My Book's Coming Out Next Month! Wanna Know What it's About?

You guys! Guess what! I have a book coming out!

(You can tell I’m excited because I almost never use exclamation points.)

To make a long story short, I wrote a historical adventure with my friend… 349 more words

Evan Ronan

The Battle of Carillon

Located on a point between the waterways of Lake Champlain and Lake George in today’s upstate New York, Fort Carillon seemed the ultimate strategic prize during the French and Indian War. 1,163 more words

What's Gnu?

One of the things I most enjoy about my little “Questions and Answers” book is that every time I open it, it surprises me. Today is St. 640 more words

From Christina

The French and Indian War

Yankee Doodle Dandy

What do Albany, a patriotic ditty, and ‘macaroni’ have to do with each other? The French and Indian War as it turns out. 379 more words


The British Are Coming

On a series called Drunk History I learned of both Claudette Colvin and Sybil Ludington. Sybil Ludington is known as the female Paul Revere and not known at all by many. 389 more words

History Revealed

Wonder 1: Rogers' Rock

It seems fitting to start our List of Wonders with the biggest – both in size and fame.

Rogers’ Rock has long been my family’s favorite spot to take summer visitors. 1,851 more words

General Non-Fiction

To Desire a Devil, by Elizabeth Hoyt

To Desire a Devil (Legend of the Four Soldiers #4)
By: Elizabeth Hoyt
Published date: October 14, 2009

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5
How hot is it: Pretty hot. 478 more words

Romance Review