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Pass on the 1099 Assignments!

If you’re wondering what difference it makes, W2 or 1099, the answer is lots! Sure, you’ll get a much larger check during that assignment with a 1099, because the employer will not withhold any taxes such as social security or unemployment insurance, but that can come back to bite you in the ass big time! 119 more words

Clawing your Way to the Top

Ladies and their Polish

Our friends over at Cosmo raised some very good points recently on nail polish colors for that dream job interview. The reader asked: “Can I wear any color polish into my interview?” The Official Temp answer? 323 more words

Torn Between Two Lovers

Which Agency is Right for you?

Recently, Greg Booth, CEO and cofounder of Net-Temps, an online recruiting source, was professing that absolutely everyone should be a temp at least once in their life before deciding on a final career path, “find an industry that you’re interested in and take a job at whatever level you can for a three-month assignment” he advised. 316 more words