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Fort Frederick – Frontier Outpost in Washington County

In the mid-1750s, the Maryland frontier was a place of uncertainty and fear as the threat of war loomed large. French expansion from the north into the Ohio River Valley was at odds with Britain’s claims to control of the North American colonies as it spread ever-westward.   641 more words


An Old Wagoner

“This untutored son of the frontier was the only general in the American Revolution on either side, to produce a significant original tactical thought.” John Buchanan, in The Road to Guilford Courthouse: The American Revolution in the Carolinas (1997), p. 696 more words

Empire of Liberty: The World At War

Excerpt from Douglas Oswald’s “Annotated History of the American Revolution”, University of Michigan Press, 1932.
The twin victories at Brandywine and Hartford provided the Americans with more than just a simple morale boost. 1,444 more words

Empire Of Liberty

Colonial America: A Forgotten Era

The Colonial period of the United States is often a forgotten and less-spoken of period of history. Most people know about the perceived discovery of North America by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish and the period around the American Revolution but the years in the middle, which works out to be over two centuries is largely forgotten. 1,793 more words


Day 15 - "Can I be the British captain?"

Finishing up notes on the French and Indian War
Ready, here’s a vocab quiz (combined Language Arts & Social Studies for short blocks) 207 more words

Caesar Rodney, a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, and His Famous "Midnight Ride"to Save a Nation

Caesar Rodney was born on his father’s farm in St. Jones Neck in Dover Hundred, Kent County, Delaware, on October 7, 1728. His family were prominent members of the community.  1,209 more words

British History

September 13, 1759: Battle of the Plains of Abraham

The Death of General Wolfe by Benjamin West is a painting which has always fascinated me.  Wolfe’s victory at the Plains of Abraham in 1759 sealed the doom of New France and also the doom ultimately of British rule in the 13 colonies.  259 more words