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Building Your Perfect Life: Do Whatever the F*ck You Need to Do

I am, on occasion, asked what my process is for finishing books – specifically, how I stay disciplined enough to do so. The answer, unfortunately (after hysterical laughter), is that I do anything and everything that works. 589 more words

Tuesday Talks: Learning Curve

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Happy Tuesday folks,

Have you ever started something and realized you don’t know everything? Maybe you’ve worked with Photoshop before but there are edits you’re not sure about. 238 more words

Tuesday Talk

Anticipating Adversity

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m concerned about my financial situation for the summer. This is in large part because I think my summer section of WRTG 101 will be cancelled due to lack of enrollment. 396 more words

Life Stuff

Critiquing Terrible Writing

One of the drawbacks of signing up as a designated critic for a writing service is that sometimes, and only sometimes, I see writing so terrible that I just don’t know what to say. 281 more words


A Freelancer's Listicle For Gloomy Days

…as written on LinkedIn Pulse.

1. On finding clients

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on the life of a freelancer, trying to better grasp the process. 143 more words


But Seriously, this is "How to Start a Freelancing Career From Scratch" by Aja Frost

Normally I post don’t on things like this. Normally, blogging is more about escaping work than starting it. But, if there is anything I’ve learned about writing, it’s that if you like it . 668 more words

Why you should work less, not more

Hi everyone. My name is Alexandra, and I’m a workaholic. If you read my blog now and then, or follow me on Twitter, you might see me travelling here and there all the time and think I have one of those chilled-out travel-blogger lifestyles where I relax on the beach, drink Italian wine and hang out with other chilled-out hippies. 1,830 more words