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Freezing Sugar Snap Peas

Every year, at some point, we become overrun with vegetables from our garden. We can only eat so many at a time! We have begun to get to that point now with our sugar snap peas. 594 more words



No. That is not the temperature, nor the number of new shoots that the damn rabbit has eaten from my flower garden.

Nor is 78 to be thought of as a reference to musical records spun at 78 revolutions per minute – – – compared to LPs spun at 33 1⁄3 – – -and 45s spun at, of course, 45 rpm (interesting – – – 33 + 45 = 78). 901 more words

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Fresh raspberries

They’re wild and ripening!

We’re thinking ice cream and jelly, nothing to beat fresh made ice cream with raspberries mixed in. I have to pick them daily because the chickens have found the stash and are eating what they can reach. 213 more words


Young Woman Lost On Her Way To Work - Found Again... In Siberia! 

Shortly after hometime today, a certain young woman revealed to acquaintances that she’d found herself taking an unplanned trip during the afternoon. A trio that took her to Siberia, no less! 43 more words

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Frozen Single Cell under Raman Spectroscopy

Cryopreservation is the technology used to stabilize cells for a variety of applications, including diagnosis and treatment of disease. Because we don’t completely understand the mechanisms of freezing damage, poor or inadequate methods of preservation have limited our ability to use cells for cell therapy. 335 more words

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Homemade Sorbet

I started making sorbets a few years ago after tasting rhubarb–rosemary sorbet created by our local Sweet Peaks shop. I believe these purveyors of handcrafted ice creams had recently opened and were peddling their chilly concoctions from a converted horse trailer at the weekly farmer’s market. 1,243 more words


Government said to be freezing 6,000 apartments in Jewish East Jerusalem

Secret documents in the Jerusalem city council show that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has frozen the construction of more than 6,000 apartments in the capital, Army Radio reported Sunday. 403 more words

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