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Western Culture and Identity

The culture and identity of the west is under serious threat from left wing politicians, who want to import all types of other cultures to erode what has made western civilization great; a shared adherence to certain values such as democracy, freedom of speech, property rights, religious freedom, the free market, and equality before the law. 131 more words


The Boss

Every fibre of my being hopes that Jeff Daniels is exactly like Will McAvoy is and will someday move to Canada and run the damn country. 16 more words


I am just a walker. A walker through day and night. I am just another face in a crowd of people. I don’t want to be just another face, I want to be notice to be recognised and maybe even loved. 142 more words


Anti-Gag orders...

Removing the ability of courts and businesses to silence people when making reviews of products.

Several large review companies have been having difficulty with this in the past 5 years & due to their efforts, companies being reviewed have taken to suing for gag orders against their customers… 10 more words

The Internet

Political Totalitarianism in America

(Photo via Twitter@mattdpearce Matt Pearce LA Times correspondent)

“It’s my way or the highway!” “You’re either for us or against us!” “You’re un-American.” Am I talking about Donald Trump and his followers and their crazy ideas? 655 more words


The Unifying power of social media - "Je Suis Charlie"

We no longer remember important events by dates or names, for that matter, but rather hastags. From #BlackLivesMatter to #JeSuisCharlie, social media has invited us to get involved in causes near and far. 371 more words

Free speech facing threats in Western society.

Freedom of speech is central to the secular and democratic political system .Without freedom of speech there is no chance for the advancement in political thinking as it is bonded in a unique way to the human capacity to think and create. 449 more words