more words
American Literature

Surviving as a Freelance Artist

Being a Freelance Artist can be a challenging profession especially when you are first starting out. The art industry is a competitive field of work whether you are focusing on the graphic design, animation, or even the game design crowd. 1,476 more words


freelance struggles

Yes, guys. Being a freelancer has quite a bit of struggles. I don’t really like being a freelancer, and I love being a freelancer…says, probably, EVERY. 655 more words


#Art of Fantasy 130: Alex Brock

My artist this week is yet another with a unique style, both in terms of composition and tone. Alex Brock hails from Tucson in the US and works as a freelance artist. 142 more words


 Making a Studio Easel from Recycled Mahogany. 

So- To get back into easel painting, I decided to revamp my work space by creating a custom easel from an old mahogany ramp. I’ve decided to add to the limited reference available on the webs so that others might have an easeler time researching a build of their own. 89 more words

Lucas Nickerson Art

Freelance artist for hire...

  1. I would never have thought, that it would be so hard to land that job in the graphic design industry after getting my degree. Boy was I wrong.
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For Hire

The Importance of "Nah Bro."

Obvious statement the first: I am a millennial.

Obvious statement the second: I am poor as fuck.

Obvious statement the third: Saying no to things is the hardest thing there is. 1,021 more words