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How to Create Viral Content?

Content that goes viral, and is successful is the measure of a good content. If your readers say you have done good with this content, and they have got enough information to proceed ahead with the work, then your work is definitely done. 496 more words

Freelance Writing

Bestselling Non-Fiction Author Daniel James Brown Has Done It All Without Rushing

Daniel James Brown is the award winning author of three books of non-fiction including, most recently, The Boys in the Boat, which tells the underdog story of the 1936 American Olympic gold medal rowing crew that claimed victory over a rising Facist party in Berlin. 1,457 more words

5 Writing Realities You Need to Know

Long before I ever became a professional writer, I had this somewhat romantic/carefree image of what it would be like. Days spent lounging in my pajamas, a coffee cup at hand and sheer peace. 352 more words


On the dangers of being too comfortable.

I’ve been really lucky so far in my foray into freelancing – really, it was dumb luck that got me where I am. I always tell people that the first thing they need to do is figure out how to write an inquiry email, pump up your resume/CV, and send out emails to everyone that looks even somewhat interesting. 224 more words

May Mind Cleanup

Here’s another “Mind Cleanup” post for you!

From WordPress

For some reason, on May 8th, there were a bunch of super fun posts on my Reader, including these ones (I know, it’s taken me this long to tell you about them; you may have seen some of them by now anyway):  789 more words


Tips for Writers on How to Price Their Work: Social Media

How to charge for something you contribute as a writer is always a bit of a question for writers starting out as freelancers.  I had someone write me today about Social Media writing and how to charge for everything from… 1,910 more words

Helpful pointers for stabilizing your freelance writing career

Nowadays many people are making a decent living from freelance writing and other location-independent careers. All budding freelance writers would love to graduate from job and paycheck uncertainty to regular well paying gigs in the soonest time possible. 553 more words

Freelance Writing