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Dear Academia: Opposing Views Are Not "Discursive Violence."

One of modern liberalism’s biggest problems is that we have taken after the Bush Administration in allowing euphemisms to redefine concepts that are already well-defined.  Why, the U.S. 1,370 more words

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'...Speech can indeed be “violent” if we are using a watered-down definition of the word. Could you consider Eminem’s vocal performance in “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” “violent?”...' - original author

Hitler was Catholic

After the Germans lost a second straight World War, the Papacy was left reeling. As are many Whites who are left stranded in Academia, Catholics did not know how to handle the above statement. 451 more words


The Big Flip: "Bubbles" continued

Socioeconomic and geopolitical bubbles come in all hues and sizes; automotive industry, home loans, education debt; hell, even political bubbles happen.

The euphoric #RedWave, aka #RedNationRising, aka etc…etc… otherwise known as ‘The 2014 Midterm Election’, was experienced by both anti-White establishment PC gurus and Respectable Conservatives. 308 more words


To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Freedom of speech is a human right, whilst our current government edges on the side of the morally questionable when it comes to issues of human rights, you would hope that press freedom and integrity was a key component of our society. 579 more words

Jrnl 101

#JayZ & #Beyonce - Rendering material aid to #antiWhite terrorists?

The Liberal, anti-White blog referred to provincially as “Raw Story” is renowned for its penchant for embellishing the truth with an eye toward defaming, demoralizing, and marginalizing Europid Whites. 339 more words


President Obama’s true feelings about transparency surface

Keith Farrell||Watchdog News

The White House is removing regulations which make its Office of Administration accountable to Freedom of Information Act requests. The change prevents journalists and private citizens from acquiring records from that office. 147 more words


#FreeSpeech at the beach

A fool is one who reaches down to the sand, takes a pinch between his fingers and proclaims, “BEHOLD, the beach!”

Patriotards are really no different than the fool who experiences the beach one pinch at a time. 143 more words