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First Big Negative Feedback, Free Events, and All Seeing Eyes

You can’t please everyone.

But you really, really, really want to sometimes.

Being a freelance writer sucks when you’re dealing with people. We are in a day and age where Yelp Reviews are used on people for everything. 406 more words

10 Arts And Culture Sites You Should Know

As a freelance writer in the entertainment pop culture field, I’ve had the pleasure of encountering or writing for many different websites that are aimed at different audiences. 680 more words

African American

Day 4: in Roman footsteps

Following a simple, continental breakfast the next morning, we set off for the return journey eastward, bound this time for Segovia. This is yet another historic city boasting cathedral and castle. 376 more words

Writing For Nothing (Or Maybe Something?)

For the last 6 months I have been building up my tiny freelance writing career. It’s is going somewhere, just not anywhere with the speed or accuracy that I desire. 331 more words

I am changing this into a daily blog

Hello, friends! I haven’t updated this in approximately 200 years, but as an emotional exercise, I have decided to transform my Hamburg Blog into a… 162 more words

This Skin

This skin,

It’s grown me, formed to my needs.

It’s felt the pain, the blood sweat and tears.

It’s covered my knees, through all the falls. 271 more words

Just Another Day

How To Become A Freelance Writer - A Guest Post

Sometimes, I write things that don’t get posted here, but instead for other blogs.

In this article, I explain to the audience of Not Taught At School how to become a freelance writer – with no experience required. 8 more words

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