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Resilio Sync Setup for IOS 8+ Clients (revised)

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This post will be of interest if you want to use Resilio Sync to back up the camera folder on IOS 8+ clients to a modern FreeNAS server (version 11.2 and above). 658 more words


FreeBSD Enterprise 1 PB Storage

Today FreeBSD operating system turns 26 years old. 19 June is an International FreeBSD Day. This is why I got something special today :). How about using FreeBSD as an Enterprise Storage solution on real hardware? 7,671 more words

BackupPC on FreeNAS with RSync

I’ve recently got working a jail on my FreeNAS 11.2 server that is running BackupPC version 4. I followed a great guide by blanchet on the ixsystems forums. 433 more words


FreeNAS Mail Notification Settings

Mail notifications need to be set up in several areas within FreeNAS. It’s easy to miss one.

  1. Root user.
  2. System email
  3. Alert Service (new UI only)
  4. 71 more words

Troubleshooting FreeNAS Group SID Resolution

Case Study

When viewing the permissions on a FreeNAS SMB share from a Windows PC, SIDs in the ACL are translated to a friendly display name. 708 more words


FreeNAS Standby Server Considerations

Case Study

Consider a small business that employs predominantly Windows PCs. The business doesn’t have a lot of cash to throw at hardware or software, but still wants to maximise business continuity by minimising system downtime. 913 more words