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OS solutions for my Gen8 NAS Part 1

Here is that post that i talked about, so in it ill be having a look at Open Media Vault and Nas4Free!

The system i am testing on is a intel sg2600gz, a pair of Xeon E5-2650 @ 2.0GHz with 32gig rddims @1600 and raid 1 10k 6gig sas drives. 1,063 more words


MicroServer FreeNAS project Update! Part 3

So i’ve sat down and done a bit of research on some of the NAS like operating systems around. Originally Freenas Corral is what got me so interested in building my own. 258 more words


MicroServer FreeNAS project Update! Part 2

Turns out that the spare hynix ram i had lying around was ecc registered! unfortunately the Gen8 micro server only takes unregistered DDR3 which is kinda expensive (when compared to registered). 255 more words


UPS Part 3 and clean up! Completed!

After pulling the batteries out and having a closer look at everything i noticed that one wire had some damage done to the outer plastic shielding however it had not gone though to the copper wires. 295 more words


Using FreeNAS for NSX FTP Backups

FreeNAS is a very powerful storage solution and is quite popular with those running vSphere and NSX home labs. I recently built a new FreeNAS 9.10 system and wanted to share some of my experiences getting NSX FTP backups going. 1,965 more words


UPS and more...

So after having a poke around the unit i found out that “On buck” basically means that the incoming voltage from the wall was higher than the output voltage of the unit, so after reading the PDF manual I discovered that I had to set the rear switches to a specific way in-order to accommodate the voltage and clear the “On Buck” warning. 228 more words


Installing FreeNAS on a HP Microserver

Another post about my installation experience, mainly so that I can look up what issues I came across if I have to do this again. This is on my HP Gen8 Microserver (by now Gen10 is already out). 405 more words