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When all is said and done

“Father Francis, however, sitting in his upright chair on the other side of the hearth, brought down the average; for, though his brown eyes were pleasant and pathetic, there was no strength in his face; there was even a tendency to feminine melancholy in the corners of his mouth and the marked droop of his eyelids.” 168 more words

Aryans, Cyclops & non-fictitious Comedy

I gotta say Papa John already sounds like a KKK title. I think it goes: Grand Imperial Wizard, Grand Dragon, Exalted Cyclops, Papa John, Attorney General.

Stephen Colbert, Minute 03:40, Youtube Link.


Five Wounds of Christ

  1. Modernism
  1. Marxism
  1. Freemasonry
  1. Relativism


  1. Liberalism


The Great Transformation: Scottish Freemasonry 1725-1810

by Dr. Mark C. Wallace

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Modern Freemasonry emerged in Britain after 1700 as a prominent fixture in both British communal and social life. 242 more words


Islam and the Ancient Mysteries (Part 3)

If research and reflection be pushed far enough it becomes clear that the universality and uniformity referred to are due to the fact that at one time, long back in the world’s past, there existed or was implanted in the minds of the whole human family… a Proto-Evangelium or Root-Doctrine in regard to the nature and destiny of the soul of man and its relation to the Deity.

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Ancient Mysteries

Man's Overweening Pride

In 1879 Dostoevsky spoke to students at the University of St. Petersburg about an important chapter in his novel, The Brothers Karamazov. Drawing attention to the theme of… 55 more words

Let's talk about mortality

I woke this morning in the mood for a bit of spiritual refreshment. Yesterday, I spent most of the drive back from MA listening to Christian-Stoner music, an interesting genre, and I went to bed a little emotional. 1,415 more words