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I am. Are you?

When I was a little girl, adults used to ask, “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” nearly every chance they got. 646 more words


A shrine to merriment  

Freelance and non-committal is the way of life if you’re under 30 in Berlin. It gives you a free ticket to guilt-free lie-ins, an excuse to partake in wild Sunday night clubbing exploits which spin on in a narcotic haze into early Monday. 758 more words

Best Restaurants in Durban: Bellevue Café

Freelancer having fun: Restaurant Review

When an old varsity friend breezed into town for a visit, it was up to me to find a lunch spot that was up to the job of satisfying his sophisticated Capetonian palate…whilst still being conveniently located to my workplace to maximise our catch-up time together. 717 more words


It's Official - We're Moving!

In as little as two weeks (or even sooner, we will have to see) we will be providing you with our official URL. We’ve purchased a domain separately for both R&J Creative Services and my blog the Freelance Lifestyle. 214 more words

A New Start

Moving Forward a Little at a Time

Hey there! I know it’s been ages since my last blog post and this one is going to be short and sweet. I just wanted to provide everyone with an update really quick while I had it on my mind! 396 more words

A New Start

Getting Organized – Get More Done

So today I wanted to share with you guys how I’ve been working on organizing our freelance business in order to increase efficiency and get more done! 1,047 more words

A New Start

Wear Hitop Sneakers

freelancers, Get Out of the Fuzzy Slippers…

It may be the payoff line from shoemaker Converse’s 2013 advertising campaign, but it’s something those cool, creative types have known for decades – … 182 more words