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Five Ways You Can Build A Strong Presence Online

Social media is indeed a very powerful tool to grow your business and be successful. But just because you are engaged in it does not mean you will easily get on top. 729 more words

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FashionTV Magazine Dynamic Issue – In Depth – Vivienne Westwood

One thing that can be said about this sassy seamstress; her collections are bound to her interests and beliefs. She is not one to conform to society’s perception of what is proper in the fashion industry.

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Local marching band to nowhere. #365PhotoChallenge.

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12 Overlooked Facebook Features That Help Marketers. 96 more words


5 Ways to Earn Money When You Have a Chronic Illness

Though chronic illness can affect each of us differently, dealing with it is never easy. For many, the unpredictability of symptoms causes great hardship and makes it nearly impossible to commit to a “9 to 5” sort of job. 1,136 more words


Common Problems for Freelancers and Ways to Solve Them

For a lot of people, freelancing is the dream. Flexible hours, working from home, being your own boss; it sounds great!

But with the good… 673 more words


NOOB 3D Printing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here’s some of the really stupid things I did when I first got my printer that messed up my models pretty badly. After I fixed them, my prints magically got really nice. 373 more words

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The Hive @ NTU - Part 2

The HeadStart Program – BMC

I was nervous. Very much so.  The idea of being back in a situation of ‘surrounded by others my age’ again wasn’t appealing. 468 more words