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Hate Speech laws - A mild criticism

So, welcome to 2016, truly divisive and polarizing ideas have begun to permeate mainstream politics and divide us by race, class, gender and sexuality like never before. 1,252 more words


What Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero) gets wrong about free speech

By now you have likely heard that Breitbart technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who posted under the handle @Nero, has been permanently suspended from Twitter in large part to his role in the social media attacks on Leslie Jones, SNL star and one of the newest Ghostbusters movie protagonists.  751 more words

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Being a Moderate Conservative at a Liberal Free Speech Conference

Let me first start off by saying that today was perfect. I went to the Supreme Court, I explored DC, I had an amazing lunch, happy hour at a rooftop bar and confirmed my future dreams. 837 more words
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Trapped in PC

I am passing through Denver and saw this sign for beef jerky in the airport. I thought surely someone will be offended by the name of that. 451 more words

Rants And Raves

We support freedom of expression and speech with every fibre of our being:

If it was ever in any doubt, let us assure you that not only do RHUL English PEN disagree with the results of the EU referendum, we go so far as to condemn it. 223 more words

Jesse Williams

I didn’t watch the BET Awards this year. But from what I saw on social media Beyonce Jesse Williams won the night. Jesse was presented BET’s 2016 Humanitarian Award. Watch his speech below. 💙

Black Is Beautiful

Western Culture and Identity

The culture and identity of the west is under serious threat from left wing politicians, who want to import all types of other cultures to erode what has made western civilization great; a shared adherence to certain values such as democracy, freedom of speech, property rights, religious freedom, the free market, and equality before the law. 131 more words