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That One Tuesday Evening

I consider It a miracle. A supernatural thing that has happened to me.

(I am currently at work but I can’t get my thoughts together and I just really needed to get this all out now.) 460 more words

Morning After

Moaning as I wake up with somebody’s arm across me and holding my hand!  My eyes flash open and my body freezes.  A man’s voice moans.   752 more words


5 Things I Wish My Friends Knew

I’ve had Lyme almost all my life. It’s a part of me and my day to day.  I know it’s unusual, but often I forget that it is anything different from anyone else. 958 more words


The Evening it All Came to a Head with the Ape (poem)

I’m not sure what’s going on here (which I know I say often).  But I like it, and I thought I’d share it.

The Evening it All Came to a Head with the Ape… 131 more words

Creative Writing

True Love

It is often said that true love lasts forever. I’m not sure true love exists. I think that in reality, love is a fleeting emotion. Temporary, and all the more precious for it. 1,386 more words

Short Story

Tipsy Turvy

After dinner, dessert and finishing the wine in the livingroom we headed for bed.  Dan took his shower while I put on my pajamas.  As I was relaxing in bed I started drifting off within my dreams of making my art my income.   1,100 more words


Thoughts from the Window Seat - Southwest VS Alaska

Well I’m back on the road again. It’s been a while since I’ve taken to the friendly skies.  It feels nice to be able to get back on board and get a change of pace for  a few days. 772 more words