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In August of 2016 Colin Kaepernick started a silent protest during an NFL Preseason game. When he first started no one noticed what he was doing until the 3rd time sitting. 483 more words

The Interest of Many

For their Interest,

pinching the papercut.

Dewdrops of red against the monochrome page,

angry veins spread from the pinprick,


covering the labels

stifling the meaning. 35 more words

Daily Prompt

Article Review: The Coddling of the American Mind by Gregg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt

Is “PC Culture” Restricting Free Speech?

From Youtube, to college campuses, to the President of this United States it seems a

lot of people think freedom of speech is “under attack” and who is to blame? 662 more words

Free speech online

As the first post and in relation to the course DocTIC1702, I want to share an article that emphasizes the importance of online free speech. The reason I share this article is that I believe the room (in this case our digital spaces & platforms) can´t be isolated from the outside world. 263 more words


Flag Frustrations Show Nothing Changes

This is not a post about football players kneeling. This is not about the politics of athletes, or the President, or whether people should or should not watch football. 898 more words

Censorship: The Good, The Bad and The Online

We live in a world where more is more. The more digital technology and media platforms on offer, the better. While this development has led to improvements in almost every field imaginable, it has arguably come at a cost. 638 more words



In recent news, there has been controversy around the NFL and the national anthem. Players across the country are choosing to kneel or link arms as symbols of protest and solidarity. 296 more words