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It's all in the way you look at it.

I recently came across an Instagram post that talked about how full their day was and not busy.  They went on to explain how they are trying to look at their busy lives in a new manner.   541 more words


Heaps of Harvests

..the joy tempered only by my enrolment in the caterpillar calamity club

You could be forgiven for thinking my garlic plants were dead a couple of weeks ago, with their pale and dry withered stalks. 1,226 more words

Grow Your Own

Nr. 101 - The Iceman Experience - Wim Hof

One of the first people covered in Tim Ferris’ book Tools of Titans is Wim Hof. He is also known as the Iceman who hiked the Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest in nothing else, but shorts. 136 more words


Freezing Baked Beans

Here is a good recipe for freezing baked beans that could be pulled from the freezer and warmed up for a quick addition to a meal. 97 more words

Preparing & Freezing Green Beans

Green beans or Snap beans are one of my favorite foods to preserve.  I find the entire process very satisfying.  From picking the rows of beans and filling up 5-gallon buckets, washing and snipping the ends to preserving the harvest.   842 more words


Basil and More Basil!

Wow! We only planted four little transplants of basil the end of June. Look what I harvested this morning! There was enough for six batches of pesto and some for the chickens to feast on! 195 more words

Current Reflections

Lake Freezing

Lake Freezing

Earlier, I traveled to Lake Freezing
And dared to stick in my hand
I have heard tales since I was young
Of what the waters there will do to a man: 204 more words