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Menstruation, the last taboo

Menstruation, also known as a period o monthly, has been one of the great taboos. People didn’t talk about it, because it belonged to the privacy of women. 231 more words


Socrates and the Value of an Idea

One of the best-renowned chapters of the early Western’ Society, because of its importance and significance, is the first philosophers condemn, Socrates’ sentence to death. The trial befell in Athens in 399 BC, and the process, its speeches, and development were compiled by Plato (he doesn’t need to be introduced, right?) in the book “Socrates’ Apology”. 271 more words


Now, a “tweet” can take you to jail

Which are the limits of humor? That is a question that is being asked for the last years. Now, a bad joke or message on Twitter can take you to jail, especially if it concerns dead or injured people. 176 more words

Free Speech

"Hate Speech" is Free Speech

Author: Nicole Commisso

Every year the third full week of October (this year – October 16-22, 2017) is National Free Speech Week (FSW), an annual non-partisan, non-ideological event that recognizes and raises public awareness of the importance of free speech in our great country. 711 more words

The Problem with Bill C-16 and 'Hate Speech'

To any international readers, you may not be aware of what bill C-16 entails, so allow me to acquaint you. Bill C-16 is an act that had been passed by the Canadian liberal government on October 18th, 2016. 652 more words


You're Not Allowed to Laugh

Stop laughing.

Seriously, you’re not allowed to laugh at that.

Such a statement sounds like something ripped from the pages of a dystopian sci-fi novel (I’m not gonna mention Kafka, Hitch) but I’ve heard these words said, said a lot, said with the same self-righteous verve of superiority that every mole-pocked, dumpling’esque social justice warrior must acquire before she completes her undergraduate work. 518 more words