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NFL, The No Fun League

The NFL has been under scrutiny over the last five years with the increase of excessive celebration and taunting penalties. Compared to 2015, the NFL has doubled the amount of calls of taunting penalties… 126 more words


An Utter Disgrace

I little comic I threw together yesterday. I am certain no one needs to be brought up to speed. FT :)

Canada Loves Censorship and Fascism. Fuck Free Speech!

I’m getting pretty tired of the regressive left trying to censor artists/ people in general in the name of “social justice”. Many people I know are feeling the same. 269 more words

Scotland Yard launches Twitter Stasi

Earlier last month it was revealed that Scotland Yard is investing £1.7million into a ‘Twitter Squad’ after numerous threatening and abusive Tweets had been sent to a whole range of people including MPs, activists, and others. 704 more words


German Thought Police Raid Dissident Videographer Alfred Schaefer

Source: RadicalPress

German Thought Police Raid Dissident Videographer Alfred Schaefer and Steal His Computers

By Paul Fromm

PATHETIC! Once again, old communist Angela Merkel’s thought control goon squad has swept down on a dissident, raided and ransacked his home and stolen his computers. 343 more words

Crimes Against Christians

The Oppression Olympics

(TRIGGER WARNING: My grammar is shitty. So if I use “were” instead of “was”, or place a semi-colon in the wrong place, please forgive me. I’m pretty sure I use the word “juxtaposed” at least once. 1,991 more words

Labour Party becomes tyrannical

The Labour Party NEC has been declared in its right to decide what arbitrary cut off date to impose on its members in the upcoming leadership election. 761 more words