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Resilio Sync Setup for Windows 7+ Clients

You will need to setup the sync server first. The instruction here is for setting up sync client software on Windows 7 PCs to backup important data from them on to the server. 258 more words


Oracle ASM on FreeNAS 8.3.0 x86

Hey there folks, just writing this very quick tip on how to setup an iSCSI storage for your *crash and burn* environment… In this tutorial I will not care for network settings, security or anything, I will just demonstrate the installation and configuration of the storage using the raw devices as luns. 833 more words


Windows 10 and FreeNAS

In home or small business networks without a domain controller, to seamlessly stitch client systems to a FreeNAS server, the username and password that is created on FreeNAS has to match that of the client system. 436 more words


Administrator Access to Windows Shares in FreeNAS

In order to support Windows shares created in FreeNAS, whether these are personal shares, group shares or shares owned by plugins, system administrators require full access to all shares. 733 more words


VMWare ESXi Passthrough and Freenas

I recently had user colicstew comment that they could not get Freenas 9.10.2 U3 to see drives on his LSI2116. Luckily I have some unused 2TB Drives and LSI 2116 Controller as part of my Xeon D Lab. 436 more words


Resilio Sync Setup for FreeNAS - Improved

In the original post, a third party was responsible for recovering end user data. Is it possible to get rid of the middle man and have end users responsible for recovering their own data?   458 more words