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Writing, not just for fun

There is an immense amount of pride that fills me when someone refers to me as a writer. Recently, a close friend introduced me to a few of her friends, as a writer. 414 more words

Alchemiqa - Graphic/ Textile Designer

Company: Alchemiqa
Creator: Solange Yepez

MERAKI: How did you start your business ?
Its still a side project, but I started by realizing that I really love designing prints.   797 more words


Sunday Dinner 

I remember growing up and Sunday’s after church, while my grandparents were alive, my family would meet at their house for dinner (Or maybe it was special events but I don’t know. 402 more words

Random Thoughts Of Ashleigh Noelle


Hi. I’m going to try to write my thoughts out while being high. Excuse me if I don’t make any sense. 711 more words


A Letter of Obstacles

Dear _____,

We’re not together anymore, I know that. I’m aware. And I’m just confused because I still have really strong feelings for you. Or at least I think I do. 1,852 more words