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Liberated Studies Day #2

Since my decision to move forward with my education on my own, university seems dead-set on putting my resolve to the test.
Now, each lecture or seminar I’m sitting in has me constantly evaluating whether its worth my time. 371 more words


The Student Liberation Handbook

Here you are, looking on the stone steps leading to a large and imposing building, your hair a little windswept from the autumn breeze. Fresh out of school, maybe with a few trips to exotically sounding places under your belt. 1,898 more words


Erasmus : chapter 2

Today finally I found the time to write to the blog. Its week 2 of my erasmus experience and things are going better and better. Yes the begining in a new country where you know noone and you also have to deal with all the this time consuming bureaucracy  is of course really hard. 169 more words

City Life

Words, Words, Words

Since coming to Germany and being immersed in the language, I have noticed that it is usually the little things that catch you out – confusion often occurs due to just one unexpected  548 more words


Ithaca on 'Roids

RE: Freiburg is my favorite freakin place in the world.

I think a significant part of the reason I feel so at home here is that Freiburg’s basic vibe is familiar to me–a liberal, environmentally active collegetown filled with bougie independent stores, a great farmers market, and small businesses everywhere.  589 more words


Freiburg: Where Starbucks Feels Like Home

Of all the places we have visited, Freiburg has proven the most difficult to sum up. I am a bit behind with my posts (seeing as I am writing this whilst sitting in sunny Croatia), so I have been trying to summarise each destination in a single post. 1,471 more words


Erasmus - the first days

For everyone who doesn’t know erasmus is a student exchange programm that gives you the chance to study in another country for one or two semesters. 213 more words

City Life