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Sugar is a B****

I was in grade 10 when I first kicked sugar from my diet. It was doughnut day and, specifically, our school allowed students to purchase Crispee Cream doughnuts once every couple of months if you brought some cash in beforehand. 747 more words


The Importance of Being Irreverent

Culture continuously evolves over a period of time; it does not remain static and at any given time in the polity there are multiple cultures competing to become norms. 986 more words


FIRE'S Top Ten "Winners" in the War Against Free Speech

          Here in America, the danger to free expression is beginning to be greatest where it should be most defended, that is to say, within the walls of the academy.

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Free Speech

To break the legs of a dancing tongue….

“Tell us, who he is?” “Tell us, who he is?” A mother side relative asked her child pointing at me. The child was mum initially, but when her mom kept pestering, it said “monkey!” No one expected this, laughter kicked in and she spanked her child to not to speak like that. 797 more words


Net Neutrality Passes.... Free Speech In Peril

Back when I’d just started Sister Patriot, I shared a meme one night to my personal FB wall. I meant to share it on… 463 more words