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i.MX28 Processor - Innovative Multimedia Extension ...

i.MX stood for Innovative Multimedia Extension.The i.MX28 is a family of Freescale microprocessor based on ARM9 architecture.It was launched in 2010.

i.MX281 is used in automotive and i.Mx287 is used in industrial purposes. 60 more words

Embedded Systems

UART with the FRDM-KL02Z Board

In my classes I’m mainly using the Freescale FRDM-KL25Z board, as it provides the best value for the money, and 128 kByte FLASH with 16 kByte of RAM is enough for many smaller projects. 499 more words


Updated P&E GDB Server for Eclipse: Connect/Attach and Advanced Flash Programming

P&E has upgraded their GDB implementation and interface used in combination with the GNU ARM Eclipse plugins: they support now advanced flash programming options plus the ability to attach/connect to a running target :-). 634 more words

Tips & Tricks

USB CDC with the Teensy 3.1 Board

For a project I want to use the Teensy 3.1 board (see “Hacking the Teensy V3.1 for SWD Debugging“) in USB CDC mode: that way the Teensy board can connect to the host and exchange data or attach a console to the Teensy board: that way I can connect the Teensy over USB to the host use the USB as communication interface: 487 more words


Building Super Small Linux Computers From Scratch

Conventional wisdom says small, powerful embedded Linux like the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, or the Intel Edison are inherently manufactured devices, and certainly not something the homebrew tinkerer can produce at home. 164 more words


Freescale Processor Expert Survey

Frequent readers of this blog know: I’m using Processor Expert in most of my projects with CodeWarrior, Driver Suite or Kinetis Design Studio. With the move of Freescale to Kinetis Design Studio and the Kinetis SDK with Processor Expert, there is an opportunity for our voice to be heard in a survey Freescale now runs about configuration tools and Processor Expert. 17 more words

Processor Expert