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Another blow of the machete to free speech and democracy in Bangladesh

By Ophelia Chatterjee

“No one should cross the limit” announced Bangladesh’s Inspector General of Police earlier this month. In the wake of the murder of Niloy Neel, the fourth secularist Bangladeshi blogger to be hacked to death this year, this may seem both an attempt to close the stable door on escalating fundamentalist violence after it has already bolted, and a wilful understatement given the horrific severity and increasing incidence of such attacks. 596 more words

From GMA

Interview with world’s no.1 porn mogul, Larry Flynt

Awaiting the arrival of the porn world’s top dog, a mid-afternoon G&T in the Union bar felt like a good move. 855 more words


Der Trend fällt

Ein kleiner Kommentar zu Bartholomäus von Lafferts Reportage: Mein Mitbewohner, der Flüchtling, erschienen am 15.08.2015 auf tagesspiegel.de

Was für eine einfühlsame Reportage, die uns einen so menschlichen Einblick in das Leben jener Menschen gewährt, die vor Hass, Leid und Ungerechtigkeit fliehen und in unserer ‘freien’ Welt Zuflucht suchen. 294 more words


Freedom Of Speech: a fascade of freedom or an unwarranted concern?

This article was original published in edition one of The Full Bench journal 2015.

Freedom of speech, or the lack thereof, is now more than ever at the fore of the global and local, social and legal psyche. 1,357 more words



The attacks on Charlie Hebdo rocked the globe as another example of religious extremism. But it also left many questioning intercultural relations in France and in our global world. 392 more words


Mr. Data, get us out of here ! ☆☆

Seize the time… Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.

Your views are important,we want to hear your take as well. 53 more words


Yes Your ******* Startup Can Cut A Little Free Speech

The internet’s ugliness has been revealed in so many different ways these past few months, it almost makes you want to pull the plug on all of it (I can’t of course, because Apple already removed my Ethernet port before I could get the satisfaction). 1,085 more words


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