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Episodes from the Metta Gallery:

The second episode follows a more documentary style with Steve Deurlein as the subject in Cleveland, Ohio. Steve balances his work life as a commercial photographer with his passion for playing drums in his (former) band, New Moon Rising. 105 more words

FREELANCERS in The Conversation

WASHINGTON, DC, 14 January 2019 — This story I wrote for The Conversation describes the transition from full-time, “traditional” foreign correspondents to freelancers filling the void left by mainstream media retreating from news coverage abroad. Click HERE.

Bill Gentile

FREELANCERS in The Daily Beast

WASHINGTON, DC, 2 December 2018 — The Daily Beast Foreign Editor, Christopher Dickey, calls journalists, “the voice of humanity.” I agree.

See this review of the FREELANCERS pilot episode, screened 14 November at the Overseas Press Club of America in New York City.

See the review HERE.

Bill Gentile

Virtual Work: Its Bright Future Seems Evident Now

If you have been aware of virtual work around a decade ago, you would think that it is nothing but a scam. Truth to be told, there are definitely a lot of offers online, which would lure you into doing some work in exchange with nothing. 490 more words

Blog Review by ServiceScape

Even though I normally avoid tooting my own horn, I’ll make an exception today for the simple reason that this piece of news shows how great YOU are for following my blog! 211 more words

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