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Both wings flex their muscles

No one is more surprised than I that I find myself agreeing, in part, with the President about the violence in Charlottesville last weekend. I also find a portion of the criticism levied against the President is more than truly appropriate. 1,308 more words

White Privilege (un)Explained

So, here I am. A basic white, heterosexual male. Literally the spawn of Satan according to leading Liberal movements (i.e. feminists, BLM etc.). And yet I have finally picked up my notes and scrawled down some thoughts on how Western society is going. 1,045 more words


A Sikh, a Nigerian and an Estonian walk into a tech company's coffee bar

The opening words, written by a senior software engineer, of a talking points memo about diversity at Google, sounds so promising, “I value diversity and inclusion.”  The word “but” is unwritten, but you can sense it as you reach the end of the first paragraph. 665 more words

This is Why Women May Not Thank You For Catcalling 

It’s just a casual stroll down the street. That’s all it is.

Nothing more, nothing less.

A simple quest to buy milk, or to collect bed linen from the Laundrette’s, with no underlying intentions whatsoever. 839 more words


Bayev & Others v Russia: ECtHR offers robust protection of LGBT rights in Russia

In a recent judgment, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) found Russia’s ‘gay propaganda law’ to breach Article 10 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights. 723 more words

Human Rights

Is Facebook Anti-Catholic? Anti-American?

Without warning, Facebook has removed Catholic pages from their social media network. According to ChurchPOP, there are at least 26 confirmed Catholic pages that have been removed.   160 more words


Is there such a thing as Nationalist Libertarianism?

Now isn’t that a scary title?  In the modern world, the word nationalism leaves a nasty taste in people’s mouth, and rightfully so. In the past nationalists have done some pretty nasty things. 882 more words