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Writing With "E's" Part 1 - Evaluation.

The page or screen has something on it. The blank space is filled with something. It may be completed, or a work in progress.

Editing by definition is evaluation. 176 more words

Notes From The Frogpond

3 questions to ask before reviving your blog

If you follow our blogging series then you’d know how we advocate for writers to have their own blog. Blogging is fun and when done the right way, it can yield amazing results. 222 more words

The Sparkle Writers Hub

You have time to write and this is proof

“Gosh! If only there were 26 hours in a day, I’d at least have time to write!”

If you have been saying this, it is safe to guess that you have not written anything substantial in a long while because you ‘ 354 more words

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The Masters of Dark Desires- Master V

I have just finished my first BDSM Romance book. Its something I am very passionate about. Its very exciting and action packed, Not just BDSM but kidnapping, torture, heart stopping drama. 182 more words


Why Reviews are Critical

You know how important SEO is for your website but do you know how valuable reviews are? My friend Kris, owner of www.cabinetdoorsforless.com  recently got a one star review on google.  206 more words

Here's why you should guest blog

Last week, we mentioned that managing a blog can be difficult. We know someone is wondering why we are tying to add to your work load by asking you to guest blog.  273 more words

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Here are three reasons you should write what you think!

At The Sparkle Writers Hub we have been coaching writers for a while and one of the most recurrent problems many writers face is the fear of writing what they truly feel, getting rejected because of what they wrote or being seen in a particular light. 227 more words

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