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The Mystery of the Crucifixes

Walking and driving the area around Freiburg, including the adjacent area of the French Alsace, we have come across quite a number of monumental crucifixes in places where you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find them — at the corner of a vineyard, in someone’s front yard, jammed uncomfortably up against a modern multi-family dwelling, and so forth. 189 more words


Warning: This post is dull as dishwater. If you think you might be interested in moving to Germany someday, it could be useful to you. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to… 1,373 more words

What Are Freiburg and RB Leipzig's Chances Of Staying Up?

Every year, there are two new clubs welcomed into the Bundesliga via a top two finish in their previous 2. Bundesliga campaign. While the odds should be stacked against the two new additions to the Bundesliga, recent history has told us that it’s likely at least one, or maybe both clubs will stay up for at least one season. 814 more words


Freiburg back to Frankfurt

8/15 – The reason we came south to Freiburg was so that Jim could spend some time with his professional colleagues. So today at 8am we met with Gerhard and Eberhardt, two psychologists that Jim has worked with and shares parapsychological interests with. 410 more words


Golden hours in Freiburg

Freiburg smells like hand-picked strawberries from the garden, champagne for breakfast and my favourite books. At 15, I spent a week there exploring the city that I could see myself study in. 102 more words


Offenburg to Freiburg 

8/14 – Closed on Sunday. Everything. We thought we were being smart by not ordering the buffet breakfast at our Offenburg hotel when we checked in yesterday. 391 more words


Herzlich Willkommen

Or, how I came to be in Freiburg writing this entry

If you’ve read our About page, you have a clue why we’re in Germany on this fine sunny day in August. 358 more words