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GDB Client and Server: Unlocking GDB

In case you face problems with launching GDB: Then I have a quick solution (well: workaround): kill the GDB server and or client process. The problem can show up in many way, but in general gdb is stuck or does not respond: 452 more words

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Debugging the FRDM-K64F with P&E Multilink

The FRDM-K64F board as other Freescale Freedom board have an onboard debugging device. For everyone who wants to debug the FRDM-K64F board with say a… 142 more words

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Reduce Eclipse 'Install New Software' Installation Time

In Eclipse, the usual way to add new plugins or extend the IDE is using the menu Help > Install New Software. Same thing for the newly released… 335 more words

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Editing Compiler Include (or other) Settings in Eclipse

So now I have carefully set up my compiler include paths in Eclipse to tell the GNU compiler where to find my header files:

The question is: how can I apply these settings to another project? 371 more words

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