Indian Captives

Tonight I will share a few books that are about people taken captive by Indians in Colonial America.

In this post I use the term Indian instead of Native American as it was the term that was used at the time of the events. 654 more words


The History of the United States Podcast: Episode 30 The French and Indian War Part 3: Montcalm Rises

There was a bit of a hiatus due to work and play. We continue our look at the French and Indian War.  The appointment of new commanders on both sides of the fighting bring about changes in the North American Theatre of the war, yet much remains the same, especially for the British.   10 more words

US History

SYW: Week 16 - Seeing the World

Hello, world! It’s Monday once more, and it’s always fun to read — and answer — the “Share Your World” questions. I never know what to expect, but I always know that the questions will be interesting ones. 790 more words


Terror On The Monongahela, Part Three

The scene was in complete disorder. The British never fought a battle in these conditions. They had no targets, nor could they see what was in their front. 1,681 more words

French And Indian War

American colonization by the Great Britain

Slavery and slave trade in Africa began many years ago. People were enslaved after being captured in a war, accumulating huge debts they could not pay, as a form of punishment and so forth. 551 more words


The History of the United States Podcast: Episode 29 The French and Indian War Part 2: Braddock's Hubris

Hello and welcome to the History of the US Podcast!  Today we discuss the opening battles of the French and Indian War.  Major General Edward Braddock arrives in the British Colonies to bring some needed punch and order and the colonies propose the idea of unification…sort of. 30 more words

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The Ohio Country and the War It Would Bring

The year was 1700, and three of the most powerful empires of Europe were laying claim to North America. This was an ongoing product since the discovery of the new world in the 1400’s when both of the Americas were being claimed. 1,501 more words

French And Indian War