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Free speech facing threats in Western society.

Freedom of speech is central to the secular and democratic political system .Without freedom of speech there is no chance for the advancement in political thinking as it is bonded in a unique way to the human capacity to think and create. 449 more words


It’s never easy to hear bad news, and that’s true whether it’s bad news in a literal sense – some new atrocity or catastrophe on the ten o’clock bulletin, or something more local: some sinister diagnosis, or some shocking trauma suffered by friend or family. 1,503 more words


The Dark and the Light, the Left and the Right

The Dark and the Light, the Left and the Right, but which one is right?

Left wing, progressive  movements view people as primarily good, with society being the problem, hence they are prepared to do anything to further their aims to making a wonderful and just society; no matter who gets hurt, for in the end the means justify the ends – even if the end be free speech.  171 more words


Mealy mouthed

The intemperate Matthew Doyle of Croydon, a man who clearly thinks that the link between Islam and Islamism is more direct and universal than many intelligent people are prepared to accept, reported on his own activism on the matter via Twitter on Wednesday. 1,629 more words


Free-Speech and Student Snowflakes

I feel slightly foolish as I write this, because it seems utterly ludicrous to feel it necessary to argue for freedom of speech, but the situation as I see it,  1,484 more words


There were bombs in Brussels today, and I’m not going to talk about it.

I’m not going to post on social media about it, and I’m not going to change my profile picture so that it is overlaid with the Belgian flag. 1,114 more words


Free Speech... You Can't Pick and Choose

For us Millennials, this election cycle has without question been the most controversial of our lifetime. The system is being shaken up, and like it or not, this disruption of the status quo has been spurred on primarily by the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. 587 more words