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Weather Hardware

The weather hardware starts with FRDM-K22 makes up the processor.

The operating system is FreeRTOS. Both Kinetis SDK and Kinetis Design Studio were used to create the project. 55 more words

Embedded System

FreeRTOS Kernel Awareness for Eclipse from NXP

NXP has released their Kernel Awareness for FreeRTOS in Eclipse (Kinetis Design Studio): 250 more words


Naughty FRDM-KL25Z Likes Being Touched

More fun getting to know the FRDM-KL25Z Cortex-M0+ development board. This time I wanted to learn about interfacing an HD44780 compatible text LCD.

At first, I wasted a day trying to use one of mbed’s popular TextLCD libraries. 119 more words


Frequency Counter (Update)

Spend some time this weekend and now have the display timer update callback working. I originally set it up to read from a queue, but that did work like I expected. 207 more words

Ham Radio

Frequency Counter

So my Radio Shack frequency counter died. I decided that since I had a few 7-segment LED’s I would just make a bench top frequency counter. 338 more words

Ham Radio

3D Printed Gameboy and Remote Controller with tinyK20 Board

As a remote controller for the Sumo robot (see “Zumo Robot with Magnetic Encoders“) we have used so far a combination of NXP FRDM-KL25Z board and a Joystick Shield (see “ 302 more words