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Why Every Writer Needs Graphic Designers

Why Every Writer Needs Graphic Designers

by Jake Poinier

Having started in the publishing business as a magazine editor, I’ve always valued the skills of talented… 366 more words

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Should I Use a Pseudonym?

A pseudonym, also known as a pen name, is a fictitious or fake name. Pseudonyms have a rich heritage dating back to 1833. Mark Twain… 1,085 more words

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Don’t Hate the Hare, but Embrace the Tortoise

Speed. The world today is a fast place, and all we are interested in is moving even faster. Whether we are looking at internet connection speeds or something much more mundane, such as a bus timetable, or the train services taking us to and from work. 829 more words

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Making money as a freelance writer has come a long way from the days where word-of-mouth was everything.  Writers had to compete and sell themselves short, working in unpaid internships for local magazine and newspaper companies as a personal assistant.   993 more words

Why Should You Be Using Freelance Writers to Boost your Business?

When you hire a freelance writer, you are hiring a fresh perspective. A pair of eyes that is viewing the project not only from a more objective point of view, but from one that is free from all of the internal discussions that have, or would take place once you started out. 191 more words

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Upgrade Your Genius

“Successful people simply practice successful habits.” – Brian Tracy

Successful business leaders are more than great visionaries. Their success is in their everyday habits — the small choices that build an empire over time. 382 more words

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Brainless Blogger: Invisible Awareness Magazine

Brainless Blogger: Invisible Awareness Magazine.

I have started a health magazine called Invisible Awareness that will be for invisible disabilities. Coping with chronic illness and chronic pain. 91 more words