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Madame Courtcaca: FREE slideshow in French!

Thanks to the quick work of Christy Miller, French students can enjoy the poop runner craze that is sweeping the nation:

I decided to do something a little different with the French version than with the Spanish. 126 more words

How to write comprehensible texts

Once I moved away from using the textbook as the center of my curriculum, I was free to bring in all kinds of new texts. … 1,761 more words

Assieds-toi ! FREE unit in French!

When I first started TPRSing, I posted my original materials on a ‘for teachers’ page on my class blog because I thought that was what teachers doing TPRS were supposed to do. 586 more words


Pain perdu

Pain perdu, French toast, Poor Knights, Arme riddere are crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, lightly spiced and golden with a few local variations. 397 more words


Crock Madame

Crunchy gooey French grilled cheese sandwich topped with an egg.

In Norway they have a saying “A loved child has many names”, I guess it goes for this dish also, Grilled cheese sandwiches are loved by many and eaten around the world. 291 more words


La paix commence par toi - PPT for French classes

Thank you so much to Virginia Browne for translating the slideshow that I shared yesterday into French. I am still a wee baby French speaker, so please let me know if I made any errors while re-typing the file! 54 more words

Max et Lili cherchent leur m├ętier

First post!! Hello, fellow French teachers!

This blog was inspired by Madame Shepard of madameshepard.com. I’ve been collecting resources from her all summer in preparation for my 3rd year of teaching next year (next week!). 218 more words

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