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#783 I'm coming home

I realised just a short time ago that I left the house for work today at 7:30am.

I got home after that same day’s work, at 7:30… 157 more words


[Blog] Freeway Interchanges and Cloudy Mountains

Different landscapes have always made me want to write different sorts of stories. Show me a sweeping vista, full of dark forests spilling down the sides of jagged mountains and all half hidden beneath the shreds of cloud left behind by last night’s storm, and I’ll tell you that there are dragons there, coiled in lairs just out of sight. 279 more words


Democratic Planning in the Age of Urban Freeways and Today

I finished reading two very different, but equally interesting and informative, recent urbanist-y books over Shabbat. The first is Akum Norder’s The History of Here… 2,093 more words


Dear Reflection

I’m on a train and I’m watching out the window, the freeways and the underpass by Highland Park. We stop for a minute and I see my face looking back at me in the reflection of the window except I don’t recognize myself because I look so old.

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Freight Infrastructure & Freight Insurance

Building a Stronger America project was released on February 12, 2018. The project emphasizes third main points which is to build fast, build for the people, and build for the future. 313 more words

Don't Be A Looky-Loo

I do not drive much anymore. Living in a small town, my workplace is about 10-15 minutes from the house; church is about the same distance on a good day. 594 more words