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September 1st - Spring is in the ... grass

Here’s the most significant sign that Spring is (finally) here.

Pictured is the fragrant Freesia. Named after its founder Friedrich Freese, this flower was first documented around 150 years ago on the African continent. 134 more words

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A night of Anti-Freese

Last night, baseball lore received a twist so ironic it borders on unbelievable—and only fans of teams other than the ones involved would think so. 338 more words

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Miriam GARLAND is my first cousin six times removed; we are related through her grandfather my sixth great grandfather Wyatt MOORE.  Miriam and Abraham were enumerated in the 1800 and 1810 U.S. 740 more words

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文: 安尼斯

說起北歐,就不能錯過北歐人最喜愛的咖啡。雖然北歐不生產咖啡豆,不過看北歐人均喝咖啡的消費量全球第一,就會知道北歐人熱愛咖啡的程度 ! 


每個北歐人都有自己的咖啡喜好,滴漏咖啡、法式壓濾、愛樂壓,但無論哪一種泡法,哪一種喜好,芬蘭咖啡Website forbetter.coffee 都說明到一杯好的咖啡的重要性。

該網站forbetter.coffee由芬蘭的Freese Coffee Co.推出,Freese Coffee Co.在2013年由芬蘭咖啡師錦標賽冠軍Kalle Freese創立。forbetter.coffee界面簡單易用,可以通過每個沖泡步驟,理解每個沖泡咖啡步驟背後的規則。

讓我們看看芬蘭咖啡師如何泡一杯好咖啡 ! 



說起北歐,就不能錯過北歐人最喜愛的咖啡。雖然北歐不生產咖啡豆,不過看北歐人均喝咖啡的消費量全球第一,就會知道北歐人熱愛咖啡的程度 ! 


Freese and Goss - Protecting the Rights of Victims

Freese & Goss
Protecting Legal Rights for Victims

Freese and Goss is an established law firm with offices nationwide dedicated to victims and consumer rights. 200 more words

Freese & Goss

Reflections on Snowy Hill

I actually had fun doing this project for photography class this week. I know it was kinda last minute but I love how this turned out. 122 more words