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Logo Designer

I am passionate about graphic design especially when it comes to corporate/brand identity. Currently I am working towards my online and print portfolios. I am still learning and to be quite honest, I am enjoying every moment of it. 24 more words


Design Pickle Test

I had a tough time applying for a position at Design Pickle. The practical test was quite hard, and as much as I’d like to get as many requests done as possible, I only have one hour to do all six requests. 74 more words


How I Built My Direct Client Base (without Using Translation Portals)

Many years ago (as some of you might recall), there was a huge debate as to whether certain translation portals were directly decreasing translation rates through their bidding systems. 1,188 more words


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Although this post is almost 2 years old, it is more than relevant for freelance translators today. Paula gives excellent tips on how to find direct clients who are enoyable to cooperate with. Of course we should take into account some local differences and nuances. For example, in the city where I live there is almost no sense to look for local direct clients, because most of them are not able to offer you decent rates. Moreover, they offer rates lower than those on bidding platforms. But still we have a lot of online opportunities which can be used to the maximum.


Whenever I come down from a high, I always want you. I feel like I’m going crazy, I close my eyes, and see you there. Your body over mine. 672 more words


Freelance : Menjadi Jobseeker yang Anti Biasa

Menjadi jobseeker itu sudah biasa. Banyak, bahkan sangat banyak, masyarakat usia produktif di Indonesia yang menganggur dan sedang dalam tahap mencari pekerjaan. Galau? Sedih? Takut? Stres? 1,477 more words


Blush Tones + Bold Letters

This is one of my latest favorite pieces. I completely enjoyed the process of creation. Approximate time was 2 HRS including image research. What inspired this design? 146 more words