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Why My Freelance Writing Rates Are "High"

Setting prices is not easy. Unlike in the retail world, there are no MSRPs when it comes to blog posts or news articles. It’s up to you as a freelance writer to choose your rates, whether it’s per post, per word or per hour, and stick to them. 645 more words



You know that feeling you get when your editor sends your manuscript back to you and the tasks ahead seem impossible? Or how about when you’ve outlined this story to death, but the blank page in front of you is mocking you, demeaning you, insisting you can’t do this. 502 more words

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Bangkok, the city of light.  The city of love, angels, Buddha and every hedonistic delight you can imagine or afford.  However, it is also the city of bitterness, darkness, and loneliness.  530 more words


#WordOfTheDay - Protean means...?

On today’s #WordOfTheDay series, we are looking at the word Protean.

Protean means tending or able to change frequently or easily.

If you refer to somebody as protean you are saying the person is receptive to change in whatever context the sentence directs. 70 more words

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Take Your Foot Off the Gas to Speed Up What You Write

Freelance writers looking for work – you’ll improve your chances of being hired and making the client happy if you write sentences short and sweet. 755 more words

How To Write A Better Press Release

6 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Rut

Winter in New England is trying, to say the least. You would think after 25 years I would be used to the gray, dreary, cold days, but they still sap the life out of me. 632 more words


A Tax Primer for Writers

by Michelle Joy Lander

“Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today.” -Herman Wouk

Writers and artists are notoriously right brained. While this allows for creativity, flights of imagination and pure magic, it can be a hindrance when it comes to more practical matters. 843 more words

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