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Fail of the Week: Marginally Documented Pad Shorts to Maskless PCB

was bit by a nasty gotcha when soldering a QFN surface mount chip. The problem rears its ugly head when combining a chip possessingĀ a padless conductor and a PCB without a solder mask. 195 more words


Zumo Robots at Maker Faire in Rome (16. - 18. Oct. 2015)

I won’t be able to attend the Maker Faire in Rome (16. – 18. Oct. 2015). But five of the Sumo bots students from the previous semesters have built and programmed will be there. 253 more words


FreeScale, High Availability Boot, and U-Boot secure boot

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. has a few Application Notes on their implementations of a U-Boot-based Secure Boot. One of these app notes is only a few days old. 315 more words

Added Micro SD Card Socket to FRDM-K22F

Probably for cost reasons, the Freescale FRDM-K22F does not come with the micro SD card socket populated on the the board:

With a little soldering skills it is possible to populate the socket so the board can be used with a file system on it :-): 315 more words

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SWD Debugging the FRDM-KL43Z

It is possible to use the Freescale FRDM-KL43Z to debug another board (see “Using the Freescale Freedom (FRDM-KL43Z) to Debug other Boards“). The FRDM-KL43Z has an on-board debug probe integrated, the… 116 more words

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An Introduction to Kinetis Design Studio for Mac OS X

I don’t own a Mac computer, and I try to keep my tutorials as multi-host-platform as possible. So it is always cool to see if someone else posts a nice tutorial on a different host machine: For all Mac (and as well non Mac) users, have a look at this tutorial… 54 more words

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Kinetis Drone: Driving the Electronic Speed Controllers

In “Kinetis Drone: Frame Construction with Graupner Race Copter Alpha 250 Q” I have assembled the frame for my Kinetis Drone. In this post I’m going to drive the ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controllers) with the… 869 more words

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