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Biology for Dummies or how to fall foul of twitter's women hating algorithms.

So, I’ve been shadow banned from twitter for what appears to be two reasons. Firstly, I am banned because I have a vagina. Secondly, I am banned because I refuse to relinquish my belief in the political significance of said vagina. 610 more words


Freedom of expression in Pakistan: An Impercation

The state can’t give you free speech, and the state can’t take it away. You’re born with it, like your eyes, like your ears. Freedom is something you assume, then you wait for someone to try to take it away.

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Freedom Of Rights

Express yourself to the fullest.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. The right to speak your mind freely on important issues and to have personal opinions plays a vital role in the development of any society. 456 more words

Freedom Of Rights

Women of Change: Global pioneers of freedom

For any society to flourish, it is pertinent that all members play an active role in combating societal ills, be it men, women, trans genders, the disabled, children or the elderly. 1,209 more words

Freedom Of Rights

Freedom of Speech

The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan where freedom of speech is to the extend that according to the Article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan

 “Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression and there shall be freedom of press, subject to any reasonable restriction imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court {commission of} or incitement to an offence”

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Welcome to Sign Of The Times

This is a journey, an experiment and my very first post on this blog or website or whatever the hell it is. What has pushed a middle aged bloke to take to this platform and what is this all about you may ask yourself. 308 more words


The Galtline on YouTube

Dear Galtline readers (and now, listeners!),

Our podcast, This Is John Galt Speaking, is now also available on our YouTube channel – we have shifted it over due to SoundCloud being limited to only three hours worth of content.  17 more words