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Freudenberg, Lingee and Romanet

Two French Baroque etchings with colored accents after Freudenberg 1774, Paris.

1. Le Lever, Romanet after Freudenberg

Le lever is an etching after Sigmund Freudenberg, (Swiss)  by Romanet, depicting the French ritual of getting op or rising “Le Lever”.  365 more words


Kleiner, Salomon and Basset

Two old engravings glued to one piece of paper.

Two very old engravings from different countries, glued to one sheet of paper. framed and behind glass, 1720 and 1760… 432 more words


Thierriat, Alexander Augustin

A wonderful and rare colored engraving by Alexander Augustin Thierriat, 1789-1870, Lyon France.

A floral engraving by Thierriat of Garden Ranunculus, dated 1827, signed in the print, “Thierriat” in the left lower corner. 233 more words


——-> SOLD, Bonnet, Louis Marin

 L’amant ecoute, stipple engraving, 1785

This is one of a set of two courtship engravings by Louis Marin Bonnet, (1748-1793), after a painting of Jean-Frédéric Schall.   268 more words


Madeleine Lemaire

Madeleine Lemaire

Girl in the rain, engraving ca. 1888.

A beautiful framed wood engraving by Madeleine Lemaire.  This engraving was made around 1888 . Madeleine Lemaire, (her artist name was Jeanne Magdelaine Colle), was a painter and watercolorist. 124 more words


A Soft Heart for Hard Stone

For years artist and designer Giovanna Cellini was the owner and founder of a highly successful French antique store in Luberon France. Monthly she goes on private acquisition trip to all parts of Europe including her local Provence, fueling our constantly growing holding yards that contain an endless trove of antique architectural acquisitions. 307 more words