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Week 5 - bleuurggghh

Week 5 – Bleurgh
So I have started my meds this week and all I have to say is bleeeuurrghh. I have a headache that feels like I am wearing the wrong prescription glasses, I feel queasy, I have indigestion and my sleep is restless HOWEVER on the upside cognitively I feel much better. 468 more words

French 2 ch. 10

Bonjour à tous:

test and NB check includes:

  1. le vocab de sport
  2. le passé composé
  3. les questions
  4. boire, reçevoir, et devoirbv1-ch-10
French 2

Week 3 #meltdown

So here we are, week 3 and my first meltdown, literal hysterics yesterday because I didn’t understand how to use the phrases “il y a” and “depuis” with the perfect tense and obviously the more I looked the more I didn’t understand. 571 more words

2 weeks in........

And all is going pretty well so far (apart from the odd partial seizure here and there which then totally blanks my memory from anything that I have learnt that day). 387 more words


So here I am at the beginning of another university year, let me give you a brief background….. So I started a degree in Modern Languages with the Open University in September 2012. 774 more words

French 2 ch. 9

L’examen de chapitre 9 est: lundi 12/9/2016

pour le cahier je chercherai pour:

  • ce
  • quel
  • le vocabulaire de train
  • -re verbs
  • écrire, lire, et dire
  • powerpoint: recovered-file-1
French 2