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Not my Trash but this is My Home

Last weekend I made it out to one of Asheville Greenworks community cleanup events. If you’re not familiar with this small environmental nonprofit, you certainly should be. 576 more words

Freelance Writing

Prioritizing 101: Because Freelancing is F***ing Hard

I’m sitting here neck-deep in work, which is amazing. There’s no universe in which I would be upset about having a ton of work. Work is what makes me able to do things like pay bills and actually, for once in my life, take a vacation this spring. 984 more words


So You Want to Write for Cash Money? Here are Some Places to Get Your Wordsmith Career Off the Ground and Generate Views and Income, Part I

At the time I am writing this, I am still on my journey of building a life as a writer. While I am still not at the level I want to be, because I have found some success, 751 more words


How-to Write Damn Good Scripts and Sketches That Slay Your Audience

Earlier today one of my former coworkers came to me, asking for assistance in the process of writing scripts for short films and comedic skits. Though I have practiced writing in these formats in the past, I took this as a valuable opportunity to really dig deep and develop my knowledge of the topic. 1,296 more words


...Remind yourself that you can be real enough, you don’t have to hold back, no one is scoring you!

This is an aftermath of my last post on getting a freelance diary. You can read my post on why you need a freelance diary by… 721 more words

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#WordOfTheDay - Learn what lief means

Hello and welcome to our vocabulary column where we learn new words and use them in sentences. This column helps us become better writers because words are every writer’s tool and the more words you know the better your writing gets. 86 more words

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Spring Fever: It's Time to Grow

Well, the cold that was threatening a month ago ran over me hard. I went from the flu to bronchitis (or something that involved body-wracking coughs that lasted for several weeks at the least). 344 more words

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