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Spring Will Not Arrive

I’ve come to accept that spring just isn’t coming this year. We will live in perpetual winter and never be able to grow anything. We will sit and huddle our incubation eggs and our chicks in the breeder when the power goes out because the rain is flooding everything, and will swim to work and school through mud, and dance on the uneven ground of hard frozen earth when the snow returns the following week. 667 more words

The Jellyfish That Froze

By Scott Bailey © 2014

The jellyfish sighed, in a jellyfish way. It wobbled awake.

Another day after another rough night.

The little jellies were disturbed, heavy currents last night. 563 more words


Sailing The Beast From The East

When you find yourself working on the bow in sub-zero temperatures, in force 7 conditions, amidst some of the most severe weather the UK has endured in recent years, you can either go one of two way’s – quit or carry on. 1,441 more words

The Clipper Race

A skin tag tale

Facebook can be used for many things. We can brag about our offspring on Facebook. We can let people know we do not care for our country’s leadership. 748 more words



I adore winter. Absolutely love it. While there is endless complaining about New England winters, and I do understand some of it, overall I prefer winter over any other season. 555 more words

Florida — How Dare You

Every morning, after I stumble out of bed, I make some type of terrible decision. These terrible decisions usually take place within the first two hours after I wake up, and then more terrible decisions follow later on in my day. 179 more words