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RU 5.20.0328 beta released

RU is closed-source freeware for MS-DOS and UEFI. Some UI changes and bugfixes. Changes include:

* Add PCI Express Capabilities Register.bit8 Slot implemented information to info block… 101 more words

ThirdRails Community Radar, completing the tool chain

With the ThirdRails Community Radar we completed the ThirdRails Tool chain for Train Simulator. With ThirdRail Community Radar (TCR) you are able to see all players on a world wide radar just like your local Railway Radar. 420 more words


Annotation With iPhotoDraw - FreeFile Review

iPhotoDraw is a free program for making annotations on images. The images can be existing images on your pc or screen captures from iPhotoDraw’s own screen capture function. 179 more words


Vextro Reading List Vol. 7




and inspired community and respect instead of entitlement and egoism. if only, right!? I’m just venting, yeah.

I love the games and I love what the culture could be. 281 more words


Showcase- Ascension

In recent years the indie scene has been the home of some chilling horror games. Many companies try their hand at making something that just wants to freak you out. 312 more words

Introducing ThirdRails Radar

In  release of the ThirdRails Map tool we have an exciting new feature that we call:

ThirdRails Radar

Traditonaly, a so called live map tool, like TRM, sits on top of Train Simulator. 496 more words