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Let it go !

Emotions are like a river ,the intensity of its flow goes on decreasing gradually as it traverses. You cannot expect a person to show the same warmth throughout.So enjoy the moment and let it go.Do not capture moments because if you do that you will not be able to enjoy the present.Just let it go and when you let it go, it will come back in some other form  for sure.


Quote #48

No one saves us but ourselves.

No one can and no one may.

We ourselves must walk the path.

~ Buddha ~


Cycles with Freewill

A natural cycle –

  1. Begin / Birth
  2. Action / Life
  3. End / Death
  4. Begin New Cycle

Although this looks simple it is actually not simple at all… 496 more words


God and the problem of evil

Many atheists contend that the problem of evil demonstrates God’s non-existence, or that he’s malevolent and/or impotent.  How does that follow?  Christians maintain that Freewill is the reason for evil, and Freewill is the product of the Divine.  

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Free Will, Determinism, and God

A previous question brought up some thoughts, so having no personal boundaries I decided to go back to it. The question was “God gave us free will and that is beautiful. 752 more words


What is Beautiful about Determinism?

The beauty of determinism is hidden in the tragedy and injustice of freewill.

I don’t believe in freewill (but I do believe it is one word). 710 more words