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Net Neutrality Passes.... Free Speech In Peril

Back when I’d just started Sister Patriot, I shared a meme one night to my personal FB wall. I meant to share it on… 463 more words

YouTube Kids!! So Cool, A Head Start in the Right Direction

YouTube had been talking about this for a while, but it has finally and thankfully come to fruition. I think it will be amazing. My only concern is the marketing and content towards our young generations who will be wildly influenced by this. 16 more words


What now?

Last weekend, Lars Vilks, the Swedish cartoonist who famously depicted the Prophet Mohamed in 2007, was targeted at a free-speech debate he was hosting outside of Copenhagen. 503 more words

Rapid Changes in Attorney Advertising Online: A Case to Watch

Blogging for HessConnect:

“Even President Abraham Lincoln—who advertised his legal services as a lawyer in newspapers in the early 1850s—would run afoul of the state’s rules.” 587 more words


Bonded Servitude. Something of the Past, Now in the Past, For Some.

Apple recently, finally banned bonded servitude in its supply factories, which means those factories can’t mistreat workers by withholding paychecks and passports until they pay off the cost it took to hire them. 995 more words


A threat to free speech? Irish police arrest Anti-Austerity peaceful protestors, some as young as 14.

Ireland has seen some controversial measures by the Garda Siochana with regards to what has been dubbed “political policing” by some politicians and journalists the past week. 477 more words



Graffiti on the wall is clearly visible now. People are getting offended easily, not just in our beloved country but the case persists throughout the world. 1,518 more words