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Oromia: Inside Ethiopia's Self-Defeating Crackdown on Oromo Musicians

Inside Ethiopia’s Self-Defeating Crackdown on Oromo Musicians

Written by Endalk,  Global Voices, 5 January 2016

While journalists and bloggers remain the primary targets of state repression in Ethiopia, musicians that don’t jive with state propaganda also take the heat. 758 more words


Three Mid-Eastern metal resources

This is a repost from my bass blog, Ugly Bass Face. Over there, I deal with beginner bass and music theory topics. Now that I’ve decided to dedicate time to a more sociological & metal blog, some of the posts that were there have relevance here. 41 more words


My Second Article on Music Censorship in Tibet Published

Last week, Freemuse, the leading defender of musicians worldwide, published my second article about music censorship in Tibet. It was also cross-posted on Global Voices… 113 more words


The Stage, Fighting

My first post today is a fascinating and troubling programme broadcast by the BBC last week. In it, the UK-based, Turkish theatre director, Mehmet Ergen travels back to Istanbul to explore the current state of the theatre in the country after the Arab Spring and Gezi Park protests. 648 more words


Deeyah: Music Producer, Composer, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Human Rights Activist

Deeyah, a critically acclaimed music producer, composer, award-winning filmmaker and human rights activist, is known for her outspoken support of women’s rights, freedom of expression and peace. 926 more words


"We tend to forget that censorship is around us" - an interview with Ole Reitov

Ole Reitov is the program manager of Freemuse, the World Forum on Music & Censorship. Freemuse, founded in 2000 in Denmark, acts as an information and monitoring platform. 58 more words


Honoring Musicians No Matter the Circumstance

Stories of atrocities are so commonplace now in the daily news that we become desensitized to them.  The recent rash of violence in the African country of Mali has dominated the world news, even as French troops appeared on the scene to attempt to restore order.  340 more words