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Surviving Your First Year as a Freelance Translator

Freelancing isn’t for everyone: it takes a special type of person to be able to assume all the different roles that a freelancing professional needs to fulfil and a special kind of character to be able to live without the certainty of a steady income in a market that has its ups and downs. 466 more words


Working in my Pajamas

When my final semester was over at my Community College and all of the hoopla of graduation had died down, my daughter asked me one morning, 427 more words


The Gig (Freelance) Economy-the best thing since sliced bread.

​Sliced bread was a real turning point in human history. No more would man fight over whose share of the bread was bigger or who could take more bread. 307 more words


Freelance work, literary landscapes, going to California, & why a good rock scramble is food for the soul

W. G. Hoskins once wrote that every Brit should explore the land of their birth before venturing further afield. In our increasingly nomadic age it’s unlikely that many would agree, but Hoskins is right, of course, that the British Isles are home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. 416 more words


Freelancers Lament: Pay Me, I am Worth It.

I am a writer, so I must write. I have to live, and as a student I must freelance to make ends meet until I publish that novel that is going to make me rich and famous and have all of my peers salivating over my awesome way with words. 558 more words


Top 3% freelance talent? Getting in

I have worked professionally as a Software Developer for about 3 years now. And in these years, I have been actively involved in a wide range of projects. 594 more words


Things you need to consider before leaving your day job

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With freelancing now in full stride, most people are using their skills as a means to earn their own money at the comfort of their homes. 549 more words