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[Shared] Let yourself be offended — it’s good for you

I have way too much shit on my hands at the moment to come up with my own thoughts. Might as well share something I read recently.  1,462 more words

A Certain Lucid Discourse

Anonymity, An Honest Form of Transparency

Anonymity, An Honest Form of Transparency

 Social Media has provided multiple avenues for us as users to connect with those around us. It allows us to reconnect to those with whom we may have lost touch, and encourages us to reach out to those with whom we may not yet be connected. 683 more words



Free speech is but one of the key components of a democracy, and a right that Americans have been advocating and fighting for for centuries. As a journalist, an American, and a free thinker, free speech is perhaps the most important privilege I have known. 600 more words


Shadow Games 

What does it feel like to open your soul to change. My soul is open for life to take . For darkness to consume and for light to fade. 158 more words


Freedom of speech

When does freedom of speech stop being freedom of speech and become racist or controversial? When the attacks on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo occurred, the democratic world was in uproar that freedom of speech was attacked with a vow to unite to prevent the terrorists from infringing on what is seen to be a fundamental right in any democratic society. 649 more words


Kudos for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer... in 1887

Doing some research for a memoir about my father, who grew up in Yakima, I waded through microfiche of old — very old — newspapers. When Washington was still a territory, women had the vote. 317 more words


One of my favorite English teachers (follow her @redforkhippie) used to motivate kids by telling them that she would drop the F-bomb in front of them, loudly, at graduation. 126 more words