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Site seeing: October 03

I love the size, and the presence that O scale models have. While cruising around on the MRH forum the other day I came across the blog of… 151 more words


Where Does The Borders Railway Go Next?

My Borders correspondent, who lives near Selkirk, says that the Borders Railway has been generally well received. Certainly if you search Google News for Borders Railway, you don’t find many problems or complaints, except one about the singing of the National Anthem for the Queen. 1,205 more words


Site seeing: 02 October - the pigs ear from a silk purse edition

EDIT: Not sure what happened to all the text in this post, the problem was on my end obviously! Here’s take two of this post. 129 more words


Are Security Devices a good idea?

 Go ahead and Google “Tractor trailer thefts” and you will see a long list.

When you arrive at work have you noticed any security devices? How about at home or at your favorite retail store or restaurant? 621 more words

Is Coal In Terminal Decline?

I’m no lover of coal, because of all the pollution and carbon dioxide it creates. I’ve also never met anyone from a coal mining family, who would ever want to work in a mine. 92 more words