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Research 101: The Importance of Reading

As promised, the next few blog posts are going to be a quick summary of some of the material I covered in my latest book… 529 more words

Coming Up With Ideas For High-Volume Clients

If you’re lucky enough to have long-term clients on Upwork who want content from you every week (in some cases 2-3 articles per week), you will sometimes run out of ideas. 622 more words


GUEST BLOG: Are you freelance curious?

 Guest blog written by Kerri-Ann Hockley from PolicyBee.

All change

The problem with university is that, at some point, it has to end. Sooner or later you’ll be ditching the all-nighters and packing your bags for jobsville. 578 more words


How To Go Freelance: Q&A

A few years ago, someone emailed me some questions about going freelance, and I responded. Then I decided to turn it into a blog post, because it might be helpful to other people too. 3,007 more words


Behold, The Book!

Over the last two days I’ve been working tirelessly on an eBook. It’s the first in a series just for freelance writers, aimed at helping you get the most out of your career. 194 more words

Battling Complacency

School and I have a difficult relationship. On one hand, I enjoy learning, studying, writing, even practicing on occasion. On the other hand, I dislike with extreme passion tests, deadlines, and all the stress which invariably comes with the two aforementioned items. 747 more words


Small business chat update - Deborah Price

Welcome to an update with one of last year’s new batch of interviewees – Deborah Price from the boxer shorts and nightwear company, then called Dap Squared Ltd and now findable under the… 952 more words