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Freenet 149Mhz DX Weekend

Our friends at the HNDX Group have another interesting event starting today 16:00 which is the Freenet DX. Freenet are 6 channels in 149Mhz in Germany and just superb fun. 150 more words

1/4 Antennas

Harico GT-488 136-174 / 400-480

This to me looks very Baofeng’ish and I’m told this is a special version for Harico as it comes with higher power output than normally. Information shows 5w VHF and 4w UHF with the usual frequency range of 136-174 and 400-480mhz and comes with the usual FM radio from 76-108Mhz and can be programmed by CHIRP I’m told. 92 more words


Free Net With Opramini

Free Net With Opramini

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Anonymity Network

Freenet DX Day 27th August

If you’ve never lived in Germany then maybe you’ve not heard of Freenet. It comprises 6 channels in the 149Mhz range, 500mw and fixed antenna like with 446Mhz. 142 more words


OpenBazaar Needs Freenet

Congratulations to the OpenBazaar team for their hard work and on their recent release! I firmly believe that global, decentralized, anonymous marketplaces will liberate millions. Whether it loosens the grip of a despotic state, or breaks the monopoly of a private company, OpenBazaar will help many, many people. 1,165 more words

Team LC Mobile Freenet / PMR

Markus Neuner from http://www.neuner.de has again released a new Team on the marketplace. It’s not available yet but appears to be just right for the German Freenet users. 157 more words