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Questionable Behavior and Controversy at UoT 'Free Speech Rally'

PhD Professor Jordan Peterson is at the center of controversy by refusing demands from the University of Toronto to use student’s preferred pronouns and actively speaking out against amendments to bill C-16. 48 more words


The Truth, Honesty and Freespeech -- Why Nut Cases are Important Too

So with my last piece I wrote that we should all strive to tell the truth no matter what. It is a simple, almost overtly obvious statement that perhaps needs some further examination. 589 more words

Philosophy & Thoughts

ECRI (EU) gently suggests restricting the press, UK gov't responds accordingly

The European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance conducts a report every 5 years on the state of hate crime laws, the media, politicians, society with regards to racism and intolerance. 678 more words


The story behind VOIZD

Have you ever had a thought in your head or an opinion you wanted to share but decided other wise thinking what will others say? 119 more words


Much as I dislike Trumpor at least waht he chooses to present as his public image, actually I agree with trump in as much as there is much hypocrisy around. 453 more words


NFL, The No Fun League

The NFL has been under scrutiny over the last five years with the increase of excessive celebration and taunting penalties. Compared to 2015, the NFL has doubled the amount of calls of taunting penalties… 126 more words


An Utter Disgrace

I little comic I threw together yesterday. I am certain no one needs to be brought up to speed. FT :)