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My other superpower

My other superpower

My other superpower, besides nonexistence, is baking bread.

I have not used a recipe for years. I do it by the feel. Give me liquid, flour, yeast, an oven, and something to put the dough in and you’ll have bread by and by. 551 more words

Freezing mince

Today I found this hack on the net…now its a great idea but not what I do.

This mince freezing hack will make last minute dinners a breeze 211 more words

Saving Money

Freezing Herbs

If I could have only one garden, it would teem with herbs. Many of these easy-to-grow plants survive any climate or soil and are among the first shoots to appear each spring. 1,120 more words


Tips: Foods you can freeze!

Have you ever found that you buy certain products and end up throwing half of them away because they’ve gone off? How about starting off by freezing them so you can use however much you like at your own pace? 719 more words



Bonjour! If you read my last post you might’ve read that I spent spring break in Toronto and New York! I was only in Toronto for a couple of days to visit my aunt and cousin before we all headed to New York together. 771 more words


Strawberries and Fruit Trees

Our strawberries are finally ready for picking. We didn’t think we would get much this year, since the sheep got out and into the patch a couple weeks ago. 299 more words

Around The Homestead


Let’s play pretend it’s summer.