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Freedom to force the artist’s hand

***Adam Balinski is a guest contributor and a friend of Brian’s from BYU Law School. This article was first posted on his blog, rethbo.org… 689 more words


Rights Through Obligations: The Case of Free Speech - Christopher O. Tollefsen

Some rights are grounded in the need for agents to fulfill their perceived responsibilities, including their obligation to pursue knowledge. This obligation, along with the communal nature of inquiry, supports a right to free speech that acquires particular stringency in those communities where inquiry is most essential. 2,051 more words

What happened to free speech?

What happened to free speech?

It seems like everyday there’s a new public figure who’s being universally condemned for something he or she said or did. 967 more words


The Paris Attacks: An Opinion on Opinion.

“Better to remain silent and be thought an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”- Mark Twain.

There’s something about a tragedy like the one we saw on Friday 13th that seems to provoke an avalanche of opinion on social media. 951 more words


#iSupportFreeSpeech! (Watch it before its taken down!)

These guys are making shit that matters!


Enjoy! And yes, #JaiHind!

In Other News

Dangerous Words, Dangerous Ideas

It’s happened again.  Another freethinker, freespeaker, has been killed for

. . .thinking and speaking.

Faisal Dipan (BBC)

Cut down by the sharp blade of supernatural belief. 68 more words


The Culture of the Intelligence Community and the Chelsea Manning Debacle

This video is an interesting take on the Manning/Snowden leaks by Joshua Foust. Foust says that Manning’s actions jeopardized a number of diplomatic and military undertakings. 883 more words