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Brrrs, I'm Freezing

Why, oh, why is it so cold in city offices in the middle of summer?  They keep the air conditioning so low that it feels like Antartica most of the time.  671 more words


Preserving Chanterelle Harvests

​What oh what do you do when you are up to your eyeballs in chanterelles (or anything else, honestly)? In a good year, it isn’t unusual to end up with 5 or more pounds of chants a DAY to deal with. 985 more words


Domestic Goddess

I’m definitely overstating it! Though I did feel like a domestic goddess this weekend when I pickled and froze vegetables for later use. Two things that weren’t previously in my realm of possibility. 324 more words

Frugal Living

DAY 12 & 13 - SF

Day 11 was spent on a long road trip from Vegas to Fresno for transiting to the always-winter San Fransisco. Not literally always-winter, but the cold wind and fog were always there even in summer. 331 more words


A Barrage of Broccoli

Ade came home from the allotment with eight broccoli the other night. Eight.

Yes, they’re beautiful. But eight!

I wasn’t over the moon as it was seven o’clock on Saturday night and I was  looking forward to a relaxing evening rather than assembling the boiling water pan/colander/iced water bowl production line necessary for blanching and freezing gluts. 145 more words


Backyard Shiitake Mushroom Farming

Mushrooms! They are such fantastical life forms, evoking thoughts of fairies and fairy rings with deeply entrenched folklore. Or smurfs.

I will do you all a favour and avoid punny reference to “fun guys” but once you try your hand at growing them, you may find that they are quite the little charmers! 1,716 more words

Freezing tomatoes

If you started your garden, you are probably at the point where you are picking your tomatoes and wondering what to do with them all…you can freeze your ripe tomatoes and here’s how: 6 more words