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Like N'Awlins

As I hugged my sister Bec goodbye yesterday evening, the smell of jambalaya and gumbo still in the air and the dusting of powdered sugar from the beignets still on my jeans, we speculated as to why this particular gathering each year is so much fun. 440 more words


75 in French: The French 75

In French it’s actually only called Soixante Quinze, or seventy-five. So basically, in English, we’re announcing that it’s in French and then just saying “75” after that: “75 in French” – go figure. 231 more words


Life and Lemons

It is with a deep bow to reality that I tell you of my return to the workforce. Full time, for an indeterminate amount of time. 379 more words

Simple Pleasures

French 75

This is Sauce and my go to post dinner cocktail. It is an absolute classic with roots all the way back to the 1910’s. The most believable story says its birth was a happy substitution of champagne for soda in a Tom Collins. 129 more words

Fresh Sheet

On Saturday Nights, and the Nature of Friendship.

One of my burdens to bear is that I’m a perpetually early riser. No matter how valiantly I attempt to sleep in, I wake up no later than 7:15 every day. 299 more words


Valentines Day cocktails (that won't gross you out)

A long time ago in practically another lifetime, I dated a mixologist.

He was basically THE BOMB when it came to making cocktails.

And the nice thing about relationships, even when they end, is that you learn something new from each and every person you date. 277 more words


When the United States Army Went to War Armed with French Weapons

France. What a silly place, am I right? They eat frogs, they’re on their, like, millionth government since the Revolution, and they keep needing us ‘Muricans to save them during world wars. 1,916 more words

U.S. Army