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Perflance.com: The Perfect Online Marketplace to Hire Perfect Freelance Web Developers

Both freelancing and working with freelancers are no longer frowned upon. In fact, this kind of work arrangement has become more popular than ever. Both businesses and professionals enjoy the flexibility that comes with need-basis work. 297 more words


6 Benefits of Hiring IT Freelancers in India through Perflance

India has been a go-to place for many businesses for decades for freelancers, offshore partners and technology collaborators. More brutal the economic climate turns, more businesses turn to India for their IT staffing needs. 629 more words


4 Best Practices for Hiring Freelance Designer on Perflance

Freelance market is growing leaps and bounds. Both businesses and professionals are benefitting from it like never before. Companies relate freelance staff to lower overheads while professionals connect freelancing with an extra income and flexibility of working from their own location. 620 more words


5 Mistakes That Are Costing You High Paying Freelance Assignments and Credibility

There are pros and cons of freelancing.

Pros: You’re your own boss. You don’t need to stick to a monotonous job to pay the bills. And you get paid to do what you love. 658 more words


Turning Back Clock To Uncertainty Of A 'Gig Economy'

The rise of the “gig economy” — the world of part-time, free-lance, contingent workers such as Uber car drivers or contract software engineers — threatens to supplant an earlier model, in which long-term, stable employment with a single company was the norm. 764 more words


Working From Home: How to Make a Fortune Without Leaving your House

Technology has levelled the playing field so much that you can practically work from anywhere these days.

And as the battle for a better work/life balance becomes a clear goal for most in this digital age, increasing numbers of business owners choose to run their empires from home. 604 more words


Easily Make And Save Money On Fiverr: The Ultimate Guide

What is Fiverr?

Perhaps one of the best “hacks” available on the internet right now, Fiverr is the ULTIMATE market for goods and services. We have previously blogged that Fiverr is  735 more words

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