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Alone No More: Creative Freelancers Empowered by New Legal Protections

(Credit to Alicia Chenaux for the beautiful image.)

Creative freelancers like writers, graphic designers, and photographers represent one of the most productive yet marginalized, undervalued, and exploited workforces in America, if not the professional world.  390 more words


How to Write Another Blog Post

All the words go here. All the words go here. All the words go here. All the words go here. All the words go here. All the words go here.  285 more words

An inbetween update #1

I know I have a weekly Friday slot that I post in usually, but as promised there will be some bonus, inbetween posts of updates/poetry! 102 more words


You Know You’re a Good Freelancer, So Why Take a Writing Test?

A festering sore plaguing freelance writers is that of the demand for proof of competency as a condition of employment.

I always have trouble producing such proof because I can’t hide the fact that I’m a lame-o freelance writer. 798 more words

Freelance Writing

Blog newsletter launching soon; sign up now!

A bit of spring housekeeping here: I’m excited to announce that I’ll be launching a monthly newsletter soon for the blog’s readers. It’ll include exclusive posts, reports, and photos from my travels from parish to State House to trails (and back again), along with links to my work published elsewhere. 56 more words


Good Freelance Writers Prefer Use of 'Active Voice' Sentences

Good freelance writing requires that you choose a voice for your message or narrative.

Voice refers to the relationship between two particular components of each sentence – the verb and the subject. 609 more words

Freelance Writing

How to Start Freelance Writing, Part 1: My Story


Many people dream of a freelance life.

It’s a seductive dream. Imagine you’re sitting on a lounge chair on the beach, typing away on your computer while a tropical breeze wafts by. 1,411 more words

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