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Vince Vaughn & Lady Gaga Took The Polar Plunge In Lake Michigan Yesterday!

Remember how cold Jimmy Fallon looked when he did the Polar plunge into Lake Michigan last year?

Well, Vince Vaughn and Lady Gaga pulled it off like a boss this year and showed him how he it’s really done! 75 more words


Chicago, Your Weather Will Be The End Of Me!

I am so over this freezing weather. In all honesty, I love Chicago but hate the weather. It simply sucks! We get more months of winter, than of summer. 32 more words


Confused Icicle

I was under the impression that icicles hung down. They are certainly hanging from my eaves and gutters. But apparently, this icicle is under the mistaken impression that it is a stalagmite. 52 more words


Goodbye February

I was tired before I left for D.C. with a bunch of eighth-graders, so when I got home at 2:30am (Tuesday? Wednesday?) I was exhausted. 529 more words


My girlfriend Ms Snowy... John Gabriel

This is my girlfriend Ms Snowy, we use to be an item but frankly, I’m beginning to get sick of her. At first I really liked her, we never argued and I truly thought she would only be hanging around for a month or two but Nooooo! 70 more words

John Gabriel

New Normal: Can we have some food?

Checking in

She’s been living in the car so long I’ve forgotten that she actually lives in our house. Or not.

“Can I come by and take a shower?” she texts from her 2001 Mitsiubishi this freezing winter day. 1,707 more words