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#Freespeech #2 : #Mores #Freedom & LovešŸ˜ƒ...

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Hello Questioners ! How are You? I’m rather fine despite life has up and down. 591 more words


So there you have it, Trump, the man who said Wikileaks are doing a valuable public service during his campaign, just stated it would be “okay” with him if Assange was behind bars. 234 more words


#Madness And #Freedom : #Freespeech

Happy Saint Anselme !

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Today, I try something new for the #Kestioners (peoples who follow my blog). 923 more words


Social media is now the main source of news for the whole world, especially young people: 61% of American millennials say Facebook is theirĀ primary sourceĀ of political news. 564 more words


Freedom of Speech

Listen to my voice. If you require a reason for doing so, let it be only that I am human, individual, and I possess a voice. 293 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom to criticism ?

Social Media ?

The biggest platform in today’s life everyone addicted to whether it be an adult,teen or adults and children as well.A way to express your thoughts and emotions into words within a matter of seconds and just a few clicks away from everyone.They offer us platform Ā to be our self, to be creative, to be who you want to be and most importantly, have an audience for all of this. 498 more words

Social Campaign

Freedom of Speech is Falsely Interpreted Concept

The 21st century has brought a lot of furtherance in every aspect of life. This also includes our topic of concern, which is the freedom of speech and expressing our personal ideas. 513 more words

Social Campaign