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Writing and Fatigue

Everyone who writes eventually hits a wall.  It’s not necessarily a lack of ideas but rather a lack of energy.  We all hit fatigue, and for anyone new to writing, whether it is fiction or SEO content, it is important to take breaks in order to keep motivated.   127 more words

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If You Need a Job, Consider Domainite.com

So the company I currently freelance for (Dominate.com) is looking to hire more writers.  I thought I’d pass along the email that I received.

“Our task volume is growing at an increasing rate, almost faster than we anticipated so we are still looking to bring on a few more writers to our team. 94 more words

Why I Love My Freelance Academic Writing Job

Last night, I came across a YouTube video where a musician was asked why he chose the drums as the instrument to specialise on and study further at… 728 more words

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Ghostwriting: Good or Bad?

Today, Angela Hoy of WritersWeekly and BookLocker.com posted this article: I Want to Hire You to Write My Book (But Only for a Paltry Share of Future Royalties). 371 more words

Location Independence

Links Page Updated AGAIN

Just another update! I have reintegrated myself into the world of earning pocket money with writing through the magic of the Internet, and as such have added two great resource sites to my Links Page that you can use at your discretion. 7 more words

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5 Golden Rules to Write the Articles that Journalists Really Wants

Although, writing a content is easy, but to get the expert status before your name is not so easy? One of the easiest ways to achieve this, is to appear in print and for that you need to follow the five golden rules that guarantee to showcase you as a professional. 325 more words

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