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The Fountainhead

By: The Washington

  In order for you to understand this piece, you have to first understand the person who wrote it… you have to understand me… I’m a Freelance Writer who views each piece of writing as a work of art, with its own unique structure. 939 more words

Freelancing Work: These 14 Agriculture Magazines are Hiring Today

Are you a freelance writer with a passion for agriculture? I know that most people love agricultural products. 740 more words

Write it--Befriending Editors

I admit it, the first editor I worked with was a jerk and this turned me off to editors for many years. I developed the belief that editors were control freaks or word nerds who only cared about the bottom line and not a writer’s creative spirit or feelings. 623 more words


7 Websites that Pay Writers $100 or More Per Article.

If you are interested in freelance writing here are some sites that will pay you for your writing. Read carefully! :D <3

Source: 7 Websites that Pay Writers $100 or More Per Article.

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Fashion & Style Police is Hiring!

I have put this on social media but I am not happy with the responses I have received so far, so I decided to put it on here. 277 more words