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Freelancer.com - All One Big SCAM

Being a freelancer is hard enough. Finding the right clients that will pay you what you are worth and give you the respect you deserve. Balancing project after project, working your ass off and losing sleep. 504 more words

5 reasons it could be a freelancer.com scam

In my pursuit of trying to be WAHM, I was so excited about using what little skills I have to pursue my dream of being my own boss. 696 more words


Are You Ready to Get Paid in Bitcoin?

Blockchain and bitcoin have been trending for quite some time. If you still don’t know anything about them, it’s time to learn. Or someday you may be left out. 705 more words

Human Resources

Freelancer: Why get paid FOR work when you can pay TO work?

So I recently moved to Spain with my girlfriend. I don’t speak Spanish (although I am learning, just very slowly) and I have yet to find a job. 2,881 more words

Me, Myself And I

Home Cash Line Review - Don't Confuse With Similar Names

Here’s the good and bad news about Home Cash Line.

First the bad news! I really wish that George Owens and his team had picked a different name for Home Cash Line. 333 more words


Good Clients

It’s no secret that the world of design is full of bad, naughty, impatient, mean…

2 days later

…awful, terrible clients. The nit-pickers want perfection, but refuse to negotiate payment when the project goes over budget due to time wasted on endless revisions. 511 more words



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