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Do You Have The Right Personality To Work From Home?

When considering whether or not to work from home, you may think that the biggest consideration is if you are an introvert who likes to work alone. 665 more words


The Freelancer's 3-Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Workplace

Be creative when selecting office spaces.

1) Know your own nature. I live on an organic farm in a two story “cabin” with warm wood walls, a flower garden, ten miles of hiking trails and a semi-private skinny dipping pond. 538 more words


How to makes a great online profile?

What makes a great online profile?

Most professionals realize the need to establish and maintain a communicative and robust online profile. Whether interested or not interested in using our online platforms, it is necessary to develop an encouraging cyber presence. 305 more words

Freelance Jobs

How Telecommuting Is Changing the Way We Work

The future is quickly headed toward telecommuting. Since 2005, telework has grown almost 80%, and it has continued to show growth even as the overall workforce declined from 2011-2012. 1,050 more words


Small Business Advice: How to Make Work-from-Home Work

Not everyone is cut out to work from home. Sure, it might be the dream for most Americans, but in the same way some individuals aren’t suited to be on their feet all day, while others go mad when stuck in a cubicle, working from home might not be a good fit for you or for your business. 699 more words


Telecommuting from Paradise

Waves gently lap Caribbean sands — as you write a memo.

Cicadas sing from your rolling farmland — as you take a conference call.

Squirrels scrounge up a feast in your garden — as you send a text. 940 more words


How to Efficiently Work From Home: Etiquette Do's and Don'ts

Technology has made it increasingly efficient to telecommute in a variety of industries. The challenge becomes motivating yourself to jump out of your workout gear and get ready for the day when the only person you are most likely to see is the one in the mirror! 683 more words