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New Gadget to Explore: Freescale FRDM-K82F Board

It’s not Christmas yet, but: For a research project I’m currently evaluating a new microcontroller where I need a bit more leg room. Right on time I saw that there is a new board available which caught my interest: The… 328 more words


Data Logger with tinyK20 Board

First off: The tinyK20 project is progressing fine and is now on Hackaday.io :-).

For a research project we would like to use the tinyK20 to log gyro sensor data. 297 more words


Production tinyK20 Boards arrived!

One day earlier than expected, our tinyK20 boards arrived, and they are looking great :-): 244 more words


Atollic TrueSTUDIO Lite for ARM with Unlimited Code Size

Good news for all the Eclipse and ARM lovers: Atollic have announced this week at ARM TechCon 2015 in Santa Clara that their TrueSTUDIO ‘Lite’ is now free of charge with unlimited code size. 479 more words


Kinetis Drone: First Test Flights

Over the weekend, I finally have repaired the broken ESC (see “Kinetis Drone: Graupner ESC S3055 Failure“). Time to run some first test flights :-). 177 more words


Modern device trust issues

Altaf Hussain of Freescale has a nicely-written article on device trust in Axiom:

The root of #trust can be split btwn #device #manufacturer & device user.

256 more words

tinyK20 Production Boards Ready for Parts

New pictures from the manufacturing process of the tinyK20 boards. Now all parts to be populated have been arrived at the manufacturing, so populating the boards can start soon: 50 more words