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Beautifully cold

There is a lot I’m not enjoying about winter where I am. We’ve had significantly more snow and ice than usual – the ice is especially bad. 28 more words


Freezing fog and darkness

This video covers how to dress and prepare (mentally and physically) for a run in the dark, and with the added obstacle of freezing fog. 22 more words


Penarth: Fog, 1

For those who don’t know Wales, the town I’ve just moved to, Penarth, sits on the northern shores of the Severn Estuary, which eventually becomes the Bristol Channel, which eventually becomes the Celtic Sea, which eventually becomes the North Atlantic Ocean, which is all to explain that Penarth is, essentially, a seaside town and therefore gets seaside-type weather. 161 more words



Enshrouding us all
consumptive sageful frozen
fog obscures year’s end
taking one more day for granted
gormless formless fug
makes a list worth forgetting
declaring snidely: 45 more words


Winter Wonderland.

Freezing fog is where the water in fog is ‘supercooled.’ These supercooled water droplets stay in a liquid state, until they come into contact with a surface, upon which they freeze. 13 more words


Frosty Mornings

After some unseasonably mild weather, we have had a couple of frosty mornings. This always makes the garden look prettier.

It does seem that my poor apple tree has a case of coral spot. 148 more words