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Preserve Your Harvest : Freezer Friendly Fruit & Veggies

Because we are homesteaders, we are always looking for: 1. Ways to Preserve Food and 2. Meal Time Savers! Here is a how to properly freeze your fruit and vegetables for use during the winter and when you are just to busy to do all that prep work. 396 more words


Buckwheat Flour Simple White Cake

23rd March 2017 Update: Just a quick update. I’ll be making the second cake tomorrow and will have a few photos to share. Today I just want to let you know that the cake was still okay after three days. 1,216 more words

Gluten Free

A.I.P. Beef Stew

A little while ago I made a yummy beef stew, but only problem is those on an A.I.P. Paleo diet can’t eat it. The tomatoes and potatoes can be a digestive nightmare. 271 more words


Raw Coconut Lime Squares

Ahhh…lime and coconut are so good together. It’s just one of those undeniable combinations that I can’t resist! Put the lime in the coconut…hehe it makes me so happy. 340 more words


Paleo Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Mmm there’s nothing better than coffee in the morning. But what happens to your daily cup of joe when you go Paleo? Well, if you ask me, it gets yummier! 316 more words


Thai Peanut Chicken

So here’s the truth about this recipe… Guys in my family are typically NOT fans of foreign food or anything that doesn’t look like a slab of meat with some potatoes and yet somehow this dish disappeared instantly! 146 more words


Pukka Pancakes

We are a little bit excited about Pancake Day tomorrow so we had to bring you baby-friendly pancakes! We absolutely LOVE pancakes, but for some reason tend to only make them once a year…my boys have therefore enjoyed me experimenting and since this recipe is egg free there is no need to worry about egg-cessive pancake eating! 407 more words