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Dune: A world-building review(part 1 of 2)

Dune is one of those books it’s effectively useless to review in a traditional sense. It doesn’t really matter to anyone if I like the book or not. 1,431 more words




A young man with awesome genetics grows up on a desert planet, trains himself to see the future and ends up ruling the galaxy. Also sandworms are the best giant animals evar. 587 more words

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Breadfruit. It's a lie. 

So I bought some breadfruit from the local Chinese grocery store and was excited to try it. I’d read several articles on this exotic little fruit and how it could feed the world, how it was harvested and used by ancient sailors to supplement their stores. 295 more words

Sword and Planet

Something else celebrated its fiftieth year in 2015 besides me and my age-mates. Frank Herbert’s epic novel Dune was published in that same fateful year of 1965. 431 more words

The Water Sickness

A Fremen dies when he is too long from the desert; this we call “the water sickness.”

–Stilgar, the Commentaries


'Dune' at 50: Why the Groundbreaking Eco-Conscious Novel Is More Relevant Than Ever

“Men and their works have been a disease on the surface of their plane… you cannot go on forever stealing what you need without regard to those who come after.” 1,478 more words

Climate Change

Watch a 3-Hour Fan Recut of Dune @ Infinispace.net

I’ve never been a fan of Lynch’s interpretation of Frank Herbert‘s science fiction masterpiece Dune.  In 1984 I boo’ed at the screen when the credits began to roll!   37 more words

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