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Haikus, 1. The Jungian Borg, 2. George Lucas Is Too Big To Sue


1.”Beyond a point in – finite space, freedom goes down – as numbers go up”

2. “From mind tricks to sand – planets, Star Wars is just a – slick rip off of Dune”

Herbert's Transgender Messiah

Well, this whole Caitlyn Jenner situation has kicked up quite the kerfuffle, hasn’t it imaginary readers? The internet has veritably lit up with… well, more than its usual amount of nasty vitriol, I guess. 1,812 more words


9-15-2014 | Dream Fragment | A Young Woman Finds A Religious Cult In Another Dimension Led By A Crazy Woman Who Worships Darkness?

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of one dream that took place during they day in one dream world/dimension, and possibly in another dream world/dimension or area in the first dream world/dimension. 793 more words

Dream Journal

Book Review: Dune - Frank Herbert

This book took me a bloody long time to read.

I bought it a couple of years ago, started it, slogged through the first 200 pages, and put it down. 673 more words

Book Reviews

Chani - Dune

(Long background rant here. Scroll down for the image if you’re not interested :D)

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Chani from the 2000 Dune miniseries. 704 more words


Geek Cake Friday: Top 10 Sandworm Cakes

This week, we’ve brought you Sandworm Wellington, Sandworm Bread, and Sandworm Crudites. It only seemed appropriate we end the week by rounding up a collection of Sandworm cakes. 350 more words