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Customer Appreciation Post — Irish Handcuffs

I appreciate it when people appreciate the drinks I make for them, especially when they post about ’em on social media:

Both of those drinks are the same thing — a variation on the French 75 with Absolut Peach in place of gin, as well as a little peach liqueur to balance the brut champagne. 22 more words


3 Ways to Update Your Life

Think you have the haps on the latest trends? Think again—you could be outdated and don’t even realize it. First off, no one is saying “haps” anymore. 311 more words

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How to Make a French 75

The French 75. A drink with a kick so hard and precise it was named after an artillery piece.


The exact history of the French 75’s conception is hard to find. 611 more words

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nine classic champagne cocktails and why you should never make a Bellini with champagne

We’re celebrating the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo this month in case you hadn’t noticed, even though it seems that this battle may not have been as crucial as our history books led us to believe, and the British would never have won it in any case if it hadn’t been for the Pruss…

French 75

“Of all the many champagne-and-liquor combinations known to contemporary mixology, this one has the most élan.” It’s got that citrus/champagne combo you love, but this will make you look like the much more serious brunch-time drinker that you are. 51 more words