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BIG Announcement! No, this is not a Black Friday special!

We are grateful for many things but we are especially grateful for spending time together with family on Thanksgiving Day.


So we felt being with family yesterday was most important and that leads me into the importance of work/life balance. 221 more words

November Updates

Patience and persistence can not be underestimated. A great November. 192 more words

[Freelance] It Must Be Love Chapter 11

Title : It Must Be Love | Author : @reniilubis| Genre :  Drama, Romance | Rating : Teen | Main Cast : Kim Myungsoo, Bae Suzy… 2,599 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

[Freelance/Vignette] Craving For Jjangmyeon

Title : Craving For Jjangmyeon | Author : ts_sora | Genre : Fluff | Rating : G Main Cast : Miss A’s Bae Suzy, EXO’s Oh Sehun… 834 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

[Freelance] Kwajangnim Chapter 7

Title : Kwajangnim | Author : kawaiine | Genre : Angst, Family, Romance | Rating : PG-17 Main Cast: Kim Myungsoo, Bae Soo Ji, Choi Minho, Son Na Eun |  3,045 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

[Freelance] Windmill Chapter 3/3

Title : Windmill | Author : kawaiine | Genre : Angst, Family, Marriage-Life, Romance | Rating : PG-17 Main Cast : Bae Sooji, Kim Myungsoo |  3,051 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

[Freelance] We Are Not King and Queen Chapter 7

Title : We Are Not King and Queen | Author : kawaiine | Genre : Historical, Marriage-Life, Romance | Rating : PG-17 Main Cast : 2,004 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"