Object Advent Calendar Day 1

Print of General Baron John Reid of Straloch

Today’s object is a print of General Baron John Reid of Straloch, in the uniform of the Connaught Rangers. 534 more words

The Black Watch

Rediscovering Colonial America: Forbes’ Campaign for Fort Duquesne, Part Two

In 1758, Brigadier General John Forbes was given the opportunity to command a major campaign to take Fort Duquesne that would shape North America. He remained in New York until April, when he moved to Philadelphia. 1,249 more words

French And Indian War

Military History: The ‘Other’ Revolutionary War & The Fall of Fort Sackville

By John Farnam

“… in the event of Great Britain attempting to force unjust laws upon us by strength of arms, our Cause we leave to Heaven, and our rifles!” ~ Hanover Association, Lancaster County, PA, 1774…

144 more words
Military History


Blockade of Louisburg, Nova Scotia, French and Indian War


Death of General Braddock, French and Indian War, 1755