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On Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, or "Happy Birthday America"

I’m an American.  I served in the U.S. military for 5 years, during war time, after attending one of the military academies for 4 years.  Almost a decade wearing the uniform and saluting the flag.   315 more words


The Three Pillars

Religion.  Politics.  Economics.  Our forebears built society upon these three pillars, these constructs, that describe one man’s dominion over another.

Now rooted so deeply in our lives and minds, we cannot define ourselves without them.  293 more words


The shape of things to come

Ad visus ex futurus, the vision of the future.

I am using this rough translation to, as elegantly as possible, describe the theme for FVTVRVM.  Think about tomorrow.  400 more words


Quick Thought: Abbott’s ABC onslaught and Civic Weakness

The weeklong escalation of Tony Abbott’s attack upon our national broadcaster began with shared criticism of an editorial mistake and ended with claims the ABC “betrayed our country” for broadcasting convicted Australian terrorist Zaky Mallah’s spontaneous hostility. 529 more words


How Social Media Killed Free Speech

This is an extract from an essay collection, just published on the Kindle, called `Notes From the Margins.

In this one, I look at how social media was hijacked by trolls, both professional and amateur and an ever growing band of… 645 more words

Social Media

What is Sacred to Americans?

By Michael Hoffman @hoffmanmichaelA


By Michael Hoffman


The free speech fest in Texas that resulted in the police shooting of two apparent terrorists at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland marks growing prominence and qualified support for the movement for free speech for anti-Muslim satire, led by the… 955 more words

Corporate Censorship

Free speech is often one of the most trophied rights of western societies. The right to speak freely, however, is often accompanied by some version of the adage: “You have freedom to speak but no freedom from the consequences of your speech.” 458 more words