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Freewrite Friday - November 2017

It’s getting close to Thanksgiving and you might be feeling as dry as your Aunt’s turkey. If that’s the case, here are five writing prompts to help you on your way. 130 more words

Foxy Writer Chick Talks Writer's Craft


it’s hard to tell

if the shit i’ve said

will ever be heard of

or thought of again

or if every word i say

is just plagiarism… 68 more words

Amber Levi

Emotional Kung Fu

Day 16. Freewriting. Why is it that I’m ok to live outside my comfort zone with most things, except for sharing my inner thoughts?

Is it because I still feel self-conscious about whether or not I’m mentally deranged? 1,012 more words

Mental Wellness


I want to bruise your lips

And dry your tears

I want to make you feel so good

You’ll hate me when it’s over



I Emerge…




In after the down pour of pain.

Tears flowed like Storming Rain-

Through the Rage of Life’s Winds and Tsunami like situations- 90 more words


Midnight Series

Some take a peek at my contents page,

others skim through and make for a fun paragraph.

Some stay around for a few chapters,

others pick up a pen and write a sentence that alters everything. 52 more words



there’s a feeling of inadequacy

that settled in

when you left

and now i feed it

three meals a day

i try to kick it out sometimes… 31 more words

Amber Levi