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Freezing Fog

This morning, as I was making breakfast, my youngest son came bursting through the door after walking the dog.

“Mom! You gotta come outside!”

He ran upstairs, back down and outside before I could get my boots on. 111 more words

The Air on the Gare

Having written recently about the man-made extension to the mouth of the Tees behind Redcar steelworks (South Gare), I felt in the interests of balance that I should venture across the river to its northern counterpart. 410 more words

A Photogenic World

Magical freezing fog

Last weekend, we had some magical freezing fog.

The dogs were covered in hoar frost,

And the little sauna house

Nestled cozily on the icy lake. 32 more words


Floating in fog

One morning, I stepped out

Into a world of magical, freezing fog.

Standing on the top of a cliff,

It felt as if I were floating in a fairytale kingdom, 20 more words